RODELink Wireless Lavalier Microphone Kit Review + Unboxing

66 comments on “RODELink Wireless Lavalier Microphone Kit Review + Unboxing”

  1. Joe Large says:

    links for products?

  2. PremierReviewer says:

    Well done man!
    I love mine they work great

  3. Lefteris Papadatos says:

    How would you say the quality of the sound of this wireless set would compare to recording audio with an Iphone and a rode lav mic for example?

  4. Amechi Akpom says:

    Excellent review! Fun to watch and thorough. I've been looking at the Sennheiser but after seeing this…. RODELink is likely the way I'll go.

  5. Liz Steffen says:

    I have this product and it really is AMAZING!!!!!! I love it. I tried a few lower priced options first and the $400 I paid for it will be well worth it for my weekly videos I produce.

  6. John Shackleton says:

    Hi Caleb. Many thanks for all your videos – they've been very helpful to me. I have a Rode VideoMic Pro – but this could give a lot more options. Cheers.

  7. أشهد أن لا إله إلا الله says:

    I bought this mic but it doesn't work with my Canon 60d
    Please help

  8. Wild Eye Studios says:

    Hi, is it possible that this performs badly with cheap batteries?

  9. Sam Diviny says:

    I am getting one and I didn't know how to use it but u helped me a lot

  10. Haydn Gonzalez says:

    very good vid

  11. Npangea says:

    Thank you so much. I was so frustrated and confused before your video 😃

  12. rosacabal says:

    Does the invisilav fit prefectly with this lav mic? I can't seem to find any specs about that.

  13. Philippe Schultz says:

    I loved your review Caleb,
    Thanks a lot,
    Phil (France)

  14. Paris TX says:

    Nice review. I recently bought this unit (in part from your review) to go along with my Sony RX10 M2. So easy to setup and really nice sound quality. I first reduce camera sound down and set up the Rode at plus 10DB. Which sounded good but I then went to 0DB on the Rode and plus 5 on the camera. I got perfect levels and no hissing…however….I started getting interference. a steady pitch noise while talking. I thought it was my wifi or something similar doing it. After testing and more testing it turned out to be my adjustment of the camera audio. I reduced it to 1 and put the Rode back at +10 and all is good.
    So…if someone tries this system (which I highly recommend) listen to Caleb and turn your camera audio down as far as it will go. Use the Rode to increase volume.
    This is money well spent for me.

  15. Timothy Awe says:

    thanks for the review I'm sold.

  16. Moevision says:

    doe it also work on an nx cam??

  17. David Vincent says:

    Dude – where did you get your t-shirt?? I need it.

  18. BV Productions says:

    Hi there, can I use the rode link set to record direct from the sound mixer during an event to my camera body?

  19. Coach James Cooper says:

    Caleb – What are your thoughts on recording blog videos (like your videos on your channel) and using a Lav mic PLUS a boom mic? Since the RODELINK and the NTG sound so different, what happens when you have both signals coming into your Tascam or Zoom Recorder? If you balance each mic so they sound the best and record them into your recorder and then have the signal going into your DSLR, is this just overkill? What are your thoughts of recording your voice from more than one source in your videos?

  20. Superlife says:

    So it seems that this kit comes with 1- receiver and 1- transmitter. I am assuming that i can purchase another receiver for a two person interview set-up?

  21. Seaman says:

    has it it Phantom Power?

  22. Sylvain Leroux says:

    Very nice video. And I already appreciated much your NX2014 Video "How to Shoot Better Videos of Yourself".

    Going back to the RODELink Wireless device : I don't think you can/should boost the level at the receiver like it is said at about 7:40. At this point the signal is already a digital signal. The only place you really can increase the gain for better audio is at the transmitter as I assume there you are acting on the (analog) preamp levels. Boosting the level after the signal was digitalized won't give you anything better than boosting the signal on post or with your preferred audio editor. Unless maybe if the RODELink digitalized the audio signal at a much higher frequency and/or bitdepth than we are using for the final recording. Or am I wrong here ?

  23. Sylvain Leroux says:

    As an other question, at 11:40 I can hear some low-level high frequency sound on your audio. Is this induced by the wireless transmitter ?

  24. Wake Up SG says:

    what kind of camera is compatible with it ?

  25. mohamed abukar says:

    So IF i buy the kit i get 1 transmiter and one receiver but can I use multiple transmitters to one reciever and if so can I buy transmitters separately?

  26. eurobratx says:

    If you buy two kits, can you just use one of the receivers set to the same channel and two transmitters?

  27. Flowing Mobility Tai Chi says:

    Thanks for the informative video! You mentioned it's works with iPhone. Will it work with Samsung/Android?

  28. عبدالرحمن الغامدي الغامدي says:

    there is a little hiss sound!!
    is it noisy?

  29. Kacper Gniadek says:

    This video helped me a lot. Great Job 🙂

  30. brianminkc says:

    Is it stereo?

