Self-install using your Telstra Connection Kit – Fixed Wireless

When you placed your NBN order
with Telstra,
you chose to self-install
your new Gateway modem,
and this video
will show you how to do it.
There’s just a couple of things
to consider before you begin.
Firstly, please wait until
your NBN Connection Box is active
before installing
your Gateway modem.
An active Connection Boxis indicated
by the following green lights.
Secondly, if you already have
a traditional phone service
and have decided to move your phone
to the NBN on fixed wireless,
then you need to be aware that
if you have any of these devices
connected to your phone service,including medical alarms or
back-to-base security alarms,
they will no longer workafter you’ve completed
your self-installation.
If you are keeping
your traditional phone service
and just using the NBN
fixed wireless for your broadband,
you can leave your phones
and other equipment
plugged into
your telephone wall sockets.
If you have any concerns around
your phone service and the NBN,
please contact Telstra
on 1800 834 273
to discuss other
installation options.
Now let’s take a closer look
at your Telstra connection kit
and get started.You will have received
one of these connection kits.
Both include the Gateway modem, the
Gateway base, a Quick Start Guide,
a power adaptor,
a Wi-Fi security fridge magnet
and all the cables
needed for connection.
Before you start,choose a location for your Gateway
near your NBN connection box.
Ensure the box is indicating
an active connection
by checking the lights.Now let’s follow
your Quick Start Guide.
Step 1 – Connect the Gateway.Remove the base of the Gateway.Pick up the cable with the red
and yellow plugs on the ends.
Insert the red end into
the red WAN port on the Gateway.
Insert the opposite yellow endinto the UNI-D port
on the NBN connection box.
An email or SMS will have already
been sent to you
identifying which UNI-D port to use.Step 2 – Power the Gateway.Insert the power cable
into the Gateway
and plug the adaptor into the wall.Make sure the power point
is switched on.
The ‘power’ light
should be on and solid green.
If not, turn the Gateway on
by pressing the ‘power’ button.
Wait for the ‘online’ light
on your Gateway to turn solid green.
It can take up to 10 minutesfor the Gateway to register
with the Telstra network
so, please, be a little patient.Step 3 – Connect your devices.Locate the Wi-Fi security fridge
magnet included in the box.
Your Wi-Fi name and passwordare also printed on a removable
sticker on the side of the Gateway.
On your Wi-Fi-enabled devices,search for Wi-Fi networks
to find your Gateway.
Select the name printed
on your Wi-Fi card from the search.
When asked, enter in the password,
which is also on your card.
If you want to maximise
your internet speed,
use an ethernet cable.Connect from any of the yellow ports
on the bottom of the Gateway
to your device’s network port.Now let’s get your phone connected.Option 1.If you choose to keepyour existing traditional home phone
service over copper,
then leave your phones connected to
the existing telephone wall sockets.
Just check that your phone works
by listening for a dial tone,
then there is nothing to do.Your installation is now complete.Option 2.If you choose a home phone service
on the NBN network,
plug your existing home phone
into the green ‘phone’ port.
When the ‘phone’ light
on the Gateway turns green,
you will be able
to make and receive calls.
It can take up to 10 minutes
for the phone to register,
so please be a little patient.Test that your phone works
by listening for a dial tone.
Remember, your Gateway must be on
to make and receive calls.
Installation is now complete,and this is what your Telstra NBN
Gateway set-up should look like.
For information
on recycling your old equipment,
visit the website on your screen.And for more information,
where you can find
additional help and support,
or call us on 1800 834 273 for
questions and technical support.

20 comments on “Self-install using your Telstra Connection Kit – Fixed Wireless”

  1. PKTV says:

    this is wrong you don't need to wait for the telstra gateway you can install any router e.g. a Apple airport extreme or a apple time capcule is the only home router in the world that has not latency issues or speed issues, e.g. compared to telstra gateway watch is rubbish in comparison. secondly for phone line you need to get a cisco box and use another phone provider that support IPvoice phone systems. because telstra expect you to use there piece of crap telstra gateway for phone calls. my setup works great I have a IP phone system with all my sip address setup with many numbers and my telstra NBN service running from my apple time capsule. I get full uninterrupted 100mbps and with qos I get good quality ip phone calls from my computer using the cisco call manager and from my cisco handsets. no issues very happy. if only telstra offered this instead of me having to do it all myself.

  2. Barnes David says:

    If you have purchased products you own, you are a decadent swine and you need to be punished

  3. sirspicious1 says:

    We have 3 phone handsets connected. We were told that we could sync that white phone as well. But there is no way to actually do that with this modem.

  4. kikiie68 says:

    my existing phone line uses another network provider, this is ridiculous and prejudice on telstra forcing others to spend millions so they cannot use telstra merchandise,makes sense they use to pay telstra a generous payment to use their lines etc , my point is telstra modem should be compatible to use telstra router to connect to other internet providers !!!!!

  5. tracey graham says:

    why dosent my internet light turn green it goes red

  6. fredhorler says:

    What is the cost to the householder to have nbn installed to a residential property?

  7. nina bluett says:

    I just join NBN Telstra but still not happy with phone call not clear and some time get cat off went i am still spiking specialy with international call

  8. Janimations Jay says:

    Having Telstra is the exact same as having no internet

  9. Storm Super says:

    Telsta is the definition of useless I was meant to be connected to the internet 3 weeks ago and I have to keep calling them about and they don't even know what they are doing, they are bloody useless

  10. Fin Finlayson says:

    This is completely incorrect. An active connection must have a green ODU light on the NBN NTD, in addition to green power and status lights. It does not have to have three green signal lights, although three green is optimum, two amber or one red is still satisfactory. Who makes this bollocks? They obviously haven't read NBNs fixed wireless user guide, or know anything about the installation and activation of a fixed wireless connection. Telstra are supposed to be a major connection partner to NBN???

  11. LJ says:

    what is an nbn connection box?? where do i get it? i have the installation kit but i've never heard anything about this nbn connection box.

  12. Mythos says:

    Mine looks the same but it’s not what the heck Telstra

  13. Dolour Fitzgibbon says:

    Why is my signal light yellow

  14. metallic rock says:

    nbn speeds in NZ are 1000mbps..AU max you can get is 100………sooooo laughable.

  15. Codenwarra Cove says:

    now, what if the personal computer is 10 metres from the phone connection AND there is no power socket anywhere near the phone?

  16. Inigo Meowtoya says:

    Recently got connected to fttn. Already have this modem but telstra decided to send another one and charges me $216 for it.

  17. Phalanx 380 says:

    i have a large home and the WiFi from one gateway don't cover the whole house how do i connect 2 and get them to work when i plug 2 in only one works and i thinking about having 3 and having a gateway in the shed so i can use WiFi when i am working on something.

  18. Andy M says:

    telstra is so baddd

  19. Snucc says:

    Telstra is fucking shit,
    I switched to TPG and it’s 100% better everyone do it don’t even think. Telstra is fucking useless

  20. partymanau says:

    Will be setting this up something like this but definitely not with telstra, 6 yrs of fighting with these idiot crooks has finished me with them.

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