Spotted! NEW Prototype 12 Speed Electronic Groupset | GCN Tech Show Ep. 35

– Welcome to the GCN Tech Show. – This week we’ve got a 12-speed prototype electronic groupset
spotted, a one-by TT bike, research into additive
manufacturing using titanium, plus a new gravel bike. – And we also look at ways that you’ve made your bikes lighter. – I love a light bike. – Yeah, I really like a light bike too. (energetic electronic music) – Now barely a week goes by without having a new gravel bike launched onto the scene. And this week it’s the turn of Cannondale. And they’ve got a new
bike called the Topstone. So this one has said to
take its geometry selection through careful consideration
with the Synapse range of bikes, which are
their endurance range. After all, that is gonna give you a really nice position on that bike, as opposed to if you went for
the mountain bike geometry. It’s gonna be really slack
and like a mountain bike. And if it’s too aggressive,
well, it’s gonna be a road bike. And after all, its needs to sit somewhere on our gravel spectrum. And as expected this bike has
loads and loads of mounts. You can mount your bags, your
panniers, your mud guards. And they’re all really nicely hidden away. And you can even mount three bottles. The Apex One even has a dropper seat post, which is super useful. – Yeah, and what I really
like about that dropper post is that its lever is really neatly hidden away to operate, isn’t it? Just be–
– Under the left brake. – Yeah, just where the left hand brake lever mounts onto the drop. But I still think there’s room for the big groupset
manufacturers out there, Shimano, Campagnolo, and SRAM, to kind of try and integrate
it somehow with their levers. So maybe a Di2 operated one.
– I’d be excited. – Imagine how cool that would be. A wireless eTap one or a
wired EPS one from Campagnolo. – Jon, I think you send in some designs. I think that’d be cool.
– Or even just a cabled one. Somehow it’d just be a
bit of a hack or a bodge. I don’t know, but either
way I think it’s super cool. And I want to see it
happening more and more. What we can’t tell you
though, is whether or not it’s compatible with 650B wheels or not, which a lot of people, again,
like to have that option of versatility to switch between the two. However, what I can confirm is the price. They’re between $1000 and $2000, which is pretty good
value for money, isn’t it? – I would say so, yeah.
– If you look at it. Might have to dabble in
a bit of gravel myself. – You should, you should. And there’s also been a study on additive manufacturing of titanium. And they actually bring
out a new crank arm, which is quite interesting. – And whilst it’s called additive, it’s not actually necessarily adding anything extra into the mix. It’s all about actually changing
manufacturing techniques away from those conventional
methods that are used. So why would you actually want to do that? Well, there’s the possibility there to actually improve production time, use less resources, possibly
make things lighter, save some weight, make
things stronger, who knows? But it sounds good to me, anyway. – Yeah, Jon, all of those
qualities sound really good. But actually, during the test, well, I’m sad to say,
it did actually fail. But it does look really different. And if you do want to go and
check out the video then, we have put a link in the
description section below. So do go and check that one out. – More tech later. So last week Ollie and
I tackled the subject of how do you lose weight on a bike. And we gave you some very
good, cost-effective measures. But we also asked you on
ways in which you’ve done it, or suggestions. – Yeah, and that’s really interesting. But before we dive deep
into those responses, we thought it’d be interesting, and we’d like to find out from you, if you would like to see
all the GCN presenters go head to head on
building the lightest bike. And if you want to get
involved in that poll, then click up there, top left hand corner.
– Either yes or no. Do you want to see it? Although I don’t think we
should have every presenter, because there could well be some cheating. Lloydie.
– Lloydie. – [Narrator] Going so fast it looks like he’s got a motor on his bike. – But yeah, either way, vote’s up there. But anyway, here are
some of your responses. Let’s have a look through
them then, shall we, right. – So first one is from Jeremy Hansen. And he cut the seat post after
finding my saddle position, and he saved 150 grams. I mean–
– That’s a lot, isn’t it? – That’s pretty risky though. And you’d need to make sure the
safe limit inside the frame. Because it used to be in the frames– – Well, I mean we used to do it with old– – Did we?
