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Guide to Common Automotive Electrical Connections | Hagerty DIY

– Hi, I’m Matt Lewis with Hagerty and today’s DIY we’re gonna talk about different ways to connect wires and why you would use them. So for today’s demonstration I’m going to introduce you to some of my favorite tools. This one right here, our wire strippers, auto strippers. And these, this is a nice […]

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How to Cut Porcelain and Ceramic Floor Tiles – Tile Mountain

Hi I’m Craig Philips and welcome to my Tiling Trade Tips where I’m going to be revealing my top DIY secrets to help you save money and time. On this episode I’m going to be showing you how to cut large format tiles. Now it’s essential to have the right equipment to cut your tiles. […]

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Enabling Wireless Direct Printing on HP Enterprise Printers | HP Printers | HP

Enable Wireless Direct from the printer control panel to print directly to supported HP Enterprise printers over wireless. First, make sure your printer is powered on and in a ready state. Navigate to and select Administration, Settings, or Setup. Navigate to and select Network Settings, Network Setup, or Networking. Navigate to and select Wireless Direct […]

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