Podbike – First full prototype dual-motor chainless pedal electric velomobile unveiled in Norway

It was last November that we first heard about
the Podbike. A dual-motor chainless velomobile, being developed
by Norwegian firm Elpedal. At the time, it only existed as a rolling
chassis. All of the images of the complete vehicle
were computer renderings. Recently, however, the first complete prototype
was presented at an event in Sandnes, Norway. This very peculiar vehicle reminds us of the
Twike, which we read about years back. It has the same principle of generating electricity
by pedaling, but in this case its a 4-wheeler. To recap our previous coverage, the Podbike
is a four-wheeled human or electric-powered vehicle, that does have pedals, but they are
linked directly to a generator. As the rider pedals, the power that they generate
is electrically transferred to a couple of hub motors, one in each of the rear wheels. A removable battery pack adds some additional
power, making an electronically-limited top speed of 25 km/h or 16 mph possible. Chief engineer and founder of Podbike, Per
Hassel Sørensen assures us, that this is a bike, even if it looks like a car. He says its a 4-wheel electric bike, with
features not found in any other bike. Hassel Sørensen has built his own bikes from
the age of 10, and at 17 he built a speed bike, and tried to set a Norwegian record
on the highway. A few years ago, he was seriously injured
when a car hit him. While recovering he tried out the so-called
velomobile, a recumbent bike with 3 wheels and a fully enclosed cabin. He kept riding the velomobile, and eventually
it was significantly modified and converted into electrical operation. But later, instead of electrifying existing
models, he designed an electric quad bike from scratch. Most electric bicycles have 1 motor. Podbike has 3, but one is used only as a generator. Each rear wheel has a built-in motor, and
the front wheels used for steering are connected to a generator. Thus, the bike has no mechanical transmission
for propulsion. A standard Podbike has 4 battery modules,
that are connected for a total capacity of 400 Wh. The bike is tested, to consume an average
of 5 Wh/km or 8 Wh/mile. So the standard version will get you a range
of 80 km or 50 miles. The chassis should accommodate up to 18 battery
modules, giving an electrical range of at least 300 km or 186 miles. As a thumb of rule, in our own experience,
ordinary e-bikes consume about 10 to 20 Wh/km. so if this is for real, then it is all due
to very efficient aerodynamics combined, with efficient regenerative braking. I for one would like to see documentation
for this claim. The generator at the front wheels, is capable
of producing 1500 watts, and a neat feature is that, it will automatically apply regenerative
braking, when speed exceeds 60 km/h or 37 mph. One surprising thing that we have experienced,
on the tens of thousands of miles on e-bikes over the years, is that e-bikes have built-in
climate control. Lets explain. In warm weather, you obviously let the motor
assist you enough to not break sweat. In cold weather, you pedal without assistance
the first couple of minutes to get warm, and then turn up motor assistance just enough
to prevent you from breaking sweat. This works better than you would think. It keeps me warm, and free from sweat in temperatures
ranging from 10 to 25 °C on a normal e-bike, where you sit out doors. So, I am confident that, this principle will
apply perfectly for the Podbike. Since the pedals are just attached to the
generator, it should be very easy to adjust the conversion rate, and thus the amount of
muscle power you put into the system. The final version will have easy-entry, with
the clear roof going all the way back, and the rear wheels actively elevating the rear
of the vehicle. In addition, the bicycle is equipped with
hydraulic disc brakes on the front wheels, and mechanical brakes on the rear wheels. They are mechanical in order to also act as
parking brakes. Even though the bike is quite narrow, the
bikes 64 kg chassis has a low center of gravity. In addition, the full independent suspension
on all wheels with adjustable dampers, and built-in springs ensures that it will not
roll over. And even though it is a small vehicle, it
is still safer than an ordinary bike. Since launching the concept online, 600 orders
have been placed from people around the world. Currently, Podbike is produced in Norway. Plans still call for a consumer model to be
available in Norway by early 2019, with availability elsewhere in Europe starting in 2020. Pricing is estimated at NOK 50000 or about
US 6327 doller in Norway and about € 4500 or $5,515 plus tax and shipping in other European
markets. There are currently no plans for a North American
release, as American legislation limits e-bikes to having no more than three wheels. If you are interested in getting one, you
can pre-order via the podbike link

58 comments on “Podbike – First full prototype dual-motor chainless pedal electric velomobile unveiled in Norway”

  1. Sunshine Viking says:

    OMG.  Get a real human to read the script.  The computer voices are idiotic.

  2. andy the gardener says:

    I think if humans were to have a future, rather than the 'no future' course we are currently set on, this sort of ecar would be very much part of that future already. All cars would be mandated by law to very light while internal combustion cars would have been banned decades ago. light ecars, with good aerodynamics, could in theory be both fast and use little more energy than an ebike does. private car weight would have been universally limited to under 200 lb and top speed to around 50mph. Roads would have been slimmed down to little more than wide cycle tracks. We would also have set upper limit numbers of cars to a few million globally, with full recycability. Combined with a rapid depopulation agenda via a zero child policy for 30 years, all energy coming from renewable resources , regreening of the planet to combat global warming and prevent mass extinction of life on earth, and most of our work done by AI nanobots, teeny weeny ecars would allow everyone to drive into a shiny utopian future forever.