– Heavy alloy seat. I certainly did, yeah. I’ve certainly cut down
seat posts in the past, long alloy, heavy seat posts. But it is quite risky,
’cause you need to know exactly how much is
inside that frame still. But a bit of basic measuring. – You can’t really have that
much left in it, could you? – No, you need, well, it depends, really, how much is out of the frame. Because obviously you’ve
got a bit of flex, bit of added pressure on
there, that kind of thing. – So go careful, really. – Yeah, now Chuck Norris, Chuck
recommends quick releases. For $30 you can get a
set of titanium skewers and cut nearly 100 grams from a stock heavy steel quick release. Yeah, something I’ve
also done in the past. – I’ve done that.
– Put quick releases on. They’re made of titanium of alloy. – And the next one is from Marnug. Fly Elite bottles for about
$6 if you’re in America will save you about 40 grams
over most other bottles. – Now that is so true.
– Is it? – Yeah, I picked up one of those bottles at a show a little while back. And I was absolutely
amazed at how light it was. Of course, for those lightweight bottles, you are gonna need one of these. Jonathan in Molesbury in
England, not that far away. – [James] No, I was gonna say. – He drilled 36 holes
inside of his bottle cage. And well, he saved four grams. – Four grams, but I mean,
he’s put some time in there. So hats off to the man. – Yeah, it looks nice and neat though. – It does, actually, yeah. – Disparia Brooks, “When you can pay $300 “to save a few grams off a saddle, “and that’s still not the least “cost efficient way of shaving weight, “just spit a couple of
times before a hill. “Spit weight is dead weight.” – I’m not having that.
– I mean, that’s really when you don’t have the cash, isn’t it? It’s not the most elegant
thing to do in the world. You’re not gonna save that much. Depends on how much spit you’ve got. – Yeah, I mean I’d rather
take the bank loan. – Yeah. – Buy some nice carbon wheels, personally. – Yeah, rather than
spitting, that’s vulgar. Now Phil Adams, this is extreme. I’m gonna run through all
of Phil’s little things. – Oh gosh, here we go. – For hill climbs, Phil
has chopped his drops. So Ollie mentioned that
last week, chop away. Used a track tubular,
risking punctures big time. Was already worn out, so lighter than new. I’m liking where this is going. Shortened the chain too much on purpose. Drilled holes in saddle, brake calipers, and even their shoes. Removed all bar tape and shifter hoods. Removed sprockets that wouldn’t get used, replaced with spacers. Removed the big ring and front mech. Removed the fork expander and top cap. Removed excess seat post
to a questionable degree, which has already been
mentioned earlier on. Removed paint and decals off everything. Shaved his head, cut his toenails the night before the hill climb. Not worn sunglasses in excessive light. Removed the rear brake, which
is illegal in competition, but well, Strava KOMs and all that. Saved around one and 1/2 kilos. Worth it.
– Wow. – The problem is, he says, it’s not practical for everyday use. Now, Phil Adams.
– No. – That is some kind of
obsession that I truly love. Brilliant slimming, mate. – I really want to see a picture
of all this put together. – Not those toenails though.
– No, that’s too far. – Now first up, in case you were unaware, is currently the Vuelta e Espana. And in fact, both of us were on the ground there last week.
– We have indeed, yeah. – Checking out bits of tech. And whilst there checking out tech, I spotted something very cool, very new. Well, it’s a prototype product. And this was on the bike of
Maxime Monfort of Lotto Soudal. And this is a, well, an unbranded Campagnolo rear derailleur. Now, it takes a very similar shape to the current EPS offering out there, although this model was
in fact made of alloy. So it’s not gonna be the
lightest thing in the world, and that goes for the front mech too. – Now let’s go on to the levers. This is probably the strangest thing, because to my knowledge, the brain of the EPS
system sits in the DTI box. So I don’t quite understand why they haven’t just used
