100 comments on “Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra — Day in the Life!”

  1. Olin Moreau says:

    She sounds like Ellie from The Last of Us

  2. Tuntunan Hidup says:

    The size of S20 Ultra is insane. This is HandPhone not Tablet. Stop making bigger and bigger Handphone every year because human's Hand can not be bigger every year.

    Better put every highest technology in a S20+ size. Samsung oh Samsung

  3. Terren D says:

    I love this phone just based on your review!

  4. Luchid says:

    Literally the iPhone 11 Pro design

  5. Ma Gabriela González says:

    Wow! Super great phone and obviously great video 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  6. Kyrie Curry says:

    What's with the wired headphones tho…samsung should change that

  7. spamtelevision says:

    I prefer the photos from the iPhone !

  8. KiTTU RaO says:

    7:57 8:00 I wasn't actually….🤣

  9. Raedan Adventure says:

    That's way better than my eye sight

  10. Daniel Fitri says:

    I love the pictures, the colour.. it just so pretty amazing

  11. Hitesh Patel says:

    Where is i justine

    U r in supporting roll

  12. Best apps Las mejores apps says:

    I wish it was sunny over here I’m sick and it’s kind of cold ugh

  13. RobGamer says:

    Lol I watch these videos once a day I'm ordering mine soon about to get my taxes about to order the s20 ultra 512gb unlocked which is only available in black just saying I love this phone

  14. Nicholas Marco says:

    Great review, Jenna!

  15. Naufal says:

    No kidding

    Front : 11 Pro
    Back : S20 Ultra

  16. Vyyyper - The Man About Tech says:

    Great Video Jenna!! This phone is LEGIT!

  17. Abhinava Dutta says:

    Amazing, what a phone ☺☺☺☺☺!!!

  18. David Montalvo says:

    Nobody mentions this:
    All these flagship phones have 90hz/120hz refresh rate.
    But it's only implemented with the home screen and gaming.
    What I want to know, does the 90hz/120hz refresh rate work with streaming apps.
    Hulu, vudu, YouTube, vimeo

  19. Coverage Awareness Studio says:

    it may have been shot in 8k, but she downgraded it to 4k because 8k takes up too much room. Also Jenna works out..

  20. Otto Harshbarger says:

    Cool video. Think I’ll wait until iPhone 12 comes out before I get another phone

  21. jitan puri says:

    Will buy soon thanx for the information

  22. Rahul Yadav says:

    Wow… You are super fun. Love the way you presented

  23. KiTTU RaO says:

    I appreciate how you review android devices with deep evaluation… While being passionate for ios…😃

  24. Debra Dukes says:

    Jenna Awesome Video can't get over how nice they came out very impressive Lady.Thanks so much for sharing enjoyed Deb 😉👍✌

  25. z 22 says:

    iPhones camera looks better. Samsung obviously has better zoom

  26. peter Francis says:

    This video need my attention.

  27. Slashzoidguitar456 says:

    Get her to a mill subs

  28. rhuttrho88 says:

    Kudos for putting on lotion!👍🏿 The phone is cool also!👌🏿

  29. Paul Smith says:

    This was a very useful video.
    I do have a few questions.
    Where did you get that tripod and the phone mount for it?
    Do you have an idea on battery life? How long does it take to charge?

  30. Will Buschmann says:

    6:08, the Samsung selfie camera is still garbage. I’ve been a Samsung user for literally 6 years now and the one thing that always annoys me is how shit the front camera is. The front camera on my iPhone 7 is way better then than on my s10, there’s 3 year difference between the phones

  31. Marco Tschilar says:

    This phone really is quite long but how she said is was funny 🙂 . I dont know why that long, why such an aspect ratio. I like the size of the note 10 for example a little more

  32. Ashley Dale says:

    I hope this is just first impressions as I've learned nothing other than the camera. I need to know is the reverse wireless charging faster than the S10, RAM management, overall processor performance and if ONE UI 2.1 runs better than other S series phones.

