Setting Up Your Wireless Canon PIXMA MX922 – Wifi Protected Setup on a Windows® Computer

[Music] In this video we’ll cover how to set up your Canon Pixma MX922 Printer on a wireless network using a Windows® computer and Wi-Fi protected setup, or WPS®. Let’s get started! Before connecting your printer to the network, confirm that your wireless router is available and properly set up. Also, confirm that your computer is connected to the network. Make sure your printer is plugged in and turned on. The blue light near the Copy button will be lit when the printer is on. Press the Menu button. Using the Four-Way Arrows to the right of the display, select WLAN Setup and press OK. If a WPS® enabled router is detected you will see this screen. You may see a button that looks like this on your wireless router. For details on the location of the WPS® button on your router, refer to the router’s manual. Now press and hold the WPS® button on your wireless router. Then press the OK button on the printer This must be done within two minutes of pressing the WPS® button on your router. The printer will attempt to connect to your network. Once the printer is successfully connected, press OK. Then, press the Copy button to return to the main screen. Now, let’s install the software. Download the installation files from the Canon website by visiting In the search box located on the middle of the web page, enter the printer model. Select your printer from the drop-down results, and click the Go button. Your computer’s operating system and version will be detected. If you need to change it, select it from the operating system drop-down menu. Now, follow these links to download the MP Drivers for your printer. Open the downloaded file on your computer to get started. On the welcome screen, click Next. Select your place of residence, then click Next. The License Agreement screen will be displayed. Click Yes. The drivers will now be installed. This may take several minutes. On the Connection Method screen select use the printer with wireless LAN connection. Click Next. Confirm your printer model is selected then click Next to continue with the installation The software will now be installed. This may take several minutes. When you see this screen, confirm your model and wireless network are shown, and then click Complete. Software installation has completed. Now we’d like you to perform a test print from your computer. Go to the Control Panel. In the Control Panel screen, go to hardware and sound and click on View Devices and Printers. Your printer should have a green circle with a check mark next to it right-click the icon for your printer and select Printer Properties from the menu that appears. Load plain paper in the printer. Begin by pulling out the lower paper tray. Next, move the paper guides so that a standard eight and a half by eleven sheet of paper will fit into the tray. Stack the paper neatly, place it into the tray and move the lower paper guides that it’s aligned with the LTR line Adjust the side paper guides that it’s flush with the paper’s edge. Slide the paper tray back into the printer. Then, open the outer cover and extend the paper output tray. Then, click on the Print Test Page button. Congratulations! This completes the set up of your Canon Pixma MX922 Printer to a wireless network using a Windows® computer and WPS®. Now you’re ready to print or scan. For help with connecting your printer to a Mac please visit our Youtube Channel for more videos. Thank you for watching! [Music]

9 comments on “Setting Up Your Wireless Canon PIXMA MX922 – Wifi Protected Setup on a Windows® Computer”

  1. Martin Brekne says:

    Could not be easier! Thank you for a great tutorial!

  2. Leila Gibbs says:

    Thank you! this video was really helpful!

  3. Tom Smith says:

    Outstanding video. So much better than what I had to work with with my last printer (HP).

  4. Manny Rocks says:

    When I hit the ON Button, it does not light up, but the blue light on Copy does… HELP. Great Video…

  5. Ana Talos says:

    that's awful. that tiny blue button does not exist I've been trying for a year and a half to make this thing work wireless and it doesn't work.

  6. Vittorio Viglianesi says:

    Thanks, it could be a little faster but it is very easy following step by step

  7. jjthesavage says:

    Mine refused to set up. I have two old laptops (windows 7). I found going into the printers network setup and disabling both Wirelss LAN DRX setting and IPv6 Settings got it working.

  8. Karen Cameron says:

    Thank you for this video. After searching for days for the solution to my MX922 and Windows laptop communications problem, I found my answer in this information. The MX922 is a wonderful home office printer. Having used the printer for several months successfully, I was at a loss when it stopped working when we moved. I knew it had to be human error on my part. I’m so happy now. My home office is up and running smoothly thanks to this video.

  9. Jewels1573 says:

    This was a great help! I do want to add that if you have a C000 code and it will NOT clear, check and make sure all your printer cartridges are tightly seated. We had already given up on this one and bought a new printer, but I just didn't want to give up on it. (Plus I had just bought $85 worth of ink that was unreturnable!) I decided to take out the cartridges and one was not snapped in all the way. Cleared it up and reinstalled. Works great. Honestly, the best little printer I've had and I print a lot.

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