branded 11-speed levers. – The only thing I can
think is that they’re gonna take a slight redesign of those levers, because those 12-speed levers, when I looked up closely took them, or the unbranded ones, rather, the cutouts in the actual
blade of the brake lever are slightly larger and a different shape to ones on the 11-speed groupset. So there we are, maybe
saving some weight there. – So let’s stick with
Lotto Soudal, shall we? Because they have some TT
specialists in their ranking. They’ve got the Belgium National Champion and the European Champion,
Victor Campenaerts. And he was spotted using a 60-tooth chain ring for the TT in Malaga, which is a pretty sizable
dinner plate there. – Now it’s not the first
time that Campenaerts has been using that 60-tooth chain ring. Because he also used it
back at the BinckBank Tour a couple of weeks back, and
also the European Champs, which he famously won. I think he only won that by
a second or two, didn’t he? – It was close, yeah. – Yeah, so he has got that. Now interestingly, it’s a
narrow-wide style chain ring. So alternately, the teeth are narrow and wide, hence the name. And then they work and
they mesh really well with the narrow and wide links of a chain. So that’s gonna help it
stay on a little bit better. Interestingly, no clutch rear derailleur. So I mean, obviously Campagnolo, they don’t make one, not to my knowledge. I didn’t spot that when
I was rummaging around and getting my grubby
little hands on everything. But I reckon as well that
by using a clutch rear mech you do have a slight increase in resistance to the drive train. – So do you think we are
gonna see more of these 60-tooth chain rings out
there for TT specialists? – Well, in the past we’ve seen riders, sort of David Miller, he
used a single chain ring back, I think, 2003 Tour
de France or something. – This might be in Candelora? – I don’t know if Candelora did. Tony Martin definitely did. I think even last year he was using it. But I think this year
he’s gone back to using a standard double setup Spectre. No, no, no, no, not the James Bond film. This instead is a limited edition carbon frame from Czech brand Festka. And while the paintwork
has taken inspiration from cubism kind of inventor,
I guess you could call it, Spanish gentleman Pablo Picasso. And this is a limited-edition. In fact, it’s called La Vuelta Edition. – [James] Limited edition for La Vuelta. – [Jon] All right. – And well, there’s
only seven of these made in this amazing red color, to
show the leader of the race. And then they’ve got this
yellow and orange in there to show what the leader of the
race jersey used to be like. But it’s not just pretty
colors, is it, Jon? – No, it’s not. It also has just been made
with rim brake options. So according to Festka, now this is gonna get quite controversial, I think.
– Oh no. – They claim that the
parkour of the Vuelta is more suited to rim
brakes than disc brakes. – Strong statement there, Jon. – I know, I know.
– Strong statement. – The comments are gonna
go absolutely wild today. But anyway, that’s what they claim. So well, who are we to disagree? Now something, a real neat
finishing touch on this bike is the 73 painted on the
stem in that cubism way, which is a nod to the 73rd
edition of the Vuelta. Now final bit of tech this week. – Go on. – Well, last week Ollie and I were talking about those lightweight bikes. Earlier on we touched on it again. – We did.
– And I absolutely love it. And I’ve put my hand in my wallet. I’ve bought myself some
bike porn this week. – Oh no. – Check out this bottle cage.
– Wow. – Yeah, look at it, minimalistic. – There’s not much to it, is there? – Feel how light it is, go on. – I mean, that is ridiculous. – Yeah, exactly. Viewers at home or on your phones, whatever it is you’re
doing, this is crazy light. Just 7.6 grams I weighed it in at. – Hold on there, we need to test that. Come on now.
– All right, go on then. Give it a go.
– Let’s get the scales out. – Right, let’s put it on there, ’cause he doesn’t believe
me, this guy, never does. Seven–
– Well, there you– – Uh-huh, 7.6, you were leaning close by. – There we have it.