  33. Muhnnad John says:

    good vedio

  34. phynx2006 says:

    Don't make jokes …….. that's what she said hahaha after watching the whole video, this is what I picked up on ……d'oh

  35. Alper Arabacı says:

    4:39 I think this is real bokeh effect due to the size of the sensor.

  36. Thomas Nielsen says:

    what happened to the S11, S12, S13, S14, S15, S16, S17, S18, S19 and al the Note

  37. Mysterious Player 2 says:

    Carrying a SIM card ejector on your keys is actually a good idea. I am traveling all over and need to switch my SIM card.

  38. Bumkyu Kim says:

    Wanna buy this phone

  39. Itchybum Stinkyfingers says:

    You are forking adorable!

  40. Kaushal Silva says:

    Her fingers are sooooooooooooooooo loooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnngggggggg !

  41. airupthur ML23 says:

    I've ordered the S20+!!! Can't wait to get it..Nice video Hun🙏

  42. keecefly says:

    It's obvious, your sis didn't answer because she's jealous she doesn't have Samsung S20 Ultra. 😶

  43. Jitadittya Saha says:

    Jenna is satisfied with small stuffs….unlike other girls

  44. Fishing Rodrigues Island says:

    Nice review.The only review which features slowmo and superslowmo and a quick comparison between the 11pro max.So should i upgrade from s9+ to S20 Ultra or 11pro Max??

  45. Umang Kapoor says:

    nice and informative video with good humour!. Try out zoom in night and watch moon 🙂 i will when i get this!

  46. KHUMBO CHINIKO says:

    Try comparing snapchat and Instagram photos and vidoes on iphone 11 and this

  47. Tugay valencia says:

    when you doing the video better used the gimble😜

  48. You Tuberi Vlonjat says:

    And you like long phones hahaha🍌

  49. David & Cherene Immel says:

    Very good video, lots of good real life useful info thanks so much, have mine on order be here the 6th arghh! (black 512gb so pumped) subscribe!

  50. Mywtfvids says:

    Awh she was so upset her sister didn't answer..

  51. Prathwik Kumar says:

    A dislike for never saying it is better than iPhone 10

  52. Christopher Reese says:


  53. Alex Alucard says:

    I'm waiting for the night time photo vs the iPhone 11 Pro

  54. Drizzy Ayobami says:

    Yeah the phone is long

    Long things are better 🤧

    Great video 👍

  55. LukzaFactory says:

    At 7:27 your high pitched voice actually sounded like a falsetto and in tune with the soundtrack. No idea if that was intended but good job nonetheless !!!

  56. kurd stan says:

    SAMSUNG galaxy s20 ultra ❤❤❤❤❤

  57. ThisLaoGuy says:

    use 100x to record aliens or big foot

  58. FreshGaming says:

    Samsung best

  59. BI0Z says:

    Isn't this the series from UrAverageConsumer ?

  60. Pixelmachine says:

    That color is lit. If I wasn’t so partial to Apple I’d so get one for that color alone. Lol

  61. Haxcks says:

    So You pay 1400 bucks and they still give you them cheezy ass 1 or 2 week long lasting headphones…… seems fair

  62. Hi Cee! says:

    gonna have mine on march 6 <3

  63. Sandi Hermana says:

    I Actually Really Love this video because the captions Add English Default Subtitles, And i Will Say to you Jenna Thank you Appreciate this video Have Subtitles English Default👌

  64. Mamta Guleria says:

    Those photos look amazing by S20U

  65. extreme04is t says:

    This phone isn't longer then my stick😅

  66. Brian Meers says:

    I'm super excited!

  67. Mr Jhnny says:

    Need to compare auto apps between the two flagship phones.

  68. shreyank surve says:

    I think you missed the whole point of those extra megapixels… You didn't showed us zoomed in of those pictures.. Such a foolish mistake which U can expect from Justine but not you Jenna!!

