SMART SCADA for Wastewater Treatment Plants in Sydney | Schneider Electric

– Sydney Water provides
sustainable water, waste water, storm water, and recycled
water services to the greater metropolitan Sydney, Blue Mountains, and the Illawarra district. We look after everything to do with SCADA, automation, telemetry. Safety is one of our primary concerns in providing those services. And our honest belief is if
we look after our people’s safety we can safely look
after our customers as well. – SMART is an alliance
of Schneider Electric, Thompson Controls, and Sydney Water. SMART looks after the
treatment plants SCADA for Sydney Water across 35 plants in the Sydney metropolitan area. Safety’s a big element of
the program and over the last two years it’s wonderful that
we’ve been able to achieve a zero safety triffer. – For SMART to achieve a
zero safety record is an outstanding achievement. Not many customers that
we operate with will have such an envious record. And we’ve done that through a process of continuous improvements. We’ve never really accepted
when we hit our target. And it’s great that the
team have actually been able to live this and we look
forward to maintaining it for future years. – This result is a great
achievement for the program to show that it’s the right model. Bringing the benefits of
Schneider and Thompson Controls and Sydney Water together to demonstrate a successful model that could be repeated. (upbeat music)

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