Set Up an HP LaserJet Printer on a Wireless Network from an iOS Mobile Device | HP LaserJet | HP

Set up the HP LaserJet printer on a wireless network from an iPhone or iPad. To successfully set up and install your printer, gather the following: An iPad or iPhone that is connected to the
wireless network in which you want to connect your printer, An unboxed HP printer, plugged in, and powered on, An active Internet connection, and the wireless network password or key, if required by your network. If you previously connected a USB cable or an Ethernet cable to your printer, disconnect it. On the control panel, select Setup. Open the Network Setup menu, and then select Restore Network Settings. The control panel that you have may be different. Refer to user guide for detailed steps if
necessary. All printer network settings are restored
to factory defaults. With the settings restored, the printer restarts automatically. Perform the following steps within two hours after the printer restarts. Enable Bluetooth on an iPad or iPhone. On the iPad or iPhone connected to the network in which you want to connect the printer, go to Tap Get the App, and then follow the prompts to install HP Smart. Open the HP Smart app. The information We found your printer, so
let’s get it set up and connected. Tap here to start appears on the screen. Tap it to set up the printer. Follow the instructions to connect the printer to the network, including adding any network password or passphrase, if necessary. And then tap Continue. The printer is connecting to the network. It might take a few minutes. The printer is connected to network. Tap Continue. Tap Skip this step. Select Yes when prompted. Tap Print. The document prints over the wireless network to your LaserJet printer. The printer is ready for regular printing
and can also be set up on other devices. To confirm the wireless settings and to assist in setting other devices, print a configuration page from the printer control panel. On the control panel, select Setup. Open the Reports menu, and then select Network Configuration Page. The configuration page prints. The page displays the settings for your printer, including the IP address, which can be used to set up your printer on other devices.

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