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Print photos saved on your iOS device or from Facebook or other cloud service using HP Smart. To print with HP Smart, the app must be installed and set up with
your HP printer. On your iOS device, open HP Smart. Tap the option for the type of print you want. If printing from a cloud service, such as
Facebook, your device must have an Internet connection to link to your cloud service. If prompted, tap OK to allow HP Smart access saved photos stored on your device. Select where your photo is stored. Select the photo to print. Tap the Edit icon to make any changes to your photo, and then tap Done. Tap Print to print your document or photo. The document or photo prints from your connected printer.

7 comments on “Printing Photos from an iPhone or iPad (Apple iOS) | HP Printers | HP”

  1. ja gio says:

    my print button is not active,why?

  2. Marcos Mingucha says:

    i tried printing a 4×6 photo and it comes out to small than a 3×3 dimension, what do i do ?

  3. Dyah Lestari says:

    If I print from hp smart it’s always black & white, the color button is missing

  4. Ricardo Milos says:

    My printer is not connected to the Wi-Fi and when ever I try to connect it, i doesn’t connect

  5. Angie Johnson Chandler says:

    Since last update I no longer have the ability to choose size, color or kind of paper. Was on phone over an hr w/ help desk in Philippines & they were no help even after transferring me to 5 different departments. Sigh. Why? How to fix? Anyone know? Thx in advance.

  6. Asra Shaikh says:

    How to print multiple pictures in one paper??

  7. s o m e t h i n g says:

    Somehow, I can't costum my print paper??

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