Plethora X5 TonePrint Pedalboard – Official Product Video

Take a bunch of empty pedalboards combine them with unlimited access to the full range of TC TonePrint pedals and all of the TonePrints that come with them. Give it a stir and what you get? Plethora X5 – TonePrint Pedalboard Packing all of our acclaimed toneprint guitar pedals from the last decade into a single pedalboard friendly unit Plethora X5 provides you with a tone toolbox full of studio-grade delay, reverb modulation, compression and pitch based effects Plethora x5 lets you create up to 127 digital boards and crams them into a single unit to take with you, wherever you go You no longer need to commit to a fixed stompbox arrangement before you head out on tour Populate each board with up to five torrent pedals of your choice, in any combination and signal routing that you wish No matter what kind of sound you’re chasing you can create an entire pedal board to fit the genre. Just hit the dedicated toggle switch or triple tap footswitches 1 and 2, to cycle through the boards on the fly Powered by our exclusive TonePrint technology, Plethora lets you curate a list of all of your favorite TonePrints for safekeeping Select and store up to 75 TonePrints for each of the onboard TonePrint pedals Providing instant access to all your favorite TonePrints directly from Plethora X5 We’ve assembled a selection of TonePrints for each of the pedals inside of Plethora Including all of the default effect models and a collection of the most commonly downloaded TonePrints by you guys So you can get started, straight out of the box, with incredible sounding effects Connect to the TonePrint App via bluetooth, to edit and add to these collections from a vast library of TonePrints Created by some of the world’s greatest musical artists and our in-house TC tone technicians You can also create your very own custom sounds using the in-depth TonePrint editor We know that you all have your favorite drive pedals and preamps, that you’ve built your entire style around We love our analog amps and pedals just as much as you do Plethora X5 is designed to mesh seamlessly with your gear without compromising the integrity of your original tone With its onboard effects loop, Plethora x5 lets you insert your favorite pedals anywhere in the signal chain You can even choose to dedicate a foot switch to toggle it on and off Or hook it up to your amp using the four cable method Allowing you to choose which pedals live in front of your amps input, and which pedals live in your amplifiers effects loop Armed with our unique MASH technology built into all five foot switches Plethora X5 lets you express yourself in a ton of different ways Each foot switch can be assigned to control any parameters you like in real-time and We’ve even unlocked MASH control for all of the legacy TonePrint pedals we’ve included with Plethora X5 Whether it’s extending the decay on your reverb pedal Expanding the depth of your tremolo or ramping up the speed of your flanger MASH technology gives you a whole new world of expressivity, right at your feet And for pedals like Flashback Delay or Pipeline Tremolo The secondary footswitch function can be changed from MASH to Tap Tempo, to make sure that you are always right on time If five MASH footswitches aren’t enough for you then you can connect an external expression pedal and assign it to any effect parameters r or use it as a volume pedal anywhere in your board’s signal chain As you would expect from TC electronic We’ve been obsessively fastidious to ensure that we treat your original signal with respect We pick up your tone at the stereo inputs provide huge levels of headroom and clarity on its journey through Plethora X5 and deliver it safely to its destination at the true stereo outputs without adding unwanted artifacts, loss of frequencies or intolerable latency Instead of having to choose between your beloved classic stomp box rig or an all-in-one device which could mean compromising on feel and inspiration Plethora X5 gives you the best of both worlds Plethora X5 can seamlessly integrate with and compliment all kinds of awesome guitar rigs and it’s not just for guitar players either! Plethora X5 works great with keyboards, synths, bass bongos, flutes or even tin whistles We’ve taken great care to design an extremely simple and intuitive UI which makes it faster than ever to build an effects chain, that just sounds awesome Create a board Choose your pedals Pick your TonePrints and away you go Building a board has never been easier and you don’t need a mess around with patch cables or worry or worry about how much power you’ve got for each of the effects The whole process of building boards with the TonePrint pedals of your choice and dialing in amazing tones literally takes seconds No need to press save buttons or enter endless menus Plethora remembers all of the settings that you made and saves them for you automatically If you feel like experimenting with pedal order on your board just hold down two footswitches to activate Quick Swap and instantly reorganize the signal chain What happens if you put your delay before your chorus? or your drive pedal after your flanger? Try it out, swap them around, experiment and have some fun Plethora X5 will receive regular updates including new boards, new pedals and new TonePrints Not to mention some top-secret exclusive stuff based on feedback directly from you guys With the simple concept of Boards, Pedals, TonePrints It’s easier than ever to create the effects setup of your dreams Every time Whenever and wherever you need it Boards Pedals TonePrints Boards Pedals TonePrints

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