Smartphones : les services proposés par Cordon Electronics

We live in an ultra-connected world where smartphones are parts of our days. However, the life of a smartphone is not a long quiet river. When your customer’s phone is under warranty, our teams of experts repair it with original parts All of our repairs are approved by about 20 manufacturers around the world. Cordon Electronics is a key player in the circular economy Our mission is to extend the life of products and reduce industrial waste in a sustainable manner. We support manufacturers, operators and distributors of smartphones at every stage of the product life cycle. Once the smartphone has been repaired, we even take care of the logistics thanks to our different HUBs throughout France and Europe. Our multi-channel services allow us to accompany you after the sale. Your customers and their needs are taken care of thanks to our online services and our advisors located in our call centres in France and Europe. If your customer’s smartphone is no longer under warranty, Cordon Electronics estimates the amount of repairs. If he simply wants to change his smartphone, Cordon Electronics also offers the buy-back of the phone. Our refurbished smartphones are then resold within a wide distribution network: in your physical outlets, in your marketplace or on your website. When one of your customers decides to change their phone, Cordon Electronics propose data transfer services, accessible in store or via a white label application. Cordon Electronics is the ideal partner to centralize the life cycle management of your customers’ smartphones and place your company in a sustainable development approach.

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