Straight Talk Review 2019: Should You Switch?

Ready for some straight talk about Straight
Talk Wireless? Team Clark tested the low-cost cell phone
carrier for the last 30 days. Here’s what you need to know before you sign up.
Plans and pricing. I purchased the $45 service plan for my review. It came with 10 gigabytes
of high-speed data, before being slowed to 2G speeds. Shortly after I bought it, Straight
Talk increased the $45 plan to 25 gigabytes. There are other plans available, some cheaper
and others more expensive, including two unlimited data plans.
We’ll put a link below so you can see the latest deals.
Network partners. Right on Straight Talk’s website, the carrier
says it uses the same towers as the Big 4 wireless providers: Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile
and Sprint. But as a customer, you don’t get access
to all four networks — only one. The network that you’ll use on Straight
Talk is based on the coverage in your area and whether you have a compatible device.
Getting started. You can sign up for the service at Walmart
or online at I ended up purchasing a SIM Activation Kit
at Walmart, but that’s only after I tried and failed with Straight Talk’s website.
Here’s where I ran into trouble… I didn’t read the fine print that said the
SIM card would be mailed via FedEx and require a signature for delivery.
So, if you’re at work when FedEx typically comes, it may be easier to just go to Walmart.
Once I finally got the SIM card, I followed the step-by-step instructions to activate
my service. It took about an hour to get fully up and running.
Phone options. With Straight Talk, you can bring your own
phone or buy a new one. I used an unlocked Moto G6 smartphone for my 30-day test.
Straight Talk sells a lot of phones: high-end, low-end and even a few free phone options.
One thing I noticed: If you can’t pay full-price and want to finance the device, it’s not
0%. You’ll end up paying more money over time for your phone.
Call and text performance. I used an AT&T SIM card to try out Straight
Talk and experienced zero dropped calls and zero missing text messages.
Everyone I talked to on the phone said the call quality was pretty good. Of course, call
and text performance will vary depending on the network that you use with Straight Talk’s
service. Data speeds.
And this was a disappointment. I used the SpeedTest app to check the download and upload
speeds more than 10 times during my month of service with Straight Talk.
This time it was about 9 Mbps. The overall average was about the same.
Customer service. There are lots of one-star reviews for Straight Talk on the Better Business
Bureau’s website, with complaints about customer service. My only call to Straight
Talk was to troubleshoot that ordering issue and they were helpful. If you don’t want
to give Straight Talk a call, there’s chat support available on or you
can send a text to 611611 for help. That’s all for this Straight Talk review.
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36 comments on “Straight Talk Review 2019: Should You Switch?”

  1. Megan Watkins says:

    Visible is $40/month with unlimited data!

  2. Wayne Lipscomb says:

    How is the service with Visible?

  3. Clark Howard: Save More, Spend Less says:

    If you want to jump to specific info in the video, here are some timestamps to help!

    Straight Talk Review Table of Contents

    Plans and Pricing: 0:10
    Network Partners: 0:39
    Getting Started: 1:04
    Phone Options: 1:41
    Call and Text Performance: 2:06
    Data Speeds: 2:27
    Customer Service: 2:44

  4. p51dman says:

    These people have the absolute worst customer service imaginable! When
    it works, it is great, when it don't it is the most intense hair pulling
    experience imaginable!

  5. p51dman says:

    These people have the absolute worst customer service imaginable! When
    it works, it is great, when it don't it is the most intense hair pulling
    experience imaginable!

  6. Newer Account says:

    Straight talk is notorious for getting greedy. Usually draw one in with real deals but change up without notice and will just tell you your phone needs upgraded having no clue what phone you are on.
    I called a couple nites ago about 11:15 pm roughly 45 mins before closing time and only as a last resort but my signal was bouncing around from lye to 1x to 3g to no service and continued to cycle in such a manner…
    The lady I spoke with told me service was fine in my area and on my particular device but went on to say they had recently upgraded to a 5g network so my phone would need upgraded and she could sell me one with $40 off and I said can you just send a refresh signal or is there a code I can dial or is it possible they are indeed working on the tower right now and she said you have a fine signal and then she asked sir what kind of phone do you have and I said Galaxy S 10 that I got from you guys and she said I hear a bit of static on the line sir and said something I couldn’t make out and then the phone call ended
    (I assume to signal cycling)
    So I tried to call back and got a beep it was her calling back to tell me it was getting late they were closing soon and if I was unsure about upgrading my phone I could go to bed and call back tomorrow.
    (I work 3rd shift EMS )

    I was reluctant to call at 11:00pm when it started acting up
    (which was first time ever)
    Because they are on guard for someone to be cheating them so much that they basically accuse you of doing so and for sure treat you like it is on your end..

