Pulse Generator – Block Diagram, Working Principle & Construction – Electronic Instrumentation

8 comments on “Pulse Generator – Block Diagram, Working Principle & Construction – Electronic Instrumentation”

  1. Ismail Lashari says:

    thank you maam for such a comprehensive lecture

  2. Shivangi Mishra says:

    well explained!!!! thanks 🙂

  3. Pulasani Aswini says:

    Super explanation mam we need more videos

  4. India's Lyrics says:

    Beneficial video

  5. The Craiz says:

    Mama Kya hum square wave generator m bhi yahi same likh sakte h sirf duty cycle change karke

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  7. G.Vamshi Krishna Reddy says:

    You need directly block diagram explaination skip the video upto 35:00

  8. Keshvi Verma says:

    Hindi me bhi bna dijiye mem plzz 😁🙏ty memm

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