Radioline – Wireless module Interfaces

This video will review the physical interfaces of the Radioline wireless module. On the side of the housing of the Radioline modules you will find the block diagram of the interfaces. Terminal 1 is used to supply power from 19.2 to 30.5 volts DC for the 2.4 GHz and 868 MHz modules. For the 900 MHz wireless module the input voltage is 9-30 Vdc. At terminal 1.1 +24 V and at terminal 1.2 GND are connected. Terminal 2 is the RSSI output. This output is providing the wireless link quality as a 0 to 3 V analog output. RSSI values above 1.5 volts are recommended for a reliable wireless link. Between terminal 2.1 and 2.2, the signal strength can be measured. The RSSI output is useful to align antennas, monitor and trend signal strength and is more accurate than the LED bar graph. The antenna assembly is connected via the R-SMA connector. Antennas should be mounted outside the control cabinet. For outdoor applications, we recommend Coaxial surge protection in line with the antenna assembly. Terminal 4 is a serial RS-485 two-wire interface. When connecting bus cables the polarity is important. The negative line (called DA) is connected to terminal 4.1. The positive line (called DB) is connected to terminal 4.2. The correct signal assignment can be checked using a multimeter or via the TX and RX LEDs on the Radioline wireless module. The shield connection of the RS-485 bus cable can be made via an external shield connection terminal. RS-485 bus termination must be configured depending on the position of the device on the bus line at both ends. To enable the termination network, DIP switches 1 and 2 on the side of the housing has to be enabled. Terminal 5 is a serial RS-232 DTE interface. This means terminal 5.2 is always sending data and terminal 5.1 is always receiving data. Only one of the two serial interfaces can be used at any time. A parallel operation of the RS-232 and RS-485 interfaces is not possible. Terminal 6 is the RF-Link relay. The relay is Form C dry contact relay and will change position when RF link is established or lost. If there is no radio connection for more than 10 seconds, the relay will change position which indicates loss of wireless link. The diagnostic output can be monitored by a controller, light or other device for link indication. For more information regarding the Radioline wireless system, contact Technical Service at 800-322-3225

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