    I hung up and had an idea,
    I have a few other phones and 1 that has never been activated so I gathered them and turned them all on made sure data option was on and sure enough every one of them was doing the same thing INCLUDING the phone that had never been activated.
    The one that was NEVER activated was showing 1x and 3g and actually allowed me to surf in between signal rotations ..
    All phones were reading different signals too.
    This went on until around 1:15 am and has been completely fine since.
    Everything back to normal..
    it is my belief that the nearest tower that I’m on was actually being updated to 5G at that time especially with the unactivated phone allowing me to surf lol…
    Weather first thing in am or mid day or evening they will treat you like shit and try to have you use money in hopes of fixing the problem….
    Type speed test into google and get instant readings and tell me if you have ULTIMATE UNLIMITED like you paid $55 for .
    It will balance out again but they seem to fluctuate like a stock

  7. Damn- Honky says:

    well I've been with well I've been with them for over 9 years because they compete fiercely with the current providers in my region so I feel I have little choice I use AT&T with the best results so that keeps me locked to a GMS phone which overall works very well until I need something… it goes horribly wrong each and every phone conversation with them begins with hurdles generated by an automated service which will … out of its inability to resolve your issue … will connect you to a representative who has to ask you all of the information you had to provide initially, yet again , to a representative who will listen to your problem in depth but won't understand any of it… and after 15 minutes of going through the process of dealing with him you will be connected to another representative who will ask you for the same information in about the same duration of time only to be connected to very possibly a third representative who might be able to finally resolved the issue you originally had !I've suffered lost orders orders not placed orders placed incorrectly I've suffered unwarranted Interruption of cell service and I've been signed up for unwanted services pay plans I've qualified for discounts and offers that I was enticed to respond to via email yet I have mysteriously not qualified for whatever particular reason once not once not one time you can get all this and more I believe being a Straight Talk customer it has certainly been an experience for me

  8. Liz G says:

    What if I want a new phone number for a new phone? Can I set one up with straight talk?

  9. Miss Me says:

    Great plan! Great costumer service!!

  10. Rene Hellman says:

    just so everyone knows, straight talks Unlimited 4Glte plan is actually 50gb of 3G speeds NO JOKE, ran several BMs and never got near the speed of TRUE 4Glte. Also after about 50gb of data use your slow 3G gets LIMITED again, practically to 1X speed which is slower then dial up. this company along with its services are a SHAM…

  11. Dabunny Rabbit says:

    Strait Talk wireless is b.s. I no longer have access to my google account or Facebook because of them!
    Do not switch.

  12. Angie Lawson says:

    I've had service for 8 years! Now they are slowing my data down and I've used 9 GB! I pay $55 a month! Don't trust them ! They lie! I wish someone would file a law suit! Scammer's! Go to At&t or Verizon!

  13. Himikotoga 999 says:

    Sprint=ass mtpcs=better than sprint

  14. Scott Angermeier says:

    I was with straight talk for years until last month when I switched to visible. $40 a month for unlimited everything! Including data. Swapped an old phone and got a new phone. So far so good. I switched from straight talk because I signed up for Philo and went through about 52 gigs of data in 19 days with 11days left to go I switched because I needed more data. And if you go over 60 Gigs a month straight talk threatens to cut off your service. So bye bye 👋 straight talk. Never had a problem with straight talk. But now I'm saving $20 a month with visible and get unlimited data.

  15. msnpassjan2004 says:

    WARNING : The Moto G7 sold by Walmart Straight Talk uses a USB-C charger, not the Android standard micro USB.

  16. Al Jean says:

    DONT do it "unlimited data" my ass. After using 2gbs of high-speed it shuts off completely, download speeds of 20kbps , it's definitely not worth the $35, check our Mint or Cricket instead!

  17. Chris O. says:

    Hell the speed test is good I have AT&T and I’m looking at straight talk. My upload is 3.5 and 1.5 download. That’s all the time.

  18. Excalibur Prime says:

    100% trash. Tried the ""UNLIMITED"" data plan, I can barely watch any vids when I go out. And the cell reception is terrible.

  19. CARL Rauschkolb says:

    don't ever buy a Straight Talk prepaid phone they rip you off there is no Hotspot data that you can use their telephones take up to five hours to charge and they drain out within 1 hour this is the worst phone company I have ever come across in my life I do not recommend this service to anyone and I am very angry about it I will post this on every YouTube Straight Talk channel that there is until my word gets out there

  20. CARL Rauschkolb says:

    don't ever buy a Straight Talk prepaid phone they rip you off there is no Hotspot data that you can use their telephones take up to five hours to charge and they drain out within 1 hour this is the worst phone company I have ever come across in my life I do not recommend this service to anyone and I am very angry about it I will post this on every YouTube Straight Talk channel that there is until my word gets out there

  21. Drew says:

    The 45$ Plan now includes 25Gig Data and the 55$ plan in unlimited data. After 60 gigs a month they can review your account to make sure you're not tethering.

