Our Proposal Story / Jessie & Claud / Computer (Drama) Update [CC]

C: Hello!
J: Hiii! J: Well, we’ve just had quite a day. J: Quite a day.
C: An unexpected trip to the Apple shop. I love the Apple shop, but we didn’t really want to go the day before we fly C: away for two months.
J: No, no. Yeah, if you haven’t guessed, we are actually in Malaysia right now and clearly we pre-filmed this. J: We didn’t take the sofa.
C: Aw, I was gonna say, we took our sofa and this picture and the exact wall colouring with us. C: That’s not even funny, just shut up. J: “Yeah, still in Malaysia!” C: Today, we were in the Apple store. J: Yes, for a long time. It wasn’t great. But! Beth and Georgia were incredibly helpful. Thanks, guys. C: Yep. Very well-trained Apple…techies. Apparently – top tip for anyone who wants to work in an Apple shop – we were told by Beth, that you have to either have lots of tattoos, J: A beard
C: a beard, or be a gay girl. J: Lady-loving lady. C: Yeah. When I got a job as a barista when I was younger, J: Yes?
C: which was in Starbucks at the end, C: but I did apply to Cafe Nero initially, and Cafe Nero, the first question on their application form is: “Do you have any piercings and if so, how many?” I thought that was so random! And then I said, “Two, in each ear” and then I took it in, and the girl behind the cafe bar was covered in piercings, and I was like, “Oh, I’m not gonna get a job here.” C: And I didn’t get a job there! Anyway. That’s–that’s our point gone. C: Why were we at the Apple shop? J: Oh, my laptop died. Yeah. The laptop that died, that you guys were so helpful with getting fixed, died again. J: And since we’re leaving in less than 24 hours, we were like…
C: It was a little bit of a panic J: “Oh, my God, let’s just buy a new one!” J: So we had to go…
C: Well it’s the only option we had, so… J: Yeah. I make it sound like there were options. There were no options. That was the only option. C: After we’d kind of gone and interrogated the repairs people. C: Yeah, don’t go to Laptop Doctors. In Brighton. C: Yeah, we’ve learnt just always take it to the Apple shop, even if it’s gonna cost you a bit more. it’s probably a lot safer, because at the very least they’ll give you a new laptop, if they can’t fix it. C: Panic over, we have now two working laptops and we will be able to continue making videos. J: Back to this video: one of the questions that we get asked an awful lot is what is our proposal story? J: How did we get engaged?
C: I know, I can’t believe we haven’t made a video on this already. C: I was convinced we have got a video on this.
J: I know, we thought we had J: but apparently we haven’t.
C: OK. J: But if you want to know how we sort of started dating,
C: Shh, Tilly. J: you can watch our first date, the hour. C: And I probably did mention that I proposed to you after only four months of dating. J: Yes! So, four months after we started dating, J: it was my birthday!
C: Mm-hm. C: January the 25th, for those of you who don’t know. C: I don’t know how you wouldn’t know
J: Exactly one month after Christmas Day. C: ’cause she does go on about it quite a lot, but… J: I just like my birthday! There’s nothing wrong with that. C: Yep. She likes her birthday so much, so I was like, “Hmm, she loves her birthday” So, we – well, I – took her away to Rome for her birthday. C: And…
J: Because I also love classical civilisations. C: And Roman names, that’s why she dated me. Because my name’s like… C: stems from–otherwise…
J: No, yeah. I’ll give you that. C: But anyway. She just thought we were going away for her birthday – which we were – but she didn’t also know that tucked up my sleeve, I was planning to propose, as well on her actual birthday. So I think we flew out on the 23rd; her birthday’s the 25th so we had a couple of days to just sort of enjoy Rome and then on her actual birthday, we went to–which I think was a Sunday? So we went to the Vatican. J: But the funny thing is, for the whole few days, and going through security, you’d had my “birthday present” in your handbag. C: Mm-hm.
J: But it was massive. J: It was this big and really chunky, and I was like, “That’s definitely a massive book.” C: Yeah, it was a massive book.
J: Like, that’s a really, really big book. C: And I was like, “You can’t carry this.”
J: And it was wrapped up. C: Every time she offered to carry my bag, I was like, “No, no, no!”
J: I was like, “Are you sure?” C: “There’s a really big present in there, you can’t carry it.”
J: “Too heavy, too heavy. You can’t carry it.” C: And she was like, “Oh, OK.” J: “OK, I don’t know why you’re carrying this massive book in your handbag.” C: So after going round the Vatican, carrying this massive book around; Jessica constantly saying, “Are you OK? Are you sure you don’t want me to carry that?” Like, “Or I could open it at the hotel” C: Like in the morning, she was like, “Let me just open my birthday present now!”
J: [?] C: And I was like no, no, I’m gonna give it to you later.
J: No. Have to wait. And I think I made a little joke about, like, how I was worried– ’cause I said, “Oh, I really hope they don’t open your present in security” and she was like, “Why would they open the present?” And I was like, “Oh, I don’t know, but if they do, it’ll be really embarrassing because… because I did a–I bluffed it. Pretending it was possibly a…copy of the Kama Sutra or something similar. I don’t know, something that we’re embarrassed about. ‘100 Top Dildos You Should Buy’ – I don’t know. C: Something like that.
