Sarasota County BCC Proclaims Public Safety Telecommunications Week

Commissioner Hines has a proclamation
for us this morning according to everyone by the honor of a public safety
telecommunicator week proclamation captain Jeff slap come up and join me
and also i know we have another large group sheriff because often come on else
please i did get everyone’s name for the end doing so this big group thank you okay whereas Public Safety
communicators are dedicated men and women engaged in the operation of
emergency response systems for governmental entities throughout Florida
who are responsible for responding to telephone calls from the general public
for police fire and emergency medical assistance and for dispatching such
assistance to save lives and property and whereas Public Safety
telecommunicators also field calls related to forestry and conservation
operations highway safety and maintenance activities and other
operations which modern governmental entities must conduct and whereas Public
Safety telecommunicators daily serve the public in countless ways without due
recognition by the beneficiaries of their services and now for and now
therefore we the board of county commissioners of Sarasota County Florida
do hereby proclaim the week of April 10th through 16 2016 to be public safety
telecommunications week in Sarasota County presented this 23rd day of March
2016 so as a proclamation said Public Safety telecommunicators don’t get their
due recognition and this is our way to say thank you and publicly recognize all
the wonderful things they do to keep our community safe so captain slap will tell
us a little bit about it first I’d like to thank the board kind of commission
for allowing us to operate in a brand-new state-of-the-art facility very
much appreciated by all the members of the Emergency Operations Bureau people
to my left they’re just a small representation of the nearly 100 men and
women that serve Sarasota County and as the truly first responders of Sarasota
County whenever there’s a call coming in to 911 anything from a barking dog to
given CPR instructions over the phone or even a couple weeks ago we were
delivering a baby and they can go from call to call like that and in Sarasota
County becomes a popular place for people to come and visit we’re seeing a
tremendous increase in the call volume first half of 42 months of this year
we’ve already handled one sixth of all the calls that we handles in 2015 so
we’re seeing a really rapid rise and call volume and literally most most
police officers and that have come up and worked up in the communication
center had said I don’t want to do their job and because it is stressful all day
long handling call after call and range of emotions of people that they deal
with so they truly are the first heroes of first responders and our motto up in
Emergency Operations Bureau is helping those who help others thank you maybe if
you introduce yourself and just tell us what you do with the community Chris
Adams I’m operations manager of the professional development section Lisa
Owens training coordinator I’m Jared wincham the emergency operation
supervising the Train unit also thanks for what you do come on down this way
I’m Ronnie Campbell and I’m in the training department and I help them
whenever they need help that they don’t have time for or if they need supplies I
help them I don’t do it I just want to say thank you and the Commission and I
know the county ministry here and I think these youth from Booker are going
to see a premier EOC and operation when he get out there this afternoon and we
take in over 600,000 emergency and non-emergency calls every year last year
was first year we broke 600,000 and as you heard captain say we’re trending
even north of that now and one thing that we always talked about is as a team
is that we can’t give service we don’t get the calls in so they are your first
point of contact with emergencies in sarasota county for all the
municipalities and for everything that goes on so we can get fire services we
can’t get law enforcement services as let us say get it in and they are
remarkable with that many calls coming in and that much emotion going on a
telephone and I don’t see you enough to tell you thank you but I want to thank
you too for what you do it is a stressful job and thank the Commission
to we have a premier program out there i know mr. harm res that’s his belly wet
too and he’s got a great team out there too we dis sarasota county as as in
great shape and the final thing i want to say is thank you to cap slap he is
going to retire here how many more days Jeff 69 more days
and working with your team with rich collins and and Jerry we everybody out
there has come together so good for this community so I want to thank Jeff
captain slapped for everything he has done and the team that you have out
there you’ve done a wonderful job thank you for what you do well the sheriff
stole my thunder but you did hear I was an attorney so I’m going to have
something to say I too want to thank captain slap we’ve been friends for a
long time Jeff’s 30-plus years with this agency he’s worked all over the agency
and has ended his career in Emergency Operations Bureau and done yeoman’s work
there in terms of modernizing the center the training staffing along with these
folks that you see here and for everybody watching on TV out there
there’s a hundred plus other individuals that work in the Emergency Operations
Bureau 24 7 365 you call three o’clock in the morning on Christmas Day and
you’re going to get somebody on the other end of the line to help you all
year round and that’s something that as commissioner Hines said we don’t always
appreciate those folks because they’re in a building there on the top floor
they’re kind of out of sight out of mind but I can tell you they check on me they
call on the radio they call when I’m out on my computer too long and I really
appreciate that they’ve kind of got my back and they’ve got all of our backs
out there 24 7 365 so we really appreciate them and Captain slap for all
of his years of service to the agencies so hopefully we can replay this for all
the other folks they couldn’t be here today and let them know that we do
appreciate them and we certainly appreciate the recognition that the
Board of County Commissioners has bestowed on them as the sheriff said we
also work in concert with County folks over there Jerry wheeler and rich
Collins were mentioned as well we couldn’t do it without our partners in
the county and I think the folks that are going to go over and through the EOC
today you’ll be pretty impressed with that Center its state-of-the-art and we
should all be proud as citizens here in Sarasota County thank you but what I can say is I know our board
really appreciates the partnership that we have with you all and that it to us
public safety is our number one priority as it is with yours and so thanks and
I’m jealous Jeff and I went to high school together and you’re telling me
he’s our a touch yeah elementary school you’re telling me he’s retiring I don’t
feel anywhere close to being ready to retire but congratulations so I think we
have a picture here you can

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