Printed Electronics Support in Altium Designer

in recent years there has been tremendous progress made in printed electronics technology however with the lack of support from ecad tools designers still face many hurdles completing their designs at the heart of the challenge is the simple fact that the current tools design rules layer stack and materials are tailored towards traditional PCB requirements whereas printed electronics layer list printing process requires special rules layer order and materials Altium Designer solves these challenges by enabling designers to select whether their design is a printed electronic or a typical PCB and then adapt to their requirements accordingly including specific design rules layer stack printing order and access to ink materials both conductive and non conductive and with the need to only isolate crossover areas of printed electronic circuits Altium Designer will perform the task automatically and precisely meeting your printed electronics designs special requirements now designers have the option with clear advantages to develop certain applications

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  1. anusha k says:

    Printed Electronics market for Printed Electronics size is projected to reach $9.1 Billion by the end of 2024 with a CAGR of 121% during the forecast period.

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