J: Don’t make this video be demonetised! J: So we went all around the Vatican, and on Sunday mornings, J: on the last Sunday of the month, you get to go in for free. J: So of course it was hugely busy.
C: Oh, and in the morning – we’ve forgotten – C: we went to the Colosseum in the morning.
J: Oh, yeah, we did! We went to the Colosseum! C: We shoved loads of stuff in this day.
J: Which is one of my favourite places on Earth! C: It was like a sunny, beautiful January day. J: Aww. It was so nice. C: Yeah, it was really, really lovely.
J: Really warm, as well. It was about 16 degrees. C: And then, you know, obviously I’d been carrying around this massive book, and she was like, “I’m really tired” “We’ve gotta go” – I was like, “No!!” C: And she was like, “OK…” Yeah, there’s a building called Il Vittoriano, which we’d seen from the Colosseum, which is a beautiful, beautiful building, but at the top it has a viewing platform and we’d said earlier in the day, “Wouldn’t it be amazing to go up there at sunset and just watch the sun set over Rome?” “Oh, yes, yes” So we talked about it the whole way around the Vatican. C: So I was like it’s such a beautiful day, let’s not take the chance that it might not be like this the rest of the week and go up there tonight, during sunset. And she was like, “Oh, OK. I don’t know, I’m really tired.” J: And we had lunch–we had dinner booked somewhere, as well. C: And I was like, “I’ll give you your birthday present at the top” and she was like, “Oh!” J: “OK then!”
C: “OK!” Because she loves her birthday. J: “I can find some energy!” C: Yeah, so anyway, we went up to the top – you can kind of see where this is going – C: and, um…
J: You are making this so unromantic! C: So then we got up to the top and it was really nice. It was like that beautiful pink colouring on all the buildings. You know, that kind of wintry sunset. Not that… J: It’s almost that cross between misty and yet you can see everything. C: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. C: And then I kind of waited for more and more people to leave, because it was near closing time. And I think we were like–I think there was one other couple up there. J: We were tucked away in this little corner.
C: We were tucked away in the corner. C: We were just saying how amazing her birthday was and she was really happy and I said, OK, I’ve got something that will probably, hopefully, make you even happier and I got out her book and I gave it to her and then suddenly she was like… J: And it was so light and I was like, “Oooh, my goodness!” and I opened it up and it was obviously one of those ‘book boxes.’ And it had the sweetest little card– Also, it had a peacock on. Peacocks are my favourite animal. And it had a little card on the front, and I opened up the card and it said… And I then–I just immediately knew what it was. J: And I just…
C: There was loads of tissue paper in there. J: And I just burst into floods of tears and got all shaky, and couldn’t quite breathe. J: I was so excited.
C: And then you rummaged through all the tissue paper. J: I didn’t, I couldn’t move. Do you remember? J: I couldn’t move, I was so like…
C: Oh, I had to get it out for you. C: And inside was a ring box. A really nice little leather ring box from this antique shop and then you couldn’t open–oh, you couldn’t open it! J: No, I couldn’t!
C: So then I had to do the traditional thing. C: Well, I didn’t get down on one knee, but I had to open it in front of her. C: And then inside was her little…
J: My lovely ring! C: Her three opal…
J: Insert close-up here. J: Because my grandmother had an opal and diamonds in her engagement ring, and she got married to my grandfather three weeks to the day they met. So, you know, it took a while for us, really. And they were together for sixty years until he died. C: We joke that she didn’t actually ever say yes She just burst into tears and then hugged me, so… J: Oh, no, you said, “I guess that’s a ‘yes,’ then”
C: [Sneezes] C: Sorry. C: Got me–it’s making me sneeze.
J: Oh, you’re all right! J: The excitement. J: Yeah, I think you said, “I’ll take that as a yes, then.” C: “I’ll take that as a yes, then,” and you just went [mimics Jessica crying] J: And then we, yeah, hugged and kissed and took more photos. C: We had the obligatory, you know… J: Except we didn’t actually post until the next day. We didn’t tell anyone. C: I was like let’s not post it until we’ve actually told our family. J: No, no. And I didn’t want to. J: I didn’t want to tell anyone.
C: Yeah, we kept it–it was our own–because also it was really nice; we were in a foreign land and it’s beautiful, and it’s like you’re in this little bubble that’s a world just for you two and it’s like this little secret that you know, but… It’s not like a secret – it’s weird, isn’t it? Because you want everyone to know, but also you just wanna share it on your own for a bit. J: Yeah.
C: Yeah. J: That’s the funny thing. I said this earlier. With you, I don’t feel ever like I’m sharing anything with you; you’re just me in a different body. C: I know, you forget to tell me a lot of the stuff. You’re like, “Come on, we’re leaving!” I’m like… J: Important stuff, yeah
C: “Where are we going?” She’s like, “To So-and-So’s.” C: “I told you.”