  3. Alan Coffelt says:

    I am American but live in Lithuania and have ordered my podbike a couple of months ago. I am looking forward to getting it and riding with my dog to the beach, and the costal town of Palanga. I am close to the coastal bike trail that goes all the way to the border and beyond with Latvia and look forward to riding along that for extended excursions.

  4. Popeye Gordon says:

    Design flaw – pedal power is converted to electricity for directly driving the motors. This is really inefficient. Chain-free is not a plus, it is a minus. Chain driven bicycles are extremely efficient. There is too much loss when using pedals to generate power. This loss is from waste heat and friction and from the power losses inherent in charging batteries. I don't claim to know which half of the equation is more wasteful but I suspect it is the human peddling effort.

  5. Michael Sack says:

    Für die Sicherheit wären aufblasbare Stark-Dämpfer (klar aerodynamisch) – so nenne ich die mal – vorne und seitlich und hinten eine weitere gute Idee für den Podbike. MfG, MS

  6. J Clar says:

    Has nothing to do with a bike. Pedaling it doesn't propel it forward. Let's hope these ideas go away. . Yet more VeloEuro unobtanium. 16mph?? Huh?? Euro-wussy wagon to be owned by rich enviro extremists as a plaything ego booster conversation piece. People who own cars already so this is just more mechanical un-needed crap. This garbage litters the road and causes more greenhouse gases as cars slow down to get around them then speed up again. If your too scared to ride a bike on the road just get an electric car. Not safer than a bike. I can ride my M1 Spitzen WITH 35 mph traffic and not get in everyone's way. There's a reason these are outlawed in the US.

  7. captain pugwash says:

    Looks like a Sinclair C5 with a roof, I bet it's resistance to being squashed under lorry wheels is similarly equivalent.

  8. W C says:

    I hate the bot voice!

  9. Lala Lala says:

    A top speed of 16mph.. I go way faster on a bicycle

  10. Tom Vanovac says:

    Two wheels at front and one at the back would have been simpler, cheaper and more efficient, plus marketable in US. This is a good effort, but somewhat misdirected.

  11. robbby22b says:

    I hate the bot voice too ! And what about zoomming unzoomming zoomming unzoomming zoomming unzoomming zoomming unzoomming !?!

  12. ThomasTheSailor Chubby says:

    An average Human can only pedal about 100 watts for any length time.. Yes, you can put out a lot more, in short bursts, but an average is around 100 watts. 100 watts = around 1/8 hp.. or, not much.. Just buy Gas and go fast.. Otherwise, Humanity would go backwards if we all rode e-bikes..

  13. Massimo Camorani says:

    horrible indi/english robotic voice..

  14. cartmanrlsusall says:

    Bullshit robot bitch.the power generation of a pedaling human is not going to run 2 hub motors

  15. Beatles5 says:

    I HAAAAAAAAAAAATE computer voice!

  16. Ed Heide says:

    Could you translate this into English. so we can understand. Thank you.

  17. Carole S. Lewis says:

    Pas d'essuie glass 🙁

  18. Pushyhog says:

    This pod is very expensive. Not a bike in usa. What about fogging up inside?

  19. Józef Okulewicz says:

    They all should change centric wheels on proper wheels of Hoene Wronski https://youtu.be/5_RR0kyg3ZE

  20. ufoengines says:

    I'm sold !  Where do I buy?     Patent 672256  .

  21. sherry a says:

    I wish I could have this for me and my handicapped son. We can't afford a car and well, we can't afford this either so why am I even watching this 😢

  22. Jeff Jeffrey says:

    WOW top speed of 16mph! That's damn fast LMAO!

  23. Popeye Gordon says:

    What happened to that 4 wheeled Podbike with a fabric shell over a tubing frame?

  24. vt700classic says:

    Disliked due to bot-voice. Did not continue to view.

  25. Lawrence Sand says:

    good for cold country

  26. Lorne A Anderson says:

    Please understand, North America is coming out with ugly 4 wheel electric bike/cars. This old Norway/American likes your design, and price. Especially the recharge pedaling idea is my primary interest. If you open up to American business, Then I am the North East Ohio guy for you. Contact me at [email protected] Or, 1610 53rd st. S.W. Canton Ohio 44706. Then lets make a deal.

  27. Laurent Guyot-Sionnest says:

    I don't like passive electric vehicle. you feel stupid. i don't like bicycle because you sweat. For both i hate rain and wind and dust . The Podbike is the best compromise : shelter, exercise , speed. Price is still too high. Just a mass production problem.

  28. Solosword says:

    As I only make 40k yr, I can only dream (Getting masters but feminism rules America, I can't wait until the economic crash!).

  29. Jan Hasselberg says:

    hur får man beställt den velomobilen när blir den tillgänglig? efter det jag förstår inte före nästa år!

