RV Van Minimalist Life FINALE | Electrical, carpentry, beds, and an homage to the loved one we lost

Oh, oh, it’s the road boat. Oh, oh! That sounded like a bad “oh, oh.” Like: “What’s wrong?!” Oh yeah! [looks about the same] We back! We have “Platinum Patch,” an advanced exterior filler made for the elements. Can you do it more in like, a truck commercial voice? Like: “Ford Tough!” “We got Platinum Patch!” [laughing] “Advanced exterior filler made for the elements!” “If you can’t afford Platinum Patch…” “…we have silver and a broze.” We’re going from the most like manly place Home Depot. To JoAnne Fabrics. “Hey do you guys have any upholstery, I’m sorry I’m whispering.” Alright. Upholstery. Should we ask? You guys hate asking. Manly men. [In Santa Maria you don’t ask questions] I’ll take this. That’s now forever gonna be in our lives. Should we buy this? [because of that one act] Duck. [Goose] Duck. DUCKKKK. [DUCKKKK] What if we just had a duck couch? As long as it’s not this weird mantis. My gut is saying….blue. This couch could be where, all our friends sit. People that we interview, we invite them back for an hour long podcast. Green screen behind us. Have some space background for no reason during the podcast. The blue couch. In the green room. Suede… Hey grandma, we gotta…. Nice having you here for a few days. [Go check out the van when it’s done] Hope things go well. Ok, I haven’t been out there for a few days so… It’s much different from the last time you saw it. Oh good, Everett was just saying that he was pleased. at how things worked out. Yeah, we made some real progress this time. Good. Devin, it’s good to see you [Give me a hug. Always good to see you] You guys good luck on your next uh…shoot. Our next shoot, yeah, it’s tomorrow. Misadventure. Should be fun. Let me get one more goodbye. Love you. I love you too. Mmm. I’ll see you soon. Ok. [Stay well] See you next time. [Ok, I look forward to it. Alright, we’re out of here. Ok guys. Love you grandpa. [Ok, you too] We’re leaving it in your hands again. [Devin, yeah] We’ll, do my best. We’ll see if we can make it work this time, have it all done. That’s incredible. I was telling Oliver, you know, I never had a grandpa. But um, I highly recommend them. Yeah, well, we’ll hang around as long as we can. Ok guys [I appreciate it] See you in about a week or so [sounds good] See ya. You driving? [Yep] It’s not the triumphant drive back with the RV but… It is the semi-triumphant drive back with the Mazda 2. 2-wheel drive. Oh yeah!!! Goodbye, Santa Maria. You have been a treasure. Alright. Cheers my friend. [Cheers] Salud. No, make eye contact when you do it. Cheers. Learned that in Spain. Alright. We’ve made it. The voyage is complete. And yet, it’s just beginning. Oh…don’t it feel like it. We have my grandparents on the back [yes] And uh…we couldn’t have done this without them. Absolutely [without both of them] My grandpa, for his technical knowledge, for his carpentry knowledge. His…ability…almost his flow state, in a way. And…the biggest thing was he told me that… There’s nothing stopping you, except fear. Without fear, you can do anything. So you have to overcome that fear. To be who you really wanna be. And to do the things that you really wanna do. And my grandma… My grandma taught me to always be positive. And to always be optimistic. She literally showed me that there’s no excuse. To not be positive. I’m glad they’re there, man. I’m glad that, every time I pull up… park my car behind the RV, I get to see them right there. And get reminded…of those two messages, it uh, it means a lot. You know, Jo, listening to her… retell old stories, and what a companion she was for Everett and what a great mother she was for Barb. And…I find that there is such a grace that comes… when people are facing the big unknown. And…I’ve never seen anybody crack. And Jo was as poised as she’s ever been I can’t think…of a better way to commemorate her life and say goodbye. She’s always with us. And now people will assume there’s an elderly couple living in this RV. That’s the…that’s the silver lining. “I’m not gonna slash these tires, this is a sweet elderly couple. Who are a little narcissistic… Who painted a portrait of themselves. Either that, or some kids who love their grandparents. If you have a goal in mind, there’s always a way to get there. We had the goal of making videos for a living. So, if you keep bumping your head against your material means… Subscribe to this channel. Cause we’re not just exploring minimalism. We’re gonna be exploring fitness, we’re gonna be exploring FASHION We’re gonna be exploring psychedelics. We’re gonna be exploring travel, meditation. It’s just a big human experiment This journey wouldn’t be as meaningful without the ability to share what we’ve learned with you all. That’s really what motivates us. And we hope that one day this movement we’re starting to spread the joy of friendship …will be televised. It’ll be streamed [it’ll be streamed] It’ll be…it’ll be available. You can torrent it… WE’LL SEE YOU ALL ON THE STREETS!

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  1. Yenny Zhang says:

    am i at a rave

  2. Yenny Zhang says:

    ahhhhhhhhhhhh TT________________________________TT this video is too emotional

  3. Yenny Zhang says:


  4. Yenny Zhang says:

    omg im cry. so so so sweet

  5. Yenny Zhang says:

    wow, yes, no fear..! overcome your fears and stay positive!!!!!!!!!!!!! 💪🏻💪🏻 I believe in youuu!! watching the van come together is so great!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 and the ending was so coooool! Oliver y u look so sad all the time

  6. RatWrangler says:

    Happy trails guys. It's looking really nice inside – I like the lighting strip. That was a beautiful tribute as well. <3 <3

  7. Brian Beck says:

    Outstanding guys! Look forward to the coming episodes.

  8. Mary Greene says:

    Many tears during this beautiful tribute. Jo's and Everett's love story is remarkable!

  9. The James and Greg Show says:

    That was amazing. Thanks for sharing the beginning of the journey!

  10. Kayna M says:

    Amazing story-telling, tears, and laughs (plus it's really funny seeing my brother in a fabric store- things I never thought I'd witness). #teamfriendship 4lyfe

  11. Idan's Address says:

    I almost never comment on Youtube. In fact, I only remember leaving 3 comments during the 9 years of my healthy Youtube adiction.

    However, I can't ignore something special when I see one. And therefore, must give you my blessings.

    You guys are one day going to become big. Not far from now, as youv'e proven in this video that you have something our society corrently lacks.

    If there is a secret to success, it is timing. And this channel is the right thing at the right time.

    Apreciate success, rather then seeking it. Embrace it but don't hold to it. You desreve it.

  12. Ruby Black says:

    You folks are so lovely and hilarious

  13. rickeyFitts says:

    Hey Guys, I found something that may be pretty cool for the Road Boat.
    Dirt Cheap Lithium Batteries from the medical industry repurposed for RV solar! Check it out: https://youtu.be/L43bArxyszU


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