– 7.6 grams. If we are gonna have
that presenter challenge, making the lightest bikes, that is the one I’m gonna use on that. – Yes, I think you’re
probably right there. But I’m probably just
gonna keep my bottle empty. (drill whirring)
(cash register dinging) – It’s time for the part of the show where you screw riding upgrades, and instead you buy upgrades. And you could be in with a chance of winning a GCN workshop apron if you’ve got the best
upgrade on the GCN Tech Show. So remember to submit yours
using the GCN uploader tool down there in the description below. And well, let’s see what we had
sent in this week, shall we? We’ve got three to choose from. In fact, you’re gonna choose from them. But more on that bit later on. – First up it’s Kim from Brussels. And he says, “I love buying upgrades. “And I want to share my bike, “which has received quite a few of them. “My 1995 Fuji Ace made me
discover the joys of road cycling, “a joy I had just last
encountered as a teenager. “20 kilos lost later–”
– Well done. – “Me and my Fuji Ace
are an inseparable pair. “So what upgrades did I buy? “Well, a custom Fizik saddle
in matching color scheme “as the rest of the bike,
and the Fizik handlebar. “I also get lots of questions “about what I’ve done with my wheels.” Yeah, I was wondering that myself. And you’ve actually put
LED lights from Revolights that make the bike turn into
a proper Tron bike at night. Yeah, this is a 1995 steal, has really come to the 21st century. – That’s a nice bit of
upgrading, actually, isn’t it? Because they’ve kept it in the old style, but they’ve put some new bits on it, just to, the comfort,
really, let’s face it. He’s got himself a nice
comfortable saddle now, rather than probably a razor blade that he was sitting on before. – [James] And I like the color scheme with the reds and the blacks. But I’m not sure about the LED lights. – Safety first, you can never
put a price on safety, James. Now, Dave from the Netherlands bought a Giant TCR Zero back in 2013. First upgrades were removing
the standard saddle and tires to a Richie saddle and
Vittoria Rubino Pro tires. After that, upgraded the rims
from the standard Giant ones to lightweight tuned TSR 30 wheels. They are light, believe me. Replaced the Richie saddle
for a full carbon saddle, and replaced the tires to Vittoria Course with latex inner tubes. This sounds like Ollie talking last week all about his latex inner tubes. Anyway, then recently
upgraded the entire bike. Frame, groupset, rims, tires, everything, from TCR to Propel. Right, finishing off then. – From James from Manchester. And well, he says, “Totally
unnecessary upgrade “which I couldn’t resist any longer, “a LEAF saddle from AX
Lightness, saving me 130 grams. “I had already had a coffee “and done my Emma Pooley-style
jumps, so this came next.” – Now, to mix it up,
like we said earlier on, the winner is actually gonna
be chosen by you, the viewers. – It’s all in your hands. – Yeah, you’re gonna have to
vote on the poll onscreen now. Is it Kim’s Tron bike,
Dave’s upgrades on his Giant, or is it James from
Manchester and his new saddle? Next week we’ll have
to announce the winner and have three more, I reckon,
for people to choose from. – I’ll be interested to see
who you’d go for, actually. – Yeah, I’m not gonna tell you, because well, it’s the viewers, isn’t it? I don’t want to influence
any decisions out there. But between me and you, it’s probably gonna be
the AX Lightness saddle. – Interesting. – Yeah, and you’re in
it for the Tron bike, I reckon.
– Yes, I am. Yeah, of course I am. – Bike of the Week time,
where you get to vote for your favorite bike of
two that we put head to head. And last week we had two bikes, and the first one was the BH Ult Drive, Amael Moinard of the Fortuneo Team. And that was up against his Trek Madone SR 9.0 disc brake bike. And the winner with 84% of
the votes, it was you, James. Well done, mate.
(crowd cheering) Well done, well done.
– Yes, yes. – We are never, ever–
– I knew I had it. – Ever going to hear the
end of this, believe me. But he’s silenced for the moment. And let’s go on then to this week’s. We’ve got two TT bikes head to head. – I love TT bikes. – He gets so excited by them. You should’ve seen him at the Vuelta. Uncontrollable, in fact.
– It was. – [Jon] Anyway, first up is
the Merida Warp TT bike used by the Bahrain Merida Team.
– Nice bike. – And this one has a full
Shimano Dura Ace Di2 groupset, Fulcrum wheels, Vision
bars, an absolute beauty. And it’s up against the BMC
Timemachine of BMC Racing, in that cool matte black paintwork. Well, not even paintwork, is it? There’s none there. And that, again, full Shimano
Dura Ace Di2 groupset, Pro disc wheel, Pro tri-spoke,
3T handlebars, Fizik saddle. I’m torn this week.
– I’m not. I actually saw that
last week at the Vuelta, and I was blown away with that
Timemachine time trial bike. And yeah, I thought it was
a really good-looking bike. – It’s interesting as well,
the frame designs on those, the smaller bikes compared to the larger. Anyway, anyway, it’s enough of that. Because well, we want you to vote. And you gotta vote up
there for your favorite. Next week we will reveal the
results and have two more. I’m gonna go gentle this week. Head to head. I never learn, honestly,
I never learn, mate. Look at those knuckles. Now it’s time for the Bike Vault. And well, it’s your first trip into the Bike Vault, isn’t it? – I’m looking forward to it though Jon. I am looking forward to it. – And you know the rules, don’t you? We rate the bikes either
nice or super nice that the viewers have submitted. – So does that mean I
get to ring the bell? – You are more than welcome to ring– – Oh yes!
