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  1. jeff henry says:

    It is always a good policy not to talk about your customers like they are idiots.

  2. Allen Tatum says:

    When are you going to start selling the ceramic gear models? Chains are old school! But I forgot, that company probably has a patent on it! All these companies should invent their own or modify that company's ceramic gear and start putting them on all electric bikes!

  3. Allen Tatum says:

    Regular bike shops will NOT work on electric bikes! Maybe you and some others might but in my town no reg. bike shop will! I hear this is mostly, universally true!!?? Probably jealous or afraid their insurance won't cover screw-ups!

  4. larrynmarks says:


    Being that I have your bike for 25 years and then I stopped working in the industry because I closed my shop.
    And the reason I looked at this video was simply to see any maintenance on the motor which I don’t think you have to maintain because it’s like a drill motor, the battery which I think you all we have to do is keep a charged. So if you will please respond, there is nothing to do for the electrics??
    Now I do have a question for you What type of electric system do you find the most trouble for he is the one in the hub or the one at the bottom bracket? And are there battery systems that you find to be more trouble for you than others? Those are the kind of answers I need please

  5. larrynmarks says:

    The way I always washed a bike Was by using a sponge and bucket of soapy water and when I rinsed off the bike or water came out of the hose and dripped did not spray it dripped Out of the end

  6. larrynmarks says:

    I grew up in Sunny Hills. Went to Ladera vista and shun hills high school.
    Nice keep on keepin’ Sam

  7. anything outdoors with steve says:

    I wish there was an electric bike shop like this in my area. I have been curious about the 1kw motor rambo bike. I would like to try a 3 mile up a steep incline for a 280- 300 lb load to see if it overheats or can even make it! Hate to drop just under 5k on a bike just to break it in a couple trips.

  8. Paul Scarpa says:

    Best maintenance don't buy one in the first place just buy a pedal one less headache

  9. Clorox Bleach says:

    If you close your eyes, Sam sounds like Alex Jones

  10. Tim Miller says:

    Is the sn ebike that goes 35 mph for under 3000 dollars

  11. john gury says:

    First thing he mentions about spoke tension for heavier (or riders who load these e bikes even more heavily) is a big deal. Watch the rear spoke tension. In general an e bike puts more
    stress on the rear wheel on bikes that are already heavy so that is not bad advice for everyone.

  12. Charles and Sandra says:

    Thank you both. Simple direct advice that is easy to listen to. Sam is the perfect foil his voice suits the role of questioner as he not at all threatening nor does he make the question sound stupid. Well done both of you. Chuck.

  13. Fred Zaccheo says:

    Amazing. I loosened the 2 nuts as instructed, squeezed the brake, then tightened the nuts. The disk was
    completely centered as you said. Thank you!!

  14. Bill Procter says:

    If I lived near Fullerton, 9 times out of 10 I’d buy a bike from Sam. Friendly kid. Just bought my first Ebike and appreciate the tips.

  15. Buck Buck says:

    Pay your electric bill?

  16. ASD & Me says:

    wow, he's wearing shorts and sandals in a workshop…

  17. Patrick Leahy says:

    Sorry, I just can't stop laughing…

  18. Clarence McGregor says:

    Make sure that you keep your nuts tight! Wheel nuts that is.

  19. jesus martinez says:

    Booooooooo electric bicycles what you do when you run out the battery walk for example

  20. Max Maxed says:

    To be frank, bicycles in general are mostly pain in the ass to maintain. But it's cheaper than cars and you can do lots of stuff yourself. But still, I have two foldies, one regular and one electric and it's a constant fucking carousel of problems.

  21. Rich Keller says:

    Sam what a great job and very informative thanks!

  22. wayne goff says:

    Maybe those big fat people need to do without the batteries and peddle.