J: “Ohh, I forgot you don’t know because it’s in MY head.” J: “Right.” C: Some people probably think it’s quite, like, annoyingly sickening. J: Oh, we’re very mushy, I’m sure.
C: Yeah. C: What was it yesterday in London? And… you were off to the YouTube Space and I was off for a dental study day and I was like, “Oh, I won’t see you for like eleven hours! But I’ll meet you at the station to get the train home.” C: And she was like–
J: [?] It was for nine hours C: Clara was like, “Oh, God, guys, you’re meant to spend 24/7 with each other for the next two months.” C: We’re like, “Yeah…?”
J: “And?” C: That’s what makes it OK.
J: Does it matter? J: We follow each other from room to room, because why not? C: I think people know that we like each other quite a lot. C: So, it’s fine. So, yeah, that’s our proposal story. J: Yes.
C: I was pretty…I was kind of quite shocked by my own romanticism. J: And then, yeah, we didn’t tell anyone until we Skyped the next day. J: They were all shocked, because she hadn’t told anyone before she was going to propose. C: Your brother’s response was good. C: He was like [unhappy grunt] “Claudia!”
J: “Thanks, Claudia!” C: “How am I gonna top that?” J: Sorry. Sorry, Emily.
C: My dad’s response was hilarious. C: We face-timed him. We were like, “Dad, we’ve got something really big to tell you: We’re engaged!” C: And he went… C: And I was like, “Oh, no, this is not good, Jessica.”
J: “Oh, he really disapproves.” J: “Oh, my God.”
C: Because he was the one I was most nervous about telling. C: And then he went, “Sorry, I couldn’t hear what you said there.” C: “Say it again?” And I was like, “Oh! Er…” C: “We’re engaged?” C: “And he was like oh, right, yes, very good!”
J: “That’s good! Very nice.” C: “You can get married now, it’s legal.” C: I was like, “Yeah, well, that’s why we’re engaged!” J: We in fact met the same year that gay marriage became legal in the UK. C: Yeah.
J: (Late.) C: Yeah, we’re really lucky in that way. It never even was a–it was never a consideration. We never had to worry about not being able to get married. J: No. C: Um…and it was so natural. It was just like, “That’s what I wanna do.” And it was like naturally the right thing to do for me…and for you and luckily it was a choice that we could make. J: You’re the best thing that ever happened to me. C: I know, you tell me very often. It’s very nice to hear. J: So there you go, there’s our proposal story. J: It was–I don’t know if that was very exciting to you. I hope that was. C: Share your proposal stories, or…
J: Yes!! J: Share your proposal stories!
C: OK! J: Oh, wait, let’s start that again with the intention.
C: No, no, that was great! C: I love hearing people’s proposal stories. J: Aww, yes. C: And often, what you–
J: Or just how you met! I love that, too. C: I love Walter’s really subtle, like…walking behind us.
J: Thanks, Walt. Thanks. C: He wants something, I think. C: But also I love hearing what you think would be the most perfect way to be proposed to before it happens. Might not actually turn out to be the most perfect way, because however it happens for you, if you say yes, C: it will be the perfect way, because it’s with each other.
J: Because it’s your story. C: Yeah!
J: And your story, no matter what it is, is perfect. J: Oh, my–everyone watching this right now, please, please comment down below with your proposal stories because that is just gonna–I’m gonna come back to this video when I feel a bit sad and read them. C: I saw on a TV programme or read about it or heard from– it was not someone I directly know, but there was a really cute proposal story. Basically, this couple – she loved Kinder Eggs. So her boyfriend basically got a Kinder Egg, took it apart really carefully, put a ring in it – an engagement ring – put it all back together; wrapped it all up perfectly so she never knew; came home from the shops one day and was just like, “Oh, I got you a Kinder Egg!” Like, you know–like made it [look] as if it was just like that small thing that he always does for her and she was already like, “Aww, I love that you love–that you know me so well and that I love them.” And obviously then she opened it expecting to find her little Kinder toy and it was an engagement ring – and I thought that was really sweet, because obviously that is perfect for them. But I knew you wanted a big gesture. J: But I didn’t want it in front of people or anything.
C: No. C: And I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing it in front of lots of people, either. J: No, I wouldn’t expect you to. C: I wouldn’t have done that traditional restaurant thing. J: If you liked this video, then subscribe to the channel J: for more videos.
C: Ah, yes. J: And especially since right now we’re in Malaysia.
C: Yes, I was gonna say… C: This Sunday coming, we will show you what we’ve been up to in Malaysia this week – so, right now, we’re in Malaysia, but (because it’s Chinese New Year when we go out there) so tune in on Sunday, when we will upload our video of what we’ve been up to so far and a little bit of our getting to Malaysia; probably us recovering from jet lag, and so forth. J: Yeah! And you can expect Sunday weekly vlogs every week for the next two months! J: Yay! J: And little fun videos interspersed during the week.
C: Yep. J: Two or three, depending on how much we can do. J: Bye, guys! Love you! C: Bye.