  31. Flying-Experience says:

    I just got this and am super excited. I have ONE HUGE CONCERN –

    There is no headphone jack – so I am worried about static noise. Is this mic good in dealing with static?

  32. manick bay says:

    This is the best review of rodelink wireless filmmaker kit that i seen so far. Well done subscribed very informative!!

  33. EB PRANKS says:

    Hey man I'm trying to do prank videos I was wondering how can I connect this kit to my Nikon coolpix l840 😪😪 they keep telling me I can't . Is it true

  34. CallMe MONGOOSE says:

    can i use 3 microphones with this, or would i need more transmitters and recievers?

  35. Alex Celaya says:

    Gracias amigo…I just order mine!!! Amazing video 👌👌

  36. The Yuri says:

    Hey, could I plug the headphones jack from the Zoom H4NPro I have to the transmitter and send the audio wirelessly to the receiver to be able to monitor my audio from afar you think? Thanks.

  37. Daniel • says:

    He sounds exactly like Curtis Judd. Weird.

  38. Allison Lambert says:

    Caleb thanks so much for this thorough review! You mention on your site that this would be a good option if the talent is moving, like in a fitness video. I am looking to upgrade my wireless mic. I film myself while demonstrating an exercise and giving instruction. Would this be your top pick? Thanks so much (loved your course in Fizzle, too!)

  39. JUCKER HAWAI'I says:

    Awesome just got these for our videos… Nice review!

  40. YoungBlaze says:

    so how does the receiver work if i have like 4 people in my scene that needs to be mic'd up , do i buy 3 more recievers and put them all on channell one on the transmitter?

  41. Todd Chiles says:

    ya, a must have. ty guys. great job.

  42. Todd Chiles says:

    Hate to ask a dumb question, but here we go, what's it sound like if you plug it into that rode ntg3 and Go Wireless?

  43. Daniel Lindegren says:

    Fantastic review. Thank you. Have subscribed.

  44. J N. Sangma says:

    Hallow how to buy this chord less microphone

  45. SweViver says:

    Thank you so much for this in-depth review! Just what I was looking for 🙂 Great job and keep up!

  46. Rubin lopez says:

    Nice video dude new sub

  47. Trust Merchant Bank (TMB) says:

    Hi, you bring down DSLR levels and boost the transmitter. This is a DSLR, but would you recommend doing the same for the C100 M II ?

  48. praveen sharma says:


  49. James Alexander says:

    What Stand does he use with the iphone to connect to the Lav?

  50. Sue Wieger Golf says:

    is this Rode microphone set compatible with a Canon XA10 camcorder?? Can not seem to get mine to work?? Any help would be great Thanks

  51. SYN30STM says:

    The only bad thing about the rode is that it looks like a brick lmao you cant hide it well.

  52. Eliza Burton says:

    I'm filming a documentary where there will be several interviews with 3 people wearing mics. We will be walking around quite a lot, so what do you think I should do? My phone won't be able to record as it constantly dies.

  53. Paul Donald says:

    At 9:26 what attachments did you use with your tripod so you can use it with your phone?

  54. Caviar Media says:

    Is there a version of this kit but with two microphones?

  55. Underground Raiload TV show in Chicago says:


  56. Underground Raiload TV show in Chicago says:

    Thanks from Chicago

  57. Benjamin Hernes says:

    Great video, just bought this!

    Tip from a music-producer:
    Try moving the the lav further up on your shirt to get a fatter sound, and, keep the levels even lower, so you don't get the undesired distortion that can be heard at 12:43

  58. Stephen Caudill says:

    This is exactly the video I needed. I was trying out another wireless system, much cheaper, and even with the levels superlo on the camera I couldn't boost enough on the mic. Plus, boosting the camera settings introduced horrific hiss. These 10+ 20+ boost settings are going to be perfect.

  59. ALEX LINARES says:

    Were can I find the mount system you had on the tripod?

  60. Dunni Gold says:

    So here is the thing. I have a cannon T6 camera it doesn’t support the use of an external microphone connected to it because I have already tried is there a way I can have a microphone siting on a table not too far from me and doing the same job?

  61. Oye says:

    Brilliant video, just what I needed!

  62. Trophy Fish with Scott says:

    I bought one and I love it. So easy to use and no more worrying about getting the audio going.

  63. Underground Raiload TV show in Chicago says:

    Dose BRAND NEW Rode TX-XLR Wireless Transmitter pair with Rode wireless lav air kit if you already own one

  64. VanonUK says:

    Thank you. I hadn't realised that you could plug a different mic into the transmitter. You've just saved me forking out for a second system.

  65. Terry Price says:

    Great review and setup guid. Just purchased the kit and was looking for a quick setup vid and yours was the best of all the results – clear, concise, easy to follow. So, thanks!

  66. Albert Shroyer says:

    Great review and demonstrations in this video, thank you.

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