Single and dual extrusion 3D printing on the newly upgraded Zortrax Inventure

Zortrax Inventure dual-extrusion 3D printer has just become more open and capable than ever. It can now work in both single and dual extrusion modes supporting filaments available on either standard spools or in smart cartridges. Each new Zortrax Inventure comes with a pair of spool holders. These spool holders can be easily installed in the filament slots on each side of the printer. Once they are there, a spool needs to be loaded and held in place with a cap. Then, a filament is fed to the filament cable. This means that Zortrax Inventure is now compatible with nearly all 1.75 mm filaments available on the market. Standard spools and smart cartridges are supported in single and dual extrusion modes. In this mode, support structures are printed out of the same filament as the model itself. Single extrusion works best for models that need to be printed quickly and do not have intricate internal geometries. It is also recommended when the model can be positioned in such a way that no support is necessary for printing it successfully. The newly added single extrusion mode makes the printing process faster and more cost effective. Support structures printed in the single extrusion mode need to be removed mechanically. In the dual extrusion mode, support structures are printed with separate, water-soluble support material. It works best when precision, complexity, and quality of surfaces take precedence over speed. This mode is recommended for geometrically complex models
This mode is recommended for geometrically complex models like organic shapes or movable mechanisms. Soluble support printed in the dual extrusion mode can be removed even from almost inaccessible places just by rinsing the model in water. Either way, Zortrax Inventure offers unparalleled printing quality, working the way you want with the materials you need.

2 comments on “Single and dual extrusion 3D printing on the newly upgraded Zortrax Inventure”

  1. titaniumapple1 says:

    Can you use third-party PVA as the support material?

  2. faxxzc says:

    Is this only with newly purchased inventures or also with older models?

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