Shenzhen 360º: Walk down the newly reopened Huaqiangbei (electronics street)

Hello, sorry to interrupt you. Is this 360 camera? Yes, LG 360. I have been filming. I think I am almost done. Who are you filming? I am just filming myself. Is this panorama? Yes, two cameras for 360 degree views. So it only connects bluetooth but not wifi Oh wait, sorry, it connects with wifi not 4G Let me see how much time left. Perhaps it stops now? For video only 20 minutes, I feel like I have been walking for a long time Too bright outside, let’s go to the mall. Oh, it shows 10+ minutes. And you can download it from the gallery.

63 comments on “Shenzhen 360º: Walk down the newly reopened Huaqiangbei (electronics street)”

  1. hitokitty says:

    I thought that one guy in the blue shirt's reaction was funny. "Wah!" @1:28

    Funny watching how much the pole cam and outfit gets attention lol, everyone's staring.

    Also, so many of these store fronts look exactly the same. Am I crazy?

  2. Murat Sen says:

    Please upload more videos.

  3. Dajov says:

    Why people stop you and ask you if you are filming? Are they the police or something like that?

  4. James Nichols says:

    The more you show me your city. the more I want to go.

  5. James Nichols says:

    The caricatures are awesome on the thumbnail.

  6. James Nichols says:

    Love how you are so willing to stop and talk about what you are doing and answer any questions people have.

  7. Churro Dust says:


  8. Schmelon says:

    That's so weird. It's like you're holding my head on a stick 😀

  9. Shlanta Of The Mike ็ says:

    that new logo is super cute! 🙂

  10. Sturm_Waffen Developing says:

    Это точно китай ? Людей что то мало

  11. mikeselectricstuff says:

    Looks much nicer now than the chaos when I was there last year!

  12. Sir Island Knight says:

    I was spinning the camera all over trying to find the person with the whistle early on. I couldn't find them: conclusion is that they were Waldo.

  13. Donkringel says:

    Always enjoy your videos. You may want to add a steady can rig for the camera though. Gets a bit nausea inducing.

  14. Sam Brown says:

    The street was re-paved? It looks more consistent than I remember.

  15. caesar T. says:


  16. hdr hsm says:

    i like ur videos… but we want what is the buildings inside… not from outside

  17. Wayne Johnson says:

    This woman really is so sexy!

  18. 7onn says:

    Put the camera on the floor please )

  19. Robert Rimmer says:

    nice to see it open, when I was there at Chinese New Year it was a ghost town!

  20. Tee-Bone!! says:

    every man wants you, every woman wants, to be you))

  21. KiloOhm says:

    Thanks, but really shaky camera

  22. Esa Edvik says:

    Huawei P10/P10 Plus ad spotted 😀 Almost bought one recently 😛

  23. blackhen says:

    How many Huawei phone shops lol.

  24. TuttiFrutti says:

    И куда мы идём? Where are we going from here?

  25. Becky Stern says:

    Thanks for the tour!

  26. William Adams says:

    do you have a post somewhere about your camera rig? Sorry if this is answered elsewhere.

  27. Girya Girl Fitness says:

    Let's go SHOPPING!!!!!!!

  28. Andrea Campanella says:

    Thanks for the tour !, one of the things I really want to do is visit Shenzhen , a lifetime achievement , I will , one day 🙂

  29. Marc Duper says:

    Your feet must be killing you girl!

  30. David Briggs says:

    So why did the district get closed Naomi? I really like your channel!

  31. Randy Aboh says:

    I noticed u kept pulling ur shirt down.

  32. Simon John says:

    What's the tech behind this – what is that camera thing you're holding?

  33. Benny Chow says:

    I miss Shenzhen. And that 360 phone is awesome!

  34. Bart Stikkers says:

    Reminds me a bit of the city bits in Neuromancer. Shame there's no footage from inside shops, I guess most shopkeepers don't allow filming inside?

  35. Stephen Fink says:

    I think the two girls (with ice cream) were following you there for quite awhile. LOL

  36. ME-DIC! says:

    360° and I'm only looking down at one angle O_O

  37. Thundergy says:

    CHINA NAMBA WAN! living in new york i feel like america is way behind in technology

  38. el Producente says:

    Take a look at the Xiaomi 360 Mijia panoramic camera. You could also do a review of that cam.
    I tested it, works very well!

  39. Volodymyr KUKSYNOK says:

    Nice city.

  40. Sm0keDr says:

    伟大的步行视频Naomi! 带回好记忆!:)

  41. AppleJooc Park says:

    That girl in the blue shirt at 4:20 stares so much throughout the video

  42. Noel Sayer says:

    No wonder u r so slim Naomi. U do sooo much walking!

  43. saintus888 says:

    Don't your arms get tired always holding the camera?

  44. johnversluis versluis says:

    Hello from holland

  45. Jeremy List says:

    It looks so different without all the construction! I haven't been in Shenzhen since April, so I haven't seen all the newest changes.

  46. David B says:

    All I see is a lot of men staring at your butt! I don't blame them but I do envy the a little!OOOXXX

  47. Thomas Moore says:

    Hello, SerpentZA sent me 🙂

  48. Mickael S-g says:

    Nice walk downs Naomi, thanks for sharing…

    Video idea, one day you could go around a university campus. It'd be interesting to see a 360 video if you dress up super sexy, as usual :).

    What I am surprised about chinese men is that, no one tries to talk to you in any of the videos I've watched. ie, they see a super cure woman and no one at least gives you a compliment or anything… Do you know why that could be? Just wondering.

  49. TheMrpunisher77 says:

    That was awesome thank you, I am going to visit one day and walk that road a few times.

  50. Chuck Watson says:

    You live in an amazing city.

  51. Scruffy 081 says:

    😘 Like I said Naomi, any tim you are in Las Vegas hit me up!

  52. Mr S says:

    Wow. Thanks. Last time I was in Shenzhen, the centre of this whole street was still under construction. I desperately needed to see what they were building. Now I have. 😀😀😀

  53. Chris Cole says:

    Nice tour of the city and would be nice to see the camera in front of you

  54. Ken Hiester says:

    These 360 walks and vids are so Hot! You are a absolute foxy lady!😀

  55. Tato 14 says:

    Elle est belle de ouf 😍😍😍

  56. William Goodwin says:

    Thank you so much for the tour! I always like these walks to see what China is like 🙂

  57. Alessio La Sala says:

    Ti voglio scopare

  58. Maurice van Oosterhout - SOLO RIDER says:

    I hereby openly admit loving to watch Naomi's video's for multiple purposes but all positive though 😁. I Probably need therapy sorry 😂🤣

  59. American Defend To The End says:

    Naomi- I cant stop thinking about you 😘

  60. Ethan Le says:

    I think some people clicked on this because of the thumbnail

  61. profNimnul says:

    Why you not talk?

  62. shut up and take my money says:

    Love what you are doing.
    Just kind of painful watching you walking those highheels

  63. Inspiringer says:

    Why is your shirt ripped?

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