  23. Brad Prentis says:

    Great vid !!! Good job👍

  24. Mikkel Larsen says:

    9 out of 10 times, he talk about normal bike errors. 😂

  25. David Rivera says:

    9 times outta 10 I heard 9 times outta 10

  26. jamesdewer says:

    If you live where it's crazy hilly. I mean, like 4500' of ascent and descent to and, from work, install a bigger set of rotors. I went from F180/R1609mm to 203 front and 180 rear. I was eating pads. That and convert your rims to tubeless. Dude, don't be late for work.

  27. geosport56 says:

    I'd like to know, has Sam waxed his chain? IF no, why?

  28. Forever Computing says:

    A quality battery pack with appropriate battery management won't let your pack run to zero. It will shut off when the voltage hits ~2.8v per cell.

  29. Jeff Corn says:

    Why wouldn't you let the battery go to zero?

  30. Dillan Murray says:

    What bike is that in the video?

  31. Shaun Mcgrath says:

    Great vid but not all that Ebike specific. Most of this is basic bike knowledge vs Ebike specific.

  32. terrijo James says:

    I am new to most of what to do with a bike. This was very informative.

  33. Ram 4570 says:


  34. exgenica says:

    I didn't hear you say anything about tire slime…what's your opinion? Both as a preventive measure before a puncture and an in-the-field repair (with a compressed gas tire slime bottle that also inflates the tire a bit)?

    Also, I always keep an old cellphone in with my bike tools and in my car's glove box. By law/regulation, even when not actively subscribed to a phone service provider, ANY old cellphone can still be used to call 911 in the US. I also keep a regular alkaline battery to cellphone power adapter and make sure the batteries are always fresh, and for the car I keep a cigarette lighter to phone power adapter for that phone. If I fall off my bike, my regular cellphone may be unusable so it's nice to know I may have a spare that survived.

  35. Mark Donat says:

    Absolutely fantastic thank you for the information.

  36. Nathan Underwood says:

    9 times out of 10 Sam says 9 times out of 10

  37. Jim Dumas says:

    Why is it that the adjustment on the brake lever is aluminum?.. at least on cheap bikes. It should be made of a stronger material. The locking nut is aluminum and makes it aluminum on aluminum. It seems like a decades old problem that should have been fixed years ago. Do they sell a better option for this common problem?

  38. Chuckie G's Dodge Boy Mopar Garage. says:

    My wife has a step thru rad ebike and as she rides the rear hub or wheel makes a clicking noise and it sounds like spokes. Do these spokes become loose? The bike only has 200 miles on it.

  39. randy eastman says:

    riding in the salt belt ?

  40. Troy Dunn says:

    9 time out of 10 when I get a flat on a trail, I'm going to be walking that sucker back.

  41. suzyf921 says:

    Great video, Sam and Court!! thanks a bunch. Learned a lot!

  42. Robert Mccreary says:

    Great advice from a professional 🤙

  43. Don Webb says:

    Thank you. Love my M2S XLarge R750

  44. Ali Ahemad says:

    I have shimano bike which isn't a e bike can I make it ebike

  45. Steven Rollims says:

    I weigh 280 lb I was thinking about getting a electric bike u made me change my mind. I was thinking about getting a fat tire fold up rad electric bike supposed to be the one of the best .bike for me

  46. Atheist Gazzer says:

    Thank you what nice people

  47. J M says:

    I use the same lubricants that I use on my guns on my bike is a good enough?

  48. quest 77051 says:

    awesome thanks.

  49. D Jaquith says:

    If Sam were on the other coast in SW Florida .. I'd definitely buy from him! 😀👍

  50. SuperPapadzul says:

    Yeah, but free advice is worth as much as it costs🤔

  51. sol star says:

    Where ?

  52. D Larson says:

    Awesome info! Thanks for posting!