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    Thanks everyone for sharing your very lovely stories, we are having the best time reading them! So precious 😍

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    I know I'm very late to the party but sharing is so fun! we met during my last quarter of school, decided it would be a casual thing with an expiration date because I was leaving for military training (but got sick and had to leave after 5 months), but we kinda accidentally fell in love over the course of the month and decided to just keep up with it while I was away (I wrote to them every single day and copied down excerpts from their letters to carry in my pocket). they let me move into their little basement studio apartment when I had to quit training, no questions asked. I'd always been more interested in marriage than them (my parents had divorced and remarried; theirs have stayed unhappily together), but we'd been working through things in therapy together and one day after an appointment they suddenly ask how I feel about a long engagement.

    a month later they came out to me as nonbinary and they were just. so full of happiness and they felt so much more present to me and stuff, I wanted to wait until a day they had class to go meet them under a tree they were fond of but I ended up proposing on our own porch that same weekend because they had just become even more themself and I needed them to know exactly how much of a fan I was. I had a little speech and everything, and they'd already picked out their own ring the week before, although I did fail to say the actual important words when I knelt down XD they didn't actually know why I'd dragged them out to the porch and started asking funny relationship-spanning questions until I pulled out the ring box.

    a couple weeks after that we agreed to meet up when I was done with work although they got there way early and wandered the market without me, they said they wanted to go to the aquarium (my favorite place) but it was about to close so we just went to the bookstore instead because I wanted to pick something up anyway. I had told my best friend that morning I kind of hoped they would propose but it would be nice to just get to hang out with them, too, because they'd been busy with school. they started acting very nervous and shifty when we got to the store, and they were clearly up to something but I offered to pretend not to notice and they sheepishly agreed. they had found a book of interesting houses and wanted to show me one, and then they revealed they'd been hiding a ring in the book the whole time XD they didn't say a single word, just knelt down in the bookshop and looked up at me. I'd shown them lots of ideas of rings I like and they picked out a lovely one from the market while they were waiting for me, even when I feel too ill to change out of my pajamas I make sure to put it on every morning.

    we've been together almost four years and I still look at them and get kind of kindergarten smitten from time to time, staring and smiling and "hey I like you wow" <3 (the wedding will probably be another few years out, but that just means I'll have lots of ideas :3 ) I've just started showing them your videos because we were previously straight-passing and won't be anymore, and seeing you two so affectionate makes them feel kinda cozy and sweet.

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    My husband and I are very practical people. We had been talking a out getting married soon for a few weeks. We looked at our calendar and saw we had a free weekend. We agreed that we should get married on 8/19/18. We liked the date and it was six weeks away. Then we shook on it. He did do the one knee business when he gave me my ring. After we finished dinner. He had already bought one like six months before.

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    So, I am watching now in 2019, and my proposal story is as follows: well, first off I must say that my husband is American, and I am Italian. We met on the internet, back in 2001 (I was 18 and he was 19). We managed to keep our relationship alive through summers and winters together. Fast forward to 2003. He came over for Christmas, and apparently he showed the diamond ring he was going to give me to my parents, while distracting me with some funny stuff on the computer. Later that night (it was Christmas Eve), we were home alone (I lived with my parents in an apartment, and we did not have a lot of room, so while my husband was visiting either us or my parents went to stay with my grandmother), and after dinner he proposed to watch a movie together. I think at that time we still had the VCR and he selected The Lion King, which was among my favorite movies. Yeah well, it was midnight by the time we finished, and so we decided to swap presents. I notice that he goes towards my parents' bookcase, so I guess I had a puzzled expression on my face, because I wasn't well understanding what was going on, and I had no idea he had hid my present there. Long story short: in no time, while I was sitting on the couch, he drops to his knee and proposes to me. He meant to give me a "speech", but then he got so nervous that he kind of forgot it all and got as red as a pepper. He likes to say that my jaw dropped, because I was not expecting that (the reality of it was that I kind of hoped for it, but I was not thinking it was gonna happen). Well, of course I said yes, we both cried, then he wanted to call his parents to tell them the news (my parents obviously already knew and clearly they already imagined the answer). We got married in 2006, and in 8 days from today we'll celebrate our 13th anniversary. It still seems like yesterday! Girls, there will be hard times, but when there is love, everything can be faced and any problem can be solved! Best of luck for you two loving ladies!! 🙂

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    I found out my fiancée was 100% planning to marry me and already assumed we were engaged while I was extremely sick from a migraine, throwing up and passing out between happy sobs.
    She officially asked me around Christmas with the ring hidden in a little puzzlebox. I had no idea despite already solving a word puzzle that said "will you marry me", until I got to the ring lol

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    My proposal story:
    A summers journey to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with Peter, his father and sister. Lounging on the beach during the day was a wonderful preview to a fun filled evening.

