Soul Electronics – Run Free Pro Wireless Active Earphones with Bluetooth

Soul Run Free Pro Bio Review review Most sports earphones – wired and wireless
– favor function over fashion, and the Run Free Pro Bio doesn’t deviate from the norm. Soul designed these earbuds with durability
in mind, employing robust and versatile materials to enhance practical use be it for the gym
or the outdoors. The earphones feature strong plastic encasing
that comes IPX5-certified with nano-coating technology for water-resistant protection. They can sustain sweat and splashes of water,
but aren’t fully waterproof. Yet without the ability to survive submersion,
they’re still ideal for working out in wet conditions and giving them a rinse afterward. Not only is the control module inconvenient
to access on the Run Free Pro Bio, but the buttons lack a premium feel and tactility. It’s the main flaw with behind-the-neck
headphones is that the controls are always further out of reach. Soul’s companion app was developed specifically
to provide users in-depth analysis on how they can correct their running form, and to
power on/off the LED light on the battery module. Compared to the X-Shock earbuds, the call
quality on the Run Free Pro Bio is an immense upgrade. It’s fantastic. My girlfriend was surprised
by how clear my voice was and thought I was speaking directly into the phone rather than
a headset. I could hear her loud and clear with no interference. The inline mic dealt with ambient noise better
than expected, as she didn’t notice the centralized AC in the background like with
other headphones. Soul promises up to 11 hours of battery life
depending on media playback and volume levels. That’s close to accurate. Wearing the earphones
for a week, I got 4 workout sessions in and still had enough juice to travel into the
city with them before recharging. That came up to an estimated 9.5-10 hours
of usage. I also recommend turning off the LED light to preserve energy. The Soul Run Free Pro Bio isn’t just a good-sounding
pair of sports wireless earphones. It’s also an amazing call headset and decent
motion tracker that provides competent results to optimize your fitness performance, primarily
running. Kindly see the description for this Amazon
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