Hey what’s up I’m Meech and skullcandy wireless
headphones are on the radar. So today we are reviewing the skullcandy hesh
2 wireless headphones. They are the first wireless headphones from
skullcandy and accessories include a USB cable for charging, a removable cable and a protective
Pouch. Now lets get into build quality. The headband is made of rubber & silicone
and is fairly flexible. The connectors are plastic as opposed to mettle
and can be little easier to break but I have had no problems. Over all they are lightweight and sturdy,
I feel as though they could survive a few drops although I would prefer not to test
that out. FUNCTIONS: You have a multi function button
on the right side. Hold a few seconds to turn on and off. A voice will alert you when pairing and again
when connected to a device. You will also have different Blinking light
colors when searching for device and when connected. The plus and minus buttons control volume
by pressing and they can also skip songs back and forth when listening to music by holding
them down. You can also take calls while wearing the
headset witch is super convenient and you Can answer calls and put people on hold by
pressing the power button. Other features include a USB port and a cable
port so you can use the wire if you run out of charge or are using an older device that
does not have Bluetooth capabilities. COMFORT: They are pretty light weight and
don’t feel as bulky as they look. The ear pads are soft and fit around my ears
comfortably. I didn’t mind wearing them for long periods
of time but did have to adjust them every so often but they never fell off or slid off
of my ears. Now most importantly SOUND QUALITY: the sound
quality is decent I am a big bass guy and the bass is not great . I would love to have
had stronger bass with these headphones. The sound could be a little cleaner but again
its ok with me I just need lots of base lol. My personal thoughts and pros & cons
I liked the hesh 2 a lot more than I expected. This is the first pair of wireless headphones
that I have used and I find it impossible to ever go back to using old school wire headphones
ever again. I am totally hooked on wireless! I found it mostly effortless to switch from
using them with my smartphone to my computer. The battery life is advertised as 15 hours
of runtime between charges and it may be even better than that. I have used them for three weeks and haven’t
had to charge them yet although I did charge it once just for the hell of it. I really enjoyed using these headphones but
the are some cons that we need to get into. First I would have liked to see them be able
to fold and have a carry case for storage and travel a la the Samsung level on headphones. The frequency range with the Bluetooth was
very unimpressive and actually very annoying. When connected to my laptop I would lose signal
as soon as I walked out of the room. Obviously when connected to my phone I could
keep it in my pocket but when connected to a stationary device you won’t be able to walk
freely around your house while maintaining sound. That really sucked! Another major drawback for me was the lack
of deep bass. I am a bass guy and that is always the most
important thing for me with headphones. That alone would make these a no go for me. I gotta have bass! Probably the biggest issue I had with these
headphones was the sound leakage. When wearing the headphones everyone around
you can hear what you are listening to very clearly even without the volume being turned
all the way up. Not only is that potentially very annoying
to the people around you but you have zero privacy in what you are listening too and
it defeats the whole purpose of wearing headphones in the first place doesn’t it?. Overall I think I would give these a 7 they
originally started in the 90 dollar range but lately have been selling for much less
on Amazon I will leave a link in the description I think if you can get these for under 70
bucks they are not a bad pickup especially just for the casual headphone user who just
wants a good pair of wireless headphones they are worth checking out. If you like this video and you want to see
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