    CaboWabo was a destination on my bucket list and it was just our luck that Sammy Hagar was in town and had gigs scheduled at his restaurant/bar. We, Peter, his sister and me, we’re at the bar, listening to the band and having a great time. The band took a break and when they returned Sammy Hagar spoke to the crowd, “there’s this guy out there that’s been trying to get his girl to marry him and he’s asked for my help. So, Sandra- will you marry Peter?”
    Peter was standing behind me with his grandmothers ring, spot lights focused on us for the response, along with approximately 300 people…. imagine my complete surprise – I burst into tears and said yes! The crowd went wild and Sammy’s band played “When a man loves a woman” we danced the night away. Very magical in a rocker kind of way.

    (Apparently when I was relaxing on the beach, Peter wrote a note to Sammy Hagar and he and his sister went to CaboWabo during the day and spoke to the security guards who gave the note to Sammy. Peter had no idea if he would do it or not.

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  31. Pottah says:

    Well it has been a year since I first saw this video. Hahaha! Anyways, my boyfriend of 8 years finally proposed! And I guess I am here to tell you about it. 😅

    We met in highschool and both got our license as engineers before we made it official. So you can say we are a bit geeky. Hahaha! Anyway. So he is VERY awkward doing romantic stuff like this but he brought me to a museum because I LOVE sculptures. So as I was looking at this massive sculpture, my phone beep and he sent me the picture of the ring. And I was about to turn around and tell him "really dude?" hahaha but then I saw him kneeling with the ring in his hand. It was simple and intimate (there was no one there haha) and it was perfect. 😊💕

  32. Liz says:

    On our first date, I took my future husband to my favorite park. Six months later, we were back at that park to celebrate 6 months together, and he pulled out a poem to read to me. The first letter of each line spelled out “would you marry me?”, and while I was reading it, he pulled out the perfect ring (emerald with Celtic knotwork)!

  33. Julie Green says:

    You 2 are so perfect together! Hope you had a good time in malaysia

  34. TARAdaycatal or Tara if your normal says:

    When i worked at starbucks they asked that lol. My manager was a jerk and hated a guy who worked great our manager just hated people who got dates and is nice to humans that he planned on a drug teat. I told him non of us will pass but me cause i was low on funds. He thouhht we got them from said nice guy. Nope the girl brat he loved was our dealer…of pot nothing else btw..

  35. Noka Oi says:

    Oh I absolutely adore you two ! 🥰🥰🥰….. I’m SO glad I found your channel !!!! You are just so sweet and loving together! I always feel a sense of calm and happiness when watching your videos ! My husband proposed to me while on a vacation together in Maui, HI . We were watching the sunset at our condo which was located just about 40 feet from the ocean ! Our little lanai (patio) was overlooking the west side of Maui and the island of Molokai was directly in front of us …. and we could just barely see the Island of Lanai as we looked to the South, and in between these two islands would be the most fantastic pink, orange and yellow sunsets every night. We sat at the sea wall one night having a drink before dinner when he popped the question and placed a beautiful yet simple single diamond 💍 ring on my finger ! It was just us, very private and romantic. I remember the trade winds were so warm and balmy. We then went to our favorite restaurant and had the the perfect dinner! Just us two! 🤗🥰💍🌺🌴🌈❤️ 🥂🏝🐠

  36. Miyu Shikama says:

    1. Wasnt this the most convincing "please comment" youve ever seen
    2. I want to be proposed to on a planned, prepared whim, in which i mean at the stage that we both know its going to happen, but like hey lets get married one day when we wake up on a sunny weekend

  37. Nina says:

    Jessica, you share a birthday with my grandmother (dad's side), and you're both red-heads! ❤ My grandfather (mom's side) was a police officer in Rome.
    Your photos are beautiful. There's so much love radiating from them. You can really tell how much you care for each other in the way you look at each other 🖤🖤🖤

  38. Alyssa Nusbaum says:

    I absolutely love you two! ❤️🏳️‍🌈

  39. H i says:

    I have a question. It may never get answered but I am asking. So you have memory loss. But do you think you will ever forget this story

