PVCC Majors in a Minute: Industrial Electronics Technology

Dom (student): “What I feel is
unique about PVCC’s Technology
Program is being able to be in a
project-based class, and then revert back and
understand the principles. It’s really a great
way to learn. Professor Eric Bredder:
“A successful mindset in the
Electronics Technology Program, would be a student
who is willing to try things that they
haven’t tried before. This program is a very
hands-on program. So, students need to figure out
how to work on a project with a given deadline, solve the
problem with maybe loose
to no guidelines so that they actually have
ownership over the solution. There’s an increasing demand in
the current industry right now for people who do these things
at a technician level, and not
just in one area. But the combination of
electronics, technology,
manufacturing tools. Dom (student): My goals after
the program would be to become an engineering teacher for
the high school level. If you’re creative, if you like
to get your hands dirty, this is definitely the opportunity to
kind of explore yourself in a
different fashion. ♪♪♪

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