sE Electronics X1 USB Review

Okay. This is a quick sound
test of the audio — No, I was going to say audio-technica
then it’s not, is it? Brilliant. This is a quick sound test of the
X1 USB from SE Electronics . It’s a large diaphragm
studio condenser microphone. I’m reading off the box with handcrafted gold
sputtered capsule. I don’t know what that means.
What does that even mean? Built-in zero latency headphone
monitoring. I haven’t written any content for this
video by the way, just go with it. It’s
just so you can hear what it sounds like and make your
decision if you want to buy one. Yes, it’s got a little headphone
input, headphone jack there or output, I suppose,
where you can stick headphones in and listen to
it which is actually good because other USB microphones
I’ve had they haven’t had a headphone output and that
makes it quite difficult because then if you
trying to monitor it through your computer, you get
that latency. But, this is good because there’s nothing there
like it, exactly the same time. Fully USB 3.0 compatible for PC
and Mac, I can confirm this. In the box, you get a microphone you get a microphone
clip which is on here you don’t get the stand, that’s mine.
I provide that, for me I don’t provide one for you and a USB
cable to connect it up via USB. Now, on the SE website for this
microphone, it claims to sound just like an analog microphone
because USB microphones tend to sound a bit muddy sometimes.
They don’t sound quite like the actual thing
but this, I can’t compare it to the analogue one
because I don’t have it but apparently it’s as
good or something. And yes, it is a good microphone. It has a lot of
different things here retails for about a
hundred quid and I think yes, that’s probably about right. You’ve got your 10 decibel
minus thing if I switch it on then that just changes the
volume to minus 10 decibels. If you really want to use that.
I’m going to turn it back on now there it is. You’ve got
a thing on the front where you can increase the volume or decrease the volume
in your headphones and you’ve got a roll off pad switch thing and that’s — Well, that’s about it.
What more do you want? Yes, it is a really good microphone
and if you don’t want like loads of piece of equipment, if you
don’t want like an audio interface and then microphone and loads
of cables going around– I like USB microphones
for that reason like it’s just one thing. It’s all
in one and you’ve got one cable. I’ve done a video before
on the Samson C03U and it’s quite a good
microphone, don’t get me wrong. It is actually all right.
There’s nothing wrong with it but I think this one is quite good.
This one’s better. Although, the Samson
C03U does have different I forgot what we call
them, pattern things. You could choose from cardioid
or figure 8 or omnidirectional. But with this one,
this is just cardioid and there’s no way to change that. So that means you have to talk
to it into it from the front because if I turn it around now,
you can’t hear me that well. That’s why you’ve got to
talk into it like that. Yes, it’s a good microphone, I
like it. It sounds really good. It’s definitely clearer than
other USB microphones I’ve used. Yes, there’s a link in the description
to where you can get it on Amazon. if you want, go and have a look
at the price, see what it is now. Good. Bye bye.

11 comments on “sE Electronics X1 USB Review”

  1. UFO Mob says:

    nice Review ! ty

  2. Blank Face says:

    I got this mic for christmas and it seems to work fine but my mac doesn't recognise it as an input in the settings. any suggestions to help me in this situation?

  3. Astralius says:

    Brilliant! Made me laugh alot, good review!

  4. ImActuallyFrozen says:

    Mine gives off a high pitches sizzling noise, any tips?

  5. George Douglas says:

    Fucking hilarious, in a good way! keep it up mate!

  6. Johnny Savage says:

    Great job

  7. Askhat Kenesbayev says:

    thanks buddy

  8. Cloe Jarozenski says:

    Why won't you provide me a stand? :'(

  9. Jordy Rocks says:

    Does it work with a laptop ??

  10. Andrej Tomas says:

    Does the driver for the mic work on windows 7?

  11. Stefano Pavone says:

    I have a dumb question: can I use this to record my synthesiser/keyboard? If so, how? Do I point the mic at the synth's speakers?

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