  53. oscar orozco orejel says:

    Fuck I’m 292 lbs

  54. LoneWolf7878 gmail says:

    I'm broke, but about the shop keeps size. I range the highest is 290 lb the lowest is about 260 I have got down to 225. could you ask him what's the cheapest bike available that could support my weight? and still get me how far distance? I live in Arizona where everything is so far apart and my body starting to fail me. Could you also tell him I like that shirt and where could I get one. Right now I have a BMW The bmw is either Broke or Black however you want to say it Man
    Walking. Hot link to gas stations that are close to me about 4/10 of a mile everything else like Wally world is 7/10 of a mile away or Even the nearest mall is 3.3 miles away.

  55. Ron Cooke says:

    Re-lithium battery is there a unit other than a timer that i can connect between the charger and the battery to have control in the charging or is there a charger that is controllable in this way 36 volt and 48

  56. Chris Smith says:

    Hey wondering if you could help a fellow ebiker… you may have seen this starting problem before… If I was going to replace something would it be the controller or the motor? This only happens when its starting from a stand still… @https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-O4sneDnd98
    Thanks again for any advice.

  57. Joseph M Elario says:

    needed this.

  58. mjb B says:

    Tim arnold got a bike shop?

  59. glen wooten says:

    Wish I lived in California

  60. glen wooten says:

    Just wish I had a decent ebike shop. No I love it here. Goulburn NSW. Friendly town .Clean. The council spends way to much on Roses. Nobody will run over a Animal.

  61. hackberry flat says:

    PLUHLEEEEZE stop saying, "…you know"!

  62. hackberry flat says:

    Thks Sam, 2 minutes in  and you inform me more than anyone else ever did. Bicycle tires —we put a man on the moon and still tires for bicycles haven't improved since the 1920s. Unfortunately, the shop is a thousand miles away from me.

  63. Vape dog says:

    Great video,very helpful as i,m new to e bikes

  64. SCOTT WATSON says:

    Every town in America should have a real electric bike shop like Sam's. The whole country would be far better off! Thanks for your time posting this video.

  65. VeloZach says:

    I totally understand the explainations given. My only challenge would be doing these steps/ techices for a velomobile that has an E-assist when on the road. I'm looking into how to do repairs during longer rides mainly. And, totally understand the situation about keeping the battery maintained. I used to do rides that where anywhere from 100 to 600 miles total each ride.

  66. Katrina Wears-Taylor says:

    The throttle on my new smartgyro ebike won't move, how do I release it, battery fully charged etc..new user….HELP,!

  67. Sophia Chen says:

    I’d give this video 9 likes out of 10

  68. Pushyhog says:

    SRAM Snot

  69. Pushyhog says:

    He looks like a dentist.

  70. Silver is my bitch Back up the truck says:

    Biggest question is where should I go to get lifesaving cardio ? It’s not on one of those …..for soft and laaaaaaaaazy….

  71. Silver is my bitch Back up the truck says:

    Talk talk talk….

  72. M S says:

    Maybe actually mentioning something about "maintaining an electric bike" would be nice rather than basic bicycle fixes. Waste of time

  73. Shlomo Venezia says:

    The customer is ALWAYS wrong

  74. Viljamin Somemakuuhuone says:

    Watched 11min and all the advises are relevant to any bike. Good advises anyway. 👍 Was the only electric advice about controller? hmm. Oh and the battery, but that's not exactly true as cut off voltage is set usually (if not always) so high that there's no too much impact on the life of the battery pack. You should NEVER store the battery empty still.

  75. Victor Jones says:

    What a asshole tell them to get out your shop and learn bike maintenance. Only a dumb fat fuck that wears sandles would take your hard earned money whilst you scratch your head.

  76. Robert Bates says:

    What a great information channel cheers guys from the uk.

  77. César A. Marroquin says:

    I love Sam. He is just the best type of gentleman to have a convo with about bike and life. I used to work as a bike shop and his knowledge is beyond me 🤯😍

  78. TaUnc Fester says:

    As a past bike mechanic, it's neat to see how much of the recent parts and equipment on these new E-Bikes also are common to regular bicycles from a few years ago. The motor and battery technology are the parts that seems to be rapidly evolving, Lithium batteries and efficient brushless motors have improved the range and power, but the heart of the bike, the bike tech is as always, the most efficient means of moving humans and small cargo loads.

