Steve Jobs on Computer Science

I think everybody in this country should
learn how to program a computer. Should learn a computer language, because
it teaches you how to think. And so I view computer science as a liberal art. It should be something
that everybody learns, you know takes takes a year in their life, one the
courses they take is you know, learning how to program.

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  1. Antonio Paulos says:

    1995 – god damn steve jobs says it
    2013 – obama, celebrities and all kinds of people that you'd expect to be doing anything but programming manage to convince america that programming is "kewl and fun"

    You don't deserve this merit,
    Believe me, part of me wants to love what you're doing, it's commendable, but I just can't help getting mad at this bullshit. It shouldn't have had to take so long for people to realize that programming is great, let alone need to be spoon fed this notion.

  2. NikonBlueBeastHD says:

    U mean if u agree with ashton kutcher?

  3. Kyle Han says:

    O        This is Will,
    /|        Will wants everyone
    /        in the world to know
               how to code.

  4. vistacruiser70s says:

    How about someone design a program for the computer so it can self teach the user how to operate it? I still don't know how to cut and paste. Why should I have to go to an outside analog source to learn the basics?

  5. Rafael Oda says:

    If everyone knew a thing or two about computer science your company, mr jobs, would be long bankrupt.

  6. Rafael Oda says:

    If everyone knew a thing or two about computer science your company, mr jobs, would be long bankrupt.

  7. HOWYOUDOIN884 says:

    Should we call believers and followers of these videos "Blue Collar Coders" ?

    Zuckerbergerer just admitted he basically hires "blue collar coders".  That's why it takes his teams of developers 100 times longer than a company like Amazon to release anything worthy of human use. 

    Then again, Facebook is really an advertising and entertainment company with software as a side hobby with no damage done if anything breaks.  Let his programmers try to pass an Amazon interview…

  8. Puneet Koul says:

    I am liking this video only for Steve's one liner.

  9. Frater O says:

    Wrong again Steve. Computing Technology is based on Science – not Arts. Period.  I know/use over a dozen programming languages expertly – and as one of your original 50 'Registered Developers Worldwide' on the NeXT Platform – Objective C did not teach me how to think either. NO programming language can teach anyone HOW to think – although it will show you the errors in your "logic" (sequential code or wetware). 'Interpreted' APL will allow you to "codify" your thoughts at the speed of thought, but it assumes that you CAN THINK (ie."CODE") LOGICALLY. ONLY PHILOSOPHY and its FORMAL LOGIC DISCIPLINES WILL TEACH YOU **HOW** TO THINK. Universities normally teach students WHAT to think – not HOW to think. If anyone wants to learn HOW to think, then READ Philosophers: Aristotle, Plato, Socrates, Pythagoras, Euclid, Homer, Kant, Locke, Hume, Descartes, Boole, Venn, Bakunin, Chomsky, Jung, Sitchen, Gilgamesh, Valentine, Rosenkrutz, St. Germain, Solomon, Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, von Neumann, and a hundred more.  The WOZ would never have made such a mistake about logical human thinking vs. pre-defined programming syntax…

  10. Maximillian Leet says:

    I am 15 and i am learning to code!

  11. Nyran Stanton says:

    Liberal art? lol , i love how liberals are all for freedom, but what about those slave chinese workers Steve that commit suicide in your factories, because of sht pay, and bad working condition. lol, liberal, fck off. Liberal hippy that condones slavery to get his Iphones manufactured. I'll never own anything apple.

  12. william gingerich says:

    Hay jobs you didn't even know python

  13. Crache Mozell says:

    – Coding isn't a liberal art.
    – I don't agree it's for everyone.

  14. jimdamagedmaze says: you're welcome.

  15. FunOfTheChase says:

    Steve Jobs shows the difference between the creative builders, and the businessman; and he is the latter, someone who never built anything but hype.

    He epitomizes how Cicero said of the politician or "de oratore", that his talent is to extract resources from the public by the scale of his windblowing capacity, and luckily for Steve, he sure knew how to knock 'em dead with that mouth of his.

  16. maxracer176 says:

    Kinda funny how he can't even code

  17. Beast Boy (Garfield Logan) says:


  18. jjsiegal says:

    LOL…Steve must have been doing acid when he gave this interview.
    He never wrote code.
    Just Google it.
    Steve was a Salesman and Manager of Geeks.
    He saw an opportunity and he sold it.
    Gates was more of a programmer than Jobs.

  19. cool bigcats says:

    Says the guy who did not write code but he is right and i do rescpect.He helped design and create all the programms must know at least some coding

  20. Dwight Goliday Jr says:

    He right tho.

  21. Hazhar Ghaderi says:

    Yadû şwênit her demênêt (you will remain) Steve!

  22. RL00999 says:

    Computer Science != Programming

  23. KUTE says:

    Dope upload 😍

  24. iNEEDZPANCAKES says:

    Lol he didn't even program or build the computer

  25. Zes says:

    not how to thinkx, idtnerx

  26. Henrique Bruno says:

    To buy his computers… People, he was clearly a sociopath. Study about it.

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