Restoration/ Restore Very old Model Electric Jigsaw Makita made in Japan

16 comments on “Restoration/ Restore Very old Model Electric Jigsaw Makita made in Japan”

  1. Josep C B says:

    Muy buena restauración. Como Nueva !!!. Saludos desde Barcelona

  2. Кошмар Кошмар says:

    Hi bro 👋👋👋 very good restoration Electric Jigsaw 👍👍👍🔥💣👌🏽

  3. glenn moreland says:

    No new bearings…and wrong grease…🇬🇧👍

  4. Jok3R R says:

    Z gówna nic nie wyrzeźbisz

  5. محمد علي says:

    وحه يا وحوي

  6. Mohamed Hafez Bofdan says:

    Why new paint and using old bearing??!

  7. R9WFT says:

    Как новый👍

  8. Eremon1 says:

    I like the tape and file trick to get the exact part covered quick and easy.

  9. Dero from Down-Under says:

    Where's the earth wire going to? You should have found a 3 pin plug than do what you've done… 7/10

  10. Robert Byjos says:

    Mam indentyczna wyrzynarke i nie moge dostac do niej wlacznika!

  11. CLÁUDIO MORETO says:


  12. Przemysław Galjon says:

    Seriously super glue and epoxy? Why not plastic welding?

  13. Аскар Исабеков says:

    Золотые руки у тебя

  14. Rescue And Restoration says:

    nick go to mychannel , thank for all

  15. James Hanoomansing says:

    good job

  16. Bogdan Danut says:

    hey, starting my own restoration channel, whoever wants to help me and send broken power tools can mail me at [email protected]

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