Review: Klipsch T5 True Wireless Earbuds

Hi, everyone. It’s Adam with World Wide Stereo. Today, I want to talk to you about the
Klipsch T5 truly wireless earbuds. These are the Klipsch T5
truly wireless earbuds. Now, truly wireless,
that means that there is no wire between the right or the left earbud. Okay. You’ll see other earbuds advertised out
there that say they’re wireless, and they are because there’s no wire from it to
your portable device, your phone, your tablet, whatever. These there is no wire between the two.
You just put them in and away you go. Truly wireless. The Klipsch T5 truly wireless earbuds
come in this beautiful outer case right here, machine metal. Once you open it, inside
you’ll find the earbuds. They have the iconic Klipsch black
and copper design, and you have the nice heritage logo or the vintage logo labeled
right on top of the earbud too, looks fantastic. The earbuds are in there magnetically so,
they’re not going to, you know, accidentally fall out on you. And the case, on the back, has
the USB charging plug. So, you actually charge the case. And the earbuds get their
power from the case. And in taking these out, you’ll see here,
this is where all the battery is housed right here. There’s buttons on the back.
These Klipsch logos are actually buttons. And then, on the other side,
you’ll see the oval-shaped ear tip. Now, this is a patented design by Klipsch,
and it’s done for a very specific reason, the shape of your ear canal
is actually oval. So, these may fit a little bit differently
than you’re used to. When you put the Klipsch earbuds in, the
T5 truly wireless earbuds in, this will sit further down in your ear canal. Now, that actually is a benefit because
you create a better seal inside your ear canal. So, you get better sound and better bass
reproduction out of these headphones. So, you’ll see, as I put these in my ear,
very simple to do, just kind of give them a couple of twists, and they
go in nicely, all right? So, sticks out a little bit. Running they may feel like they slip
out a little bit. But, you know, they’re not really marketed
as a sporting headphone. They do carry an IPX4 rating. So, if you happen to be out in the city,
or walking around, or even at the park and it starts to rain a little bit or you do
pick up a little bit of sweat, not going to damage these headphones at
all, they do have that rating on them. So, now, let’s talk about how you get
these things connected. When you first receive these, you’ll have
a little bit of a charge in them. So, you have enough to get them connected,
you want to open up your device, and go to your Bluetooth settings,
and then start with the right earbud, and you want to hit that three times to start
the pairing mode. If you do run into any trouble with the
earpieces not pairing with each other, I initially had that issue where I was
playing music, and I was only getting music out of one ear. No worries. Put them back in the case,
press and hold both of these buttons on the earbuds for eight seconds,
that’ll factory reset them. And then you want to push the right ear
button five times and then the left ear button five times, and that’ll reestablish
the pair to each other. And then you can go to your
normal pairing process. After you get them all paired up,
I’d recommend that you put them back in the case and charge
them to full capacity. The battery life expectancy of these
earbuds is eight hours. And then you get 24 additional hours out
of this little battery pack or the juice pack that it comes in. So, also, the buttons on the top of these
things do multiple things. You can press them to answer phone calls,
you can press it a couple of times to track forward or track back,
press and hold it to turn the volume up. So, very, very functional pieces. Speaking of phone calls,
this has a patented four-microphone array. So, for calls, the voice clarity of calls,
and me hearing the people that I was calling, and them hearing me was a
great experience for everybody all around. It’s a really good headphone
for answering phone calls. These earbuds do support Bluetooth
version 5 with aptX. So, that means you can actually stream
high-resolution audio files from your portable devices directly
to these headphones. And you’ll get the full clarity, near-CD
clarity, out of a Bluetooth transmission, which is fantastic. A feature that I’m really looking forward
to coming soon to these headphones is a feature called ambient mode. Now I’m told that that feature set will be
available once they launch their app for these headphones. And what that will do for you is
allow you to hear the ambient noise around you while you have these in. Most earbuds in this
category have that feature set. And it’s a really nice option to be able
to kind of allow some of that ambient sound to come in or engage a mode called
conversation mode which pauses your music so you can hear what that person is
talking about without having to take the headphones out, and then
put them back in again. Overall, the Klipsch T5 wireless earbuds,
are a nice headphone. Once I got through the little trouble with
the connectivity… But if you have any questions, you can always call us about
that, and I can kind of walk you through that process again. You got to get used to the comfort. Again, it’s a little bit different than
some of your other earbuds that are out there because it
sits a little bit deeper. But remember, that’s good because it
creates that seal for you. So, the bass response out of these
headphones was great. The call quality I really enjoyed,
people could hear me well, and I could hear them. So, it was a nice earbud for answering
phone calls, really adapted to my daily lifestyle. These are the Klipsch T5 truly wireless
earbuds, they’ll be available online at, or if you happen
to be in the area, you can stop by our Ardmore or Montgomeryville,
Pennsylvania, showrooms. We offer 60-day return policy,
free shipping, and we’re authorized dealers for everything that we sell here. If you have any further questions about
these, you can leave them in the comments section below, or please call
or email us at any time. Please remember to subscribe to our
YouTube channel. This is Adam, with World Wide Stereo,
reminding you to listen to music every day. So long.

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