– That blasted bell. Believe me. And of course, if you
want to have a chance of your bike being
featured in the Bike Vault, then use our uploader tool. There’s a link to it in
the description below. And include as much
information about the bike, you, where you’ve been riding
on it, all those things. Because it makes the
story ever so much better. Anyway, I reckon we should crack on with the first bike this week.
– Let’s do it. What do we have here? – We’ve got John from Zurich. This is the Cinelli
Superstar, SRAM RED eTap, Fizik stem and saddle, Skinwall Tires. That looks so cool, doesn’t it? – I love the look of that bike. Straightaway it’s eye-popping
with those tan wall tires. – And also there’s
little flashes of color, just on the stays, on the top tube, on the down tube, on the fork. And hang on a minute.
– No. – He’s got one of those bottle cages we spoke about earlier on. Cheeky little John from Zurich
has put one on his bike. – John, that’s a nice touch. So what are you gonna give it, mate? – Personally I think
that bike looks great. – I think so.
– You don’t see many Cinellis these days. We used
to see them all the time. You don’t seem them. But yeah, personally I think super nice. How about you? Super nice.
(bell ringing) Oh good god, he’s rung the bell and he’s rung it loud, believe me. – Super nice, there you have it. – Crumbs, right, next up, Christine from Strawberry
Way in Pittsburgh. This is Christine’s Colnago V2R in raspberry red.
– I love a Colnago. – SRAM eTap again, Zipp 303 NSWs. – Great wheels.
– Continental GPs. E-brakes from Cane Creek, 3T cockpit, specialized carbon rail saddle,
Lizard Skins red saddle bag. Weighs 14 pounds, 14 ounces. Uh, 14, that’s just under
6.8, so the UCI limit. Look at it.
– Light bike. – Just look at that raspberry red. – I love that color scheme. – I’ve never seen one in that color. – I’ve never seen one in it. And it’s also got the seat
post in that same color, which looks really cool, actually. – It looks great, that bike. It’s done well, the saddlebag matches. The bottle cages, they’ve got
a nice little finishing touch. It’s well, it’s in the big ring. Always gets a big bonus from me. – Yeah, yeah, 100%. And without further ado, mate, I’m gonna give that a super nice. – Yeah, to be honest, that’s
a super nice for me as well. – Yeah?
– Yeah, super nice. (bell ringing) – Love ringing that bell.
– All right, you don’t have to ring it quite that much. – Oh, sorry. – Anyway, right, Ronnie from Amsterdam. – Watch Ronnie go last.
– That’s right, come on then, Ronnie. This is Ronnie’s Eddy MerckX EMX 7. They were used by Quick-Step, I think back in 2011,
12, something like that. 2011, I think. He says, “It’s my most unforgiving bike. “Stiff as hell, but bloody fast.” SRAM RED, Campi Ultra tube wheels, ceramic bearings, Pro Stealth handlebar, couple of old retro bottles too. Look at that, couple of old, look at that. An old Eddy Merckx logo.
– I love a retro bottle. – A Bic logo as well, of course, used by some of those very
famous riders of days gone by. Plus he’s got a race
number on there as well. – I just saw that, at Nieuwsblad. – Yeah, Nieuwsblad number 128.
– I used to race for all those numbers. I like the SRAM RED.
– Gold chain. Who doesn’t love a gold chain?
– I love the red bits. – Do you like a gold chain?
– I love a gold chain, yeah. – We’ve got another one to the crew. – Yes, mate. – I thought he was gonna
leave me hanging for a bit, but luckily he gave me the old fist bump. Ollie loves a gold chain,
I love a gold chain, you love a gold chain, Si
doesn’t love gold chains. – So it’s a super nice. – Yeah, therefore it’s a super nice. (bell ringing)
(cheering) Oh my word, right, Charles
from Crew in the UK, he loves new tech and just fitted their new Olympus Kratos
carbon deep section wheels to the custom-built Raleigh
Militis Pro frameset. SRAM eTap, Brooks C-13 carbon saddle, Thomson Delta finishing kit, and titanium bottle cage and bolts. A nice gold KMC chain, yes. And a bit of old-school
Dura Ace 7700 pedals, as they prefer those. Jon, rushed to assemble,
logos in wrong places. Well, that is possibly
the biggest downfall isn’t it, really?