  40. Beta M says:

    I know this video is quite old but I'll leave my comment anyway. I was proposed to by my boyfriend in a lovely off the grid, wooden hut by a gorgeous lake in Scotland. We were staying there to celebrate our 6 year anniversary as a couple. In the evening we were putting together a jigsaw puzzle of our photographs (which at the time I thought was a cute anniversary present) to then find out some pieces were missing. Those pieces were still in the box, when I started laying them down I saw the the words "will you…" and I instantly knew! With a massive smile on my face, heart beating like crazy and my mouth repeatedly saying omg, omg, omg!… I assembled the final pieces and turned around to see him on one knee with a ring box stretched out towards me! It was perfect ❤

  41. Super Happy Scrapper says:

    My boyfriend and I were dating 4 months and were joking about how much he loved me and jokingly I said then you should marry me. He said I want to. The next day we went and picked out a ring. I was expecting a romantic proposal but no…he hands me the ring as we were driving back to my apt and said put it on. We were married 5 months later. Tomorrow is our 20th wedding anniversary. I'm still waiting on him to be romantic lol

  42. James Banks says:

    i met my boyfriend in an online game and after about 4 years took a trip from taxes to California to meet him. i gave him a huge hug the instant i saw him and could not speak til the next day. after the week was up i went back home and started to make plans to move out 6 months later. after living together for five years i asked his mom if i could marry him. she just about cried on the phone she was so happy. a few weeks later i talked to his boss and she told me i could propose to him while he is at work in front of all the costumers and other employees. i baked him a red velvet cupcake and cut a hole in the middle just big enough for the ring box to sit in. i then snuck in the back door with his bosses help and snuck up behind him all dressed up and gave him the cupcake. he was speechless and mad at her for letting me do this. he had no choice to say yes and we walked out the front door with the costumers clapping. three months latter we ALMOST got married… we forgot to do the marriage license and ended up having a fake wedding since it was all paid for and did not tell anyone what happened. truly magic.

  43. Maria Viatcheslavovna says:

    I was also born on January 25th hehe 😎😎😎

  44. LadyRed L says:

    My fiancee and I proposed at the same time! Getting married next September and I couldn't be happier

  45. GummyQueen13 says:

    I'm not engaged yet but the first time I saw my significant other I was across the room sitting underneath a bench stretching before rehearsal for our uni's musical that year and they were standing in the audience talking with someone, we made eye contact and we both thought that is the most beautiful person I've ever seen I was being weird because I choose underneath the bench to stretch and they were dressed weird in a black anime T-shirt and grey jeans with the word try written on them, we were friends for a year both pining after one another until I was at their place complaining to them and their roommate about an awful tinder date I went on the day before(they were sexist) and our friend made a joke that revealed we liked each other. we've been together 2 years, we live together and they take care of me when my chronic illness is acting up, I take care of them the rest of the time. I happen to know they intend to propose to me next month (October 2019) because they are horrible at hiding anything from me and it's our favorite month, I don't care how I just love them so much and I want to be with them forever. <3 I'm crying thinking about it! <3 <3

  46. Misseggroll18 says:

    I proposed on my wife's birthday also. I had a bunch of silly gifts and than the last gift was a puzzle. I am pretty sure I'm married to an 80 year old because she loves puzzles, so she had to solve the puzzle with no picture it was about 60 pieces. I knew she would figure out what was going on so she started to tear up while completing it. I left one piece of the puzzle that said "Will you marry me?" Out and put it in the ring box. So my whole little speech was about how we are each others missing piece. It is now framed and on the wall. She did say yes nut through a lot of tears lol.

  47. Andie Early says:

    My now-husband was visiting me. We were having waffles. He asked me over waffles.

  48. Sandi Chase says:

    I must share my proposal story with you, because it will no doubt make Jessica crazy.

    My wife and I actually met on a Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan site, dedicated to Willow and Tara. She was entranced by my fan fic and sassiness, but didn't have the guts to talk to me because she thought I was too cool for her. Then my dog took sick, I knew i had to put her down but I felt like a murderer and Dianne reached out to me. She said she could hear me crying 2,200 miles away. I was in New Hampshire and she was in Texas, which are worlds away in practically every abstract way possible. The first time I heard her accent over the phone I couldn't help laughing out loud. It shouldn't have worked out, I'd given up looking for love years before (I was 42, she was 43) we were just supposed to be friends, but love does what it wants.

    I should probably mention that up 'til then I had always been vehemently anti-marriage, for all combinations of genders. So that you understand how romantic this was despite sounding like the most unromantic thing ever.

    I said goodbye to my sweet houndbaby Tess at the end of June. Dianne flew up to visit in August. We were driving down the road and suddenly I heard myself saying "So…you wanna get married?" Just as casually as you'd ask someone to pass the salt. Dianne said, "Yeah, OK."

