President Electronics BILL CB radio

Hi, this is the President Bill radio, it’s our brand new compact radio you can see by the size of this there’s a microphone for perspective it is very very compact and cool radio. Some of the features that it’s got that I think are quite nice is it has a USB Socket here on the front so you can charge your iPhone smartphone or tablet or any other 2.1 Volt device with it right here in the front of the unit. It’s got a seven color LCD display. You can see it’s on the orange setting right now. To change that you just turn it off hold this weather button up here… We can change colors to the different settings the seven different color display Let’s stick here with green. One of the other nice features that it’s got is it has the Weather Channels on here so you can switch between the CB Channels and the Weather Channels just by holding this button down. All right. Now, we’re on the Weather Channels. We’ve got seven different weather channels that will scan through. If we want to go back to the CB channels we just hold it back once more. Here we are, we’re back on a CB channel get out of channel 19 this to show what it does. So again, this is the President Bill. It’s a brand new radio shipping this month compact size seven color display with Weather, the USB socket on the front and it has a retail of $99. Look for it at any authorized President Electronics Dealer this month. Thank you.

10 comments on “President Electronics BILL CB radio”

  1. Mike Scott says:

    Does it have a receive s meter?

  2. Portabel2010 says:

    Come on President ….Same Radio Size with AM/FM and SSB for for the European Market,and the thing goes like Hotcakes over the counter you can do it Better……….

  3. jeep6242 says:

    Glad to find this. I have a 1st Gen Tacoma and a bunch of leftover giant Cobras from my previous trucking career. But they are huuuuuge in this application with nowhere I want to permanently mount them. While at the same time all the existing compact models are ancient and not particularly impressive. This looks like just what I want and will easily take up less space combined with my GMRS radio than just one of my current CBs.

  4. phục êwê says:

    If it had SSB & AM/FM I'd buy one.

  5. Jean-Francois Meunier says:

    If I want to plug it on a acc power source, does it hold his memory after the power is cut ?

  6. au009044 says:

    2.1 amp. 5 volt. Knew what you meant though.

  7. Curt Hoes says:

    No talk back? Deal breaker..

  8. Lightning93 says:

    5v 2.2 I

  9. Kimber Zimmerman says:

    Does this unit use a 3 pin power plug?

  10. james porld says:

    Does it have scan feature though?

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