  69. 23 CALL OF DUTY NATION says:

    I love Samsung tho Samsung fan here

  70. Micky Biddison says:

    Ahem! stare at wrist —– Apple Watch…. Mmhhhhh

  71. Liam Walker says:

    Anyone know what resolution and fps is super steady mode

  72. Mello Arismar says:

    Hello, Jenna. I'm Brazilian and I come to thank you for providing subtitles in the videos, this allows me to efficiently use YouTube's translation feature and have access to the content. Unfortunately, many YouTubers do not do this, which makes our access unfeasible, since almost all Latin Americans do not understand English. Thank you very much and success in life.

  73. ScryTv says:

    That was the best Singletake example i saw until now, the first one actually usefull!

  74. Happy Life says:

    What a ridiculous video

  75. VoodooBaronen says:

    Kobe…. you will always be remembered 😞

  76. David Nascimento says:

    Gostei bastante do seu vídeo, melhor review de câmera até agora!👏👏👏👏

  77. Robin says:

    You really really really sound a lot like your big sister. Especially at the end of the video, wow!

  78. John says:

    Digital zoom is shit. It'll be more impressive if it was 100 times optical zoom.

  79. Omar Abdul Halim says:

    I love her already

  80. Stonewall Jackson says:

    That GALAXY phone is a CERTIFIED BEAST 😎

  81. Ash Mulpel says:

    First time seeing your channel..and i love ittt… Samsung always be my FAV…

  82. Edward Koch says:


  83. James Herrera says:

    Awesome video. But I take iPhone 📱 over Samsung, the pictures on iPhone looked more natural compare to the Samsung S 20. Also the value of the Samsung phone will drop after 2 years maybe 3, to were the iPhone 📱 value will still be at 500 to 600 bucks. All in all great phone thou, only wish Samsung stay up to date on there phones with updates.

  84. Rosa Atkinson says:

    A lot of research as been made on andriod devices which makes Samsung the leading creators of android devices. A lot of this phones experience different forms of attacks if you are in need of a competent hacker to help you gain acess to the basic functions of any mobile device, android, apple devices calls, texts, social media chats reach out to:

  85. Rapper Soly says:

    7:20 Talks about how slow-mo needs more action.
    7:30 Slow-mo of herself holding the Samsung S20 Ultra.

  86. Alastair Whigham says:

    Great video, nice and to the point and some great shots! I do feel slightly bad ive started to prefer your channel over your sisters 😂

  87. Joseph Freeman says:

    The sexiest woman alive

  88. Pete Coventry says:

    I keep the plastic on – and just cut the flap off at the bottom – until I get a screen protector anyway

  89. Sadman Islam says:

    I love ur vid but also I love u…😍 sexy….😘

  90. Fred Bosch says:

    update is for the S20 ultra

  91. Bushcraft Novice says:

    The video looks great – don't be afraid to use the s20ultra as your main camera!

  92. Demetrius Williams says:

    Wow a lot sexiness in this video, and oh yeah nice chick

  93. Jide Okafor says:


  94. Taiwankiddo2 says:

    Oh my gosh!! Love this! I have it on pre-order, the FIRST phone I ever preordered. I'm a photographer and I use my S10+, a LOT for pics that get shown, so I just have to have this phone and you just put this over the top! I'm super excited now!! I did not know about the voice note function or the HD chat 20 to 20…! Thanks for those tid bits. I'll be watching for more from you. Your so awesome!!

  95. Anshuman karan says:

    R.I.P pull tab !! Y to even bother.. when u can just flip the whole box 🙃🤪

  96. Mega TH says:

    ijustine sis

  97. Randall Flag says:

    has anyone ever told you that you have man hands?

  98. Michael Militano says:

    You are a daredevil what no case?

  99. Philip Williams says:

    Whats the onboard video editing like on the phone? Great vid by the way

  100. Sydney japan says:

    It’s great phone. but iPhone is better. 🤣🤣🤣

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