– Yeah. – Not lining up those
logos on that Raleigh. – I was gonna say, that’s
a bit of a shame, actually. – Because it stands out, doesn’t it? That blue pops, I like them.
– Blue and black, I quite like that color way. – But I don’t know, actually. Something about it.
– No, I’m torn. – It’s just the logos.
– I’m torn, yeah, I mean– – I wish you’d lined up those logos. – What are you gonna give that, Jon? – Charles from Crew,
personally, Charles from Crew, you’re gonna get a nice. Because it messes around
with my zen and my feng shui and all that, not having those
logos in the right place. – And Jon, I think I’m with you, mate. I think I’m gonna give you a nice. – Yeah, despite having a
gold chain, another one. All right, he’s in the crew. Yeah, nice bike, that. Now finally, Paco Paloki from Finland. I hope I got your name
pronounced correctly, because these Finnish names–
– Paco Polki. – Yeah, these names are an absolute nightmare for us to pronounce, but especially me.
– It gets difficult. – Battaglin Lo Pro. Check out, this is the description. “Built this one as a
birthday gift for myself.” – Good start.
– Yeah, I always do that. “So I have something that
is about the same age as me. “And it’s just as practical
as me,” Paco says. 54-15, that is a big old gear, isn’t it, to be rolling along in. Brakeless, and the drop
from saddle to stem, 22.5 centimenters.
– That’s a big drop. – And apparently that keeps
it comfy on the roads. I think there’s a bit of sarcasm here. – What?
– I think there’s a bit of sarcasm in that.
– Yeah, I think so. – It’s got Campagnolo C
Record, piece to parts, a roll saddle, FIR Quasar rims,
LA87 bullhorns and all that. Check it, I mean, that. – I love a retro bike, and that takes the biscuit.
– 650 C front wheels. – That does.
– 650, toe clips. It’s stood up using what looks to be– – A bottle.
– Yeah, a water bottle. It’s just a cool looking bike. – Look at the size of that
dinner plate on the front end. – I know. Once you get it up to speed, well, it’s gonna take a lot of
slowing down, isn’t it? – Have you ridden with bull horns? – I have, yeah.
– Have you? I’ve never done that, what’s that like? – No, I had tri bars as well. Not that one, that’s 1984. Come on, I would’ve been
younger at that point. But personally–
– I hadn’t been born. – That bike, he wouldn’t have been born. God, I feel old. Anyway, that bike, personally– – What are you gonna give it? I know exactly what I’m giving that. – Curved top tube, look
how steep the seat tube is. Look at it.
– I love that. – It’s almost vertical.
– It’s beautiful. – Yeah, super nice. (bell ringing) – Super nice from me too. I’ve been dying to ring that bell. – There we are, four
out of five this week. Four out of five super nices.
– Good week. – Yeah, it’s a good
selection of bikes in there. So as ever, to submit yours, use that uploader tool down
there in the description. We want to know all about your bike. We want to see them from
all parts of the world. We love this, don’t we, the Bike Vault? – Yeah, and give me more
chances to ring this bell. – All right, greedy. You’ve had four out of five.
– Yeah, true. – That’s a good ratio, that. Anyway, more next week. – Well, sadly it’s come to an end. – But what a show it’s been. – And I’ve loved being here.
– He’s loved it, honestly. – So I can’t wait to be back. So remember to like and share this video. And yeah, give us a thumbs
up if you’ve enjoyed it. – Yeah, or just give
us a thumbs up anyway. And also remember to give that
notification bell down there, so you don’t miss any
of our videos coming up. Also–
– What have you got coming up? – Well yeah, what have we got coming up? So we’ve got some tech from the
Vuelta coming up, of course. So of course if people
click that notification bell they’ll see it all, won’t they? – They won’t miss it. – Tony Martin’s Pro Bike,
carbon fiber repair, how to adjust your headset. We’ve got Tech Clinic, then
we’re back in here again. – Wow, so much to look forward to. – So much stuff going on. Oh god, I absolutely love
it, more and more tech. Anyway, remember as well to check out the GCN shop at We’ve got a whole heap
of goodies, haven’t we? – Red or black, we’ve got.
– Or black or red. You decide.
– Or other color schemes. They’re all out there. – Yeah, as well as stuff
to ride on your bike, wearing as well. I got it out in the end. Anyway, it’s been great having you. And for another great video, this time how to fit new jockey wheels, click just down here.

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