    We were married in October, IN JEANS AND T-SHIRTS in the woods across the street from my parent's house. A light sprinkle fell just as we said our vows and stopped after a minute. A blessing from the goddess. My sister officiated. The next morning we got in a rental truck with all my belongings and spent our honeymoon driving to Texas. If you can drive 2,200 miles with your new wife, without killing one another, you know you'll make it. We celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary last week. Everyone has a different love language and since our marriage I've come out of the closet, not as a lesbian, I did that at 19, but as a true romantic. My gifts to her are so romantic and touching, they'd make you want to puke. Ok, maybe just gag a little. Love you guys. You are such a cute couple. Doggos too.

    Also, I also am disabled and can't work due to chronic pain and cognitive deficits due to fibromyalgia. Jessica, your positive attitude, indomitable attitude and relentless cheerfulness really help me get through the bad days. Thank you.

  49. Victoria Magee says:

    I’m a HUGE Disney fan and in 2015 I finally got to take a trip to Walt Disney World in Orlando with my (now) husband. We were there for two weeks and I hoped he would propose but nope, nothing. Until two days before we were coming home, when we went to dinner at Be Our Guest, the beauty and the beast themed restaurant. Beauty and the Beast is my favourite movie and fairytale of all time. The restaurant is beautiful and the napkins on the table are folded up into roses. I stepped off to go to the bathroom and when I came back the waitress was taking my order and I glanced at the table whilst I was thinking… and there, tucked into the napkin rose is the ring. I went silent and the waitress asked if I was ok so I just pointed silently at the ring… at this point she freaked out and told my husband off for not giving her a heads up that he was proposing. 😂❤️

    We then had a Beauty and the Beast themed wedding before going back to Disney for our honeymoon and revisiting the same restaurant.

  50. minime10291 says:

    I recently found your videos and as a ex-burlesque dancer, I love your style, hair tips, openness and insight. I am hoping to share my story since you have shared so much of yours.

    My fiance started distance running because I wanted to run a half marathon and he agreed to run the other half. During the training he realized how much he loves running and credited me being in his life, with his new found hobby. We finished our race together and he started planning the proposal for the next marathon. Sad to say, I got hurt and had to drop from the next three races. He ended up proposing at the anniversary of our first race. I biked the whole course (I had a hard time even walking) with the ring in my bag. He finished the race and sat on the ground. After catching his breath he rolled up onto a knee and proposed. It might not have been "perfect" by other people's standards. He was sweaty and exhausted, but it was perfect for me. We are due to me Married in May 2020

  51. Rosemary Bruce says:

    "really warm as well, it was like 16°" as an australian i nearly spit out my coffee. 16° for me is like thickest pants and two jumpers

  52. Katelyn Moonglade says:

    U have the same birthday as me :0 jan 25 hehe

  53. Andrea Corey says:

    I love you two!

  54. beitermf says:

    well I'm very late to the game here, but – the coolest thing about my proposal is that my husband and I each inherited a ring from our families and we designed my engagement ring using the stones from both of them. 🙂

  55. your local hufflepuff says:

    Jessies "o-oh! yes!" omg hhahahah

  56. Jenny Miller says:

    I know I'm a little late to the party, but I'm going to have a go anyway.
    I got incredibly sick about a month after my husband and I started dating. Cut to our five month anniversary- I'm in the hospital… again. We had already talked about how we'd like to someday get married. To also make sense to the story, one of our hobbies was working on cars and I LOVE pearls. So, I'm in the hospital and he comes after work to see me. He brings a package and it was this purse I had forgotten I ordered. I open the package and this purse is considerably heavier than I thought. I look inside because why the Hell is this purse so heavy? There is a ring box. I pull it out, open it, and inside is this gigantic bolt. I look up at him and he walks over, "Sorry, I would have gotten something better, but I spent it all on this-" gets on one knee, and pulls out the EXACT pearl ring I showed him months before. Never one to censor myself, I looked at my IV drip and asked if I was high. Interesting fact, he bought the ring I showed him the same day I showed him. The bolt actually fits my ring finger and we used little nuts and bolts in wedding decor.

  57. Adeline says:

    Watching you two makes me so wholeheartedly happy. Like I'm crying and I don't even know why. All my love and best wishes darlings <3

  58. Ruth Gibbs says:

    I thought that by Apple shop you were taking about a shop for the Apple fruit

  59. Ruth Gibbs says:

    Not my proposal story because I'm 15 but my mum got engaged 2 weeks ago and it was the weekend after my stbsd (soon to be step dad) birthday there is a bridge inferring of a church in derby and they were out with his friends and they were mucking about trading them and do my mum and stbsd walked of ahead and he got down on one knee and proposed. The best part is the photos all look like she is gushing and saying yes when in reality she was saying oh my good no don't do this this is so cliché stop it get up but then she said to ask her when they were sober (they were a bit tipsy) and so he did and my mum said yes.

  60. Jennifer Verdin says:

    You two are so cute!

