Samsung Galaxy S11 – Wait, WHAT?

So Qualcomm has made their latest flagship
processor the Snapdragon 865 official a couple of days ago. It will have a 25% faster CPU, and 20% faster
GPU than its predecessor the 855. Also, there’s support for 144Hz display, 200MP
camera modules, and support for 5G in dual SIM configurations, as well as improvements
in the efficiency of the chip. All in all, the way I see it, it’s going to
be a better processor again compared to its counterpart the Exynos 990 that Samsung has
developed. As usual, the Galaxy S11 will have both the
Snapdragon 865 and Exynos 990 which one you’ll get depends on where you live. That said, here’s the interesting part of
the Snapdragon 865 that the Galaxy S11 will come with. Qualcomm has decided to issue the GPU driver
updates for this chip via the Play Store. Yes, you heard that right. now you can download the GPU driver updates
with just a click on your mobile phone similar to what you do on your laptops and PCs. Earlier what used to happen is, the graphics
driver updates generally only come alongside larger OS updates that your phone receives
once a year and that really sucked. But with Project Mainline that Google announced
earlier this year, where the intention of Google was to make sure the updates are more
modular and less dependant on the OEM itself, now we’re not going to have to wait for the
OEM to issue an update. Qualcomm can directly issue the graphics update
through the play store just like how these companies do for laptops. Of course, these updates will be first offered
to specific smartphone makers to test it against their phone but even then this will make sure
you receive the latest update quicker than before. Now you might ask, what exactly is the point
of this? Well, updating the graphics driver frequently
would help in rectifying game crashes, or to optimize the chipset to new games or to
simply add new features. It’s a great initiative which will make sure
the user experience will get better. The thing is this is only applicable to the
new chipsets or the future chipsets. The older SoC’s like the 855 isn’t capable
of doing this. So a few weeks ago it was speculated that
the Galaxy S11+ will have a 5000mAh battery and today we got a confirmation through a
real-life image of the S11+’s battery itself. It shows the phone will indeed have a 5000mAh
battery. Well, this is needed because the phone will
have a 120Hz display and it measures 6.9″. On top of it, the S11+ is going to have 5G
there won’t be a 4G variant. This doesn’t mean it won’t work with 4G, though. It is also compatible with 4G too. Anyway, these things will consume a lot of
battery juice and 5000mAh I guess is the perfect capacity to power this beast. So a few months ago we saw a report that said
the Galaxy S11 will have an increased ultrasonic fingerprint recognition area. Well, that was indeed true. Qualcomm which makes the ultrasonic fingerprint
scanners for Samsung has announced that they are increasing the fingerprint recognition
area by 17 times which will make sure the unlocking experience is easy as ever. Right now on Samsung flagships the unlocking
area is really tiny so you need to put your finger at a specific point otherwise it won’t
register your finger. But thankfully that isn’t going to be an issue
anymore. This also means that you can scan two fingers
simultaneously for better security but I don’t see why anyone wants to do that. Qualcomm also says they have improved the
accuracy, the security as well as the speed. Can’t really wait to test this out on the
Galaxy S11, speaking of which if you want to keep updated with all the new S11 information
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