  30. MINO73 says:

    As a hybrid vehicle it is clearly devised to rely mainly on the electric side of the power sources; not bad in itself, but if the traction had been split into a fully mechanical part (chain, possibly one chain only for higher efficiency) and a fully electric part, reliability would have been higher; but it is also true that electric assistance sets have become more reliable along the years. Nevertheless, the weight is quite high, so the highly limited available power (according to the law) plus the quite scarce efficiency of the generator-motor system could make it not fit for long steep climbs. In a few words, the tradeoff between attractiveness or car-like feeling and performance make it fit for short trips without hurry in the centre of large flat cities… Better not ask for more. This, of course, is just my humble opinion.

  31. Gallardo6669 says:

    I really love it, i respect price as development and manufacturing cost money, but still there,is no way as of now to buy it just because,its to expensive.i would change my mind rapidly if i could drive 40miles/ hour,and even better be allowed on the highway with driving 55….

  32. steven nichols says:

    I need to know when i can buy the pod bike in Melbourne Florida usa. sincerely Steven Nichols

  33. Zoes Dada says:


  34. Bob Americana says:

    electric go-cart…pathetic…not a real world solution !

  35. Jan Söderman says:

    Why this computer voice????

  36. David Jones says:

    4 wheels bummer here in Oregon bikes can have no more than 3 wheels

  37. David Jones says:

    16 mph it needs to be 25mph other wise around town is the only time it could be used.

  38. Pushyhog says:

    I always follow this bike. The infrastructure built over next 20 years will welcome this vehicle.

  39. saiful arefin says:

    Do you have any plan to release it in India or Bangladesh?

  40. shadowdance4666 says:

    Come to fantasy island 🌴

  41. 蔡文明 says:

    Its good. But was it fast enough and can go far long miles

  42. AH AH says:

    comes with optional tide pods dispenser…

  43. AAVista says:

    The end of the narration about this vehicle in USA is wrong. Pod bike cars like this one have begun to appear in America, with several designs now under way in California, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina and Virginia.

  44. stephanie dixon says:

    You think spending €1000's on protyping that can't afford a human voice. lol

  45. michael o'mahony says:

    The bi in bike means two it's a quad not a bike

  46. Guero Rodriguez says:

    That's not a bike

  47. john creed says:

    So… Buy pod bike, rip guts out, put QS205 and Sabvotton controller in it, go really fast!

  48. Jacob Wegener says:

    Lol they got guys with e velomobiles going 81 kph… he’s going 25

  49. Elli P says:

    It's extraordinary that the computer voice perfectly mimics an educated Indian woman (who speaks English fluently as a second language), re-learning to talk after having suffered a head injury. How come they can make a machine that can do that, but can't get a machine to sound like the poor woman before the accident?

    There's absolutely nothing wrong with any of the numerous accents, dialects, regional variations, and world forms of English – it's a rich language, so why not spend some of it – but I'm a Brit (native English, tribally-speaking) and find it very uncomfortable to listen to. I imagine Indian viewers will find it hard to take, too. It sounds weird. A bit creepy. Surely it would be better in natural Hindi, Urdu, Gujarati, or another local language, but with English subtitles or captions for the benefit of the general YouTube viewing audience?

    Please, video makers, steer clear of these annoying algorithm-driven commentaries. Print unobtrusive captions instead. We like captions. A glance through the Comments for this otherwise interesting video will show that many of them are focused – negatively – on the awkward and unnatural narration and not on the subject matter.

    Just like THIS Comment, in fact! Oh, the irony… 😉

  50. Scooter Frank says:

    Podbike:Im Sommer eine mobile Sauna. Tödlich! Deadly! Wie beim Messerschmitt Kabinenroller!

  51. computerjantje says:

    This is a videochannel you morons. Stupid slideshows with idiot robot voice. big thumbs down

  52. paul goodman says:

    far to slow. motorists hate bicycles.must pass them at any cost. this useless pod thing, takes up more room. holds up traffic. no wipers, so can,t go out if it,s raining. must do at least 50 mph to keep up with traffic. in my city in a 30 mph zone. cars buses and trucks are still doing 40 to 50 mph. if they kept to 30 mph and under, they would not need to worry about slow bicycle type vehicles. as they could not pass them or go any faster. that is the problem. we need a device fitted to all cars and trucks, that stops them from going over 30 mph when in a city, triggered by a gadget fitted to lampposts as you enter a city or town. and only released the same way when you leave. come on inventors and tech companies. make them. paul

  53. Tobias Mittelstenscheid says:

    is this maybe an example for AI Autocreate Content

  54. Marc Senidre says:

    A very nice prototype – looks very amazing! And offers very great comfort – for a affordable price… It offers cool options…

  55. Vixinaful says:

    Does it have any storage?

  56. Joe Blue says:


  57. Martin Spru says:

    good idea, but for me not usable. speed has to be over 60km/h, 2. model in order to transport goods, 3.model for long distance and high speed up to 120kmh and range over 300km are necessary.
    Only thing working: the price, the only competing point to the Twike.

  58. Reed Stemen says:

    Sweet bike, STUPID video.

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