Samsung Electronics wins 30 CES 2019 Innovation Awards

South Korean tech giant Samsung
Electronics is in line for 30 consumer awards after the US consumer Technology
Association announced the CES Innovation Awards honorees for 2019 godean heat
reports CES an annual electronics trade show
organized by the United States Consumer Technology Association announced on
Thursday the Innovation Awards honorees for its CES 2019 event that will take
place in Las Vegas in January the awards recognize innovative products in 28
categories including smart home gaming and wearable technologies dirty products
from South Korean tech giant Samsung Electronics have made the award list
including 7 televisions 2 household appliances and 12 mobile products
Samsung said the details of all the winning products will be announced in
early January among those 30 awards are two best of
innovation awards including television the best of innovation award is given to
products given the highest ratings by an elite panel of judges including
designers and engineers Samsung Electronics has won the award for the
eighth consecutive year in the television category the company says it
has won more than 400 Innovation Awards over the last 13 years leading the
consumer electronics industry Cornie arirang news

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  1. Jithin Joseph says:

    Samsung Electronics mobile award 2019 is true or false??

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