Striata’s Interactive Billing for Telecommunications

Hello and welcome to this demonstration of Striata’s interactive telecoms statement. In this video, we will show you the features and functionality that can be included in an electronic statement, plus the value-added services you can opt to provide to your customers as part of the digital experience. Let’s begin. Here we have a consolidated view of call, data and SMS usage. It shows the live balance of each account, and a graph split by relevant categories. Your customer can add and remove a category from a graph based on what they want to see. Your customer can make a payment directly from within the bill. Clicking on “Pay selected accounts” brings up a payment form showing a number of different payment channels. The options shown here are:
Credit Card, ACH payment, Mobile payment Or via an eWallet From each account summary, your customer can decide to pay the amount due or set a payment reminder. Setting a payment reminder is easy – select a date, choose to receive it by email or text message and provide the relevant contact details. It’s also possible to set custom alerts based on usage. They simply select to receive the alert via email or text message and set it to be triggered by spend or day of the month. You can provide a graphic representation of data, split according to categories. Your customer can add and remove a category based on what they want to see. Also included is a detailed statement of transactions. We have included here the ability to submit a query or dispute, on a particular transaction. This table can be filtered by the selected column. Your customer can access their personal documents from the statement. You can also use the statement to market additional products and services that are personalized for each customer. Watch again as we run through similar functionality for data and SMS usage. You can make it easy for your customer to contact you via a number of contact options. Here we show:
Requesting a callback, or Opening a Live Chat You can also reduce calls to your call center by providing an FAQ section. A great way to keep your customer information accurate, is by providing an Update-My-Details form for customers to complete and submit. And finally, you can include a map to your offices and a simple Contact Us form. You can also add marketing banners with special offers. We hope you enjoyed viewing the features and functionality that can be included in an interactive telecoms statement, as well as value-added services, such as payments and reminders, that provide additional convenience to your customers. For more information, contact Striata today.

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