Self-powered Waterproof Wireless Doorbell – DIGOO DG-SD20 Review – Install Yourself Easily!

Hey guys, installing your own doorbell is
very simple now. Thanks to DIGOO DG-SD20 Self-powered Wireless
Doorbell. It is using 433MHz wireless protocol that
works for long-distance. Multiple plugs available. Mine is UK one. Here is the self-powered transmitter. No battery is needed. And it is waterproof as well. Just use the adhesive pad to attach to the
wall you prefer will do. Besides sound output, there are LED lights
too. Workable up to 20m with multiple walls. In addition, there is a lot of ringtones to
choose. Just pick the one that you like. Up to 90 dBA with 4 volume levels. Easily fill up your whole house. Well, that’s it. A nice and simple wireless doorbell. Perfect for both home and office. Do get yours with the link at below. Thanks. See ya…

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