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Electric Eels – “Eel-ectricity” | As electric as it gets | smart

Hey guys, ready for an unplugged song? Fish, please! We´re fully electric. Say eel-ectricity Say eel-ectricity Say eel-ectricity It´s eel-ectricity Baby, take a cruise Catch yourself a high wave Make the smart move Don´t be missing the buzz Cool enough for school We ain´t never shallow Infinitely juiced Join the motion with us! Welcome to […]

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Better Pack Electronic Tape Dispenser

Uline’s H-800 Better Pack Electronic Tape Dispenser securely seals packages using Uline Kraft water-activated tape. The H-800 holds 1,000 foot rolls of tape, 1 1/2 to 3 inches wide, and will automatically dispense tape from 4 to 120 inches. The H-800 is made in the USA and features a rust resistant stainless steel interior that […]

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How to use W1209 Temperature relay controller and program the thermostat

hi welcome to Robojax in this video I’m going to introduce this w1209 temperature control module. This is one of the best and easy to use module that you can get. It doesn’t need anything else like Arduino or anything it has a temperature sensor so you can connect it here and it’s about 50 […]

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