  79. Thoughmuchistaken says:

    Ended up here via autoplay, glad I did, great overview.

  80. khcopter says:

    OK that was good thanks for making that video I learned a few things!!

  81. Shameel Ali says:

    Butt in way toooo much

  82. D theman says:

    Would have liked to see more of ebike maintenance that is different from a regular bike. Tires, chain , etc are same on all bikes

  83. K Man says:

    Is it possible to take a regular mountain bike or one of the cheaper simple e-bikes and gradually modify it and modify it until it resembles one of the more motorcycle style looking e-bikes, body wise ? complete with like large front head light , rear view mirrors turn signals etc, break lights etc ? is their a kit for this a location I can buy the parts online, a youtube vidoe explaining it etc ?

  84. Bigginger61 says:

    Tip to the presenter, stop butting in and let the guy talk.

  85. ForbinColossus says:

    Sam is missed!

  86. Christopher Viers says:

    Sam is the best!

  87. hans-jurgen stork says:

    The bike comes essentially assembled✳✳>share4.photo/ebicycle?δ43   Install handlebars, seat post and seat, and front wheel and it was ready to go. Bike moves at a comfortable bicycle speed, approximately 15 miles an hour on level. (I weigh 210 lbs.) Slower going up incline, but switching to peddle assist is easy to move it along with effort. Steep hills might be an issue, but the 21 speed gear set is also great. It's perfect for my friend. I recommend and would buy another one if ever needed.

  88. lazurm says:

    The best lubricant for a bicycle chain is paraffin, sometimes with a bit of added paraffin oil. This has been amply proven in independent tests…period.

  89. lazurm says:

    For the average cyclist (depending on their age, gender, education level, income and geographical location all of which affect the statistics measurably) the ability to put the bead back without tire irons is from 2% to 60% with less than 3.5% being able to do this routinely, without instruction, based upon Kinsey estimates for this exact issue. It isn't "9 our of 10" as stated in this video at 16:40 .

    (just kidding)

  90. lazurm says:

    How does one tighten a Future Shock laden headset? I ask because I don't readily see the bolt ordinarily used to tighten this important part.

  91. lazurm says:

    One thing that's important (among many other important things) is, if you have a speed sensor, to keep it free of shmutz and metal particles (it's magnetic) which helps the ebike utilize its battery more efficiently.

  92. Temo barata says:

    Sorry but americans dont know hod to do e bikes. Germans+japans

  93. Kane Lono says:

    I ended up with a new Mate X and pretty much every bolt and nut was loose. =(
    didn't realize it until a pedal fell off while riding.

  94. Johhny Lemon says:

    most of this is general bike maintenance, not specific to e-bikes. what about motor maintenance? my last motor, after a year or so the axle rusted or something and seized up. wont turn. any way to fix that? what can i do to prevent that in the future on my new motor?

  95. Chanelle Campbell says:

    How do I fix a loose bike chain on an electric bike emotion volt

  96. Bram Moerman says:

    Full time cyclist here: with respect to lubricating chain. . . I soak the whole chain (after a thorough cleaning) in molten sealing wax. It lubricates the interior part of the chain, and does not attract dirt the way most oily lubricants do. Using “quickllink” chain connectors makes this quite easy.

  97. Bram Moerman says:

    The only time I’ve had to use a cell phone was when my Titanium frame snapped a derailler hangar. I’ve since gad it repaired (it took a few years to find someone locally who could weld Titanium, but I’ve ridden it thousands of miles since.

  98. rudy garza says:

    Lower amp charge rate 3a vs 2a at what ever voltage u use and not full charge for storage can extend battery life

  99. SuperPapadzul says:

    Asshole! Sold the business and did not even say good bye to the customers who made him succesful🖕

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