  22. Sam Plautz says:

    Screw straightalk just do mint mobile

  23. AmpEdition says:

    Xfinity mobile is the best for the money, full speed..I can't tell the difference when I was with verizon

  24. Apple Cider says:

    Service is slow and unreliable my metro pcs is better in some areas

  25. Glen Goodnough says:

    use code sako bd4c when you start straight talk service in the rewards system and get a 45 dollar credit

  26. John Moore Whiskey Libido says:

    Straight Talk:

    Thank you for visiting Straight Talk today. How may I help you?


    Thank you for visiting Straight Talk Wireless.


    Hi John.

    Hi Camile,


    How may I assist you?


    Are you still there? If I do not get a response from you within one minute, this session will have to end.

    I have the J7 by Samsung and I just experienced the black screen of death. the phone is currently on, but I have no home or lock screen. I've tried rebooting it with the volume down and power buttons at the same time. still nothing


    I’m sorry to hear that.


    I would be happy to assist you today.


    Are you chatting about the phone number that ends with 9870?


    9870 is no longer in service



    Please provide the complete phone number.


    Thank you.

    you betcha




    While I access your account, I would like to know if you are willing to participate in a brief survey regarding our service at the end of the session.

    sure I can do that


    Wonderful. We really value our customer's feedback for improvement. The survey will be sent to you through text message.

    I have my phone charging now, Should I leave it charging or take it off?

    I have no visible lock or home screen


    You can take it off first.

    ok. done

    I took it to a tech and she said she put it in safe mode, and it's hard to shut down completely.

    just a heads up




    Please remove the back cover of the phone and then check if the phone has a red or pink sticker next to the battery.

    There's no back cover on this phone




    Please try to turn the phone off and back on.



    Thank you.

    tracphone screen just popped up



    still black screen though

    it's not powering dowm




    We will need to make do a hard reset on the phone.

    volume down, power and bottom key?


    Please be advised that the phone has to be reset completely and all personal information stored in the phone will be deleted.



    get the warning screen



    volume up to continue and volume down to cancel (restart phone)




    Are you still with me? If I do not get a response from you within one minute, this session will have to end.

    yes. just waiting on what to do nest



    Turn phone OFF.

    2. Press UP VOLUME, POWER/LOCK and HOME keys simultaneously > Let go once Samsung Galaxy logo appears > RECOVERING BOOTING will appear at the top of the screen > Installing system update will appear > Wait until Android Recovery menu appears.

    3.Use DOWN VOLUME key to go to Wipe data/factory reset > Press POWER/LOCK key.

    4.Confirmation will appear > Use DOWN VOLUME key to go to Yes > Press POWER/LOCK.

    5. Wait until Data wipe complete appears at the bottom of the screen > Reboot system now will be highlighted > Press POWER/LOCK key.

    6.Phone will reboot.


    Have we been disconnected? If I do not get a response from you within one minute, this session will have to end.

    i'm still here

    the phone will not power down



    is there an over ride to shut the power off?




    Let me just check if we can replace your phone.



    I'm sorry, but we can no longer replace your phone.


    You will need to purchase a new one.

    We are sorry, but the agent was disconnected, please wait for agent reconnect

    I may just go through a different company. It's not your fault, I understand that you are just doing your job. But i kinda figure that's how companies get people to buy their products just to get more money

  27. Jake Conwell says:

    Terrible customer service experience. Mailed in my Broken phone with straight talks easy exchange program… 12 days ago. Not only have I not received my new phone but have been jumping thru hoops for days. No help from customer support….just transfer after transfer. They acknowledge the fault but can’t do anything for me…..

  28. Tyler Wilson says:

    55 dollars unlimited full bars not roaming ran speed test 16 kbps wtf

  29. Matthew Mix says:

    If you use this code you get one free month of service when you sign up ZBTZ-34DC

  30. Jonathan Warwick says:

    Garbage..false advertising..!!

  31. Achilles 137 says:

    I can buy a 2 phone plan but I cant buy two phones… Fail

  32. armand4189 says:

    Straight talk sucks

  33. Brad Johnson says:

    I get 45 gigs at the $45.00 plan.

  34. ابو فجله says:

    Coll my wtsapp00962790056482

  35. Spongebob is now Japanese says:

    I recommend straight talk its awesome where I take my service

  36. Hans Mak says:

    I might be on board if ST gets Wi-Fi calling. No reason for this oversight.

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