  61. memento mori says:

    im not married or anything but im currently 20y old. i met my current boyfriend when i was in elementary school, we were the best of friends and did everything together. we kind of fell out of touch in middle school and high school since we went to different schools then; but in college i reached out to him since he was always in the back of my mind. we’ve been dating for two years now and i know he’s meant for me. i feel so lucky to have someone like him.

  62. halfrek says:

    I dont want to get married, but my best friends proposal story is one of my favorites. They met originally on a bird watching trip, both of them are hiking and star gazing fanatics. So when my friend's Jess's future husband decided to propose, he thought, naturally, it would be romantic to propose outside, somewhere beautiful they liked to hike at. So when they decided to take a couples camping trip to New Mexico that same year, he began to set up the surprise for her and decided he would propose under the Stars (you can see the Milky Way in New Mexico!) Little did he know she had proposal plans of her own because she totally found out he was going to do it. I helped her find a Falconer in the area, to help with her proposal prank 😈😏🥰. While he was setting up the night-gazing equipment prior to his planned proposal, she was getting dinner ready at their campsite and suddenly yells, "Andy, omg look at this HAWK, he is sitting right here on our tent!! Quick look" He runs over shocked to see a huge bird sitting on their tent perched with a little rucksack attached to him. They are both "oohing and awwing", confused why the bird is here and what is on it's foot. Then all of a sudden it flew away, leaving the rucksack. Andy is stunned (jess is playing along) and she says "Andy, check the bag, what if it's important! What if it's scientific research or something!" 😏 so he grabs it and in the rucksack was a letter addresed to HIM-and a ring tied to it. Jess filmed this entire scenario on her go-pro and it was epic the look on Andys face as he read the letter, which basically said "I found out you were proposing to me. Thought I'd beat you to it. Will you marry me?" 😆😆😆🥰 I believe he was quiet for a whole 5 minutes as he cogged it out in his brain 🤣🤣🤣 Needlessly to say, they both said yes, but as retaliation for the prank proposal, Jess had to find her own ring at the campsite which he had hidden in the telescope cap.

  63. Anu Sha says:

    My fiance and I's proposal was the best day of my life. We both share a love for extreme sports and traveling. She had never been to the Grand Canyon before, so I planned the trip for us to go on a road trip from BC to Arizona. When we got there, we went river rafting and hiking and whatnot. And that night while camping under the magnificent, star-laden sky, I proposed to her. Her eyes just shimmered and I swear as cheesy as it may sound, she was the brightest star I saw that night. We've decided to hold off our wedding until 2021, enough time for me to graduate with my medical and her to get her degree in teaching 😊

  64. Kirsten Tippit says:

    My friend dad went with

    I like wed nings winning tungs OH MY GOD WEDDINGS. Then panicked and yelled WHY PLEASE WEDDING ME OH DEAR GOD. He was so nevious we all died she said yes ….i guess they got married but she just died almost peed herself and hugged him

  65. Blossomness Studios says:

    My dad proposed to my mom at a convenience store, in the gas station parking lot. We still live in the same town, so from time to time we'll drive past and I can see the spot where he proposed.

  66. The Trace Face Space says:

    I just adore you two.
    My husband and I were engaged after four months as well. When you know you know!

  67. Candie K says:

    OMG thats so romantic, awwwwww, made me cry 🙂

  68. Candie K says:

    It was right after a lovely Xmas & we were in bed talking about how happy we were & how well we get along, how easy it was for the three of us to just be ourselves, we don't argue, or fight, it seemed so perfect & we all decided to sleep in it and in the morning we would each write out the perfect gift we each wanted for NEXT Xmas. So we all got up, it was a lovely snowy day, we sat down for breakfast & by the end we all had a folded note that we placed in the center piece & at dinner we would each open them up at the same time.
    When dinner came, we all opened up out notes & we had each said we should get married & be together for ever. We all laughed cause it was exactly the same thing and then it kind of hit us, do we reallly mean it & we kind of all said, YEAH!
    I said I love you both so much & both Mag & Sarah were saying the same thing to me. (I'm deaf, so I found myself reading them both saying what I was saying aloud) We all laughed & then it was officail, we're going to get married, and WE DID. Although, its not legal for us as a Triad to be married (you can't marry a third person) we did the whole thing anyway, screw the system.
    NEVER been happier.

  69. Brooke Sayewich says:

    My fiancé proposed to me when I walked out of the bathroom very nude in our hotel room in Quebec City. He was so nervous doing it that he didn’t know when to do it.

    Yeah we tell people he did it out front of chateaux Frontenac and he was so romantic about it…😂

  70. Kochhar Kids says:

    I can't think of a better proposal than yours! That is exactly the one I want but I most likely won't get as I live in the U.S.

  71. scarfacerubberduckys says:

    My fiancé and I just decided that we were ready. We got together in college and started setting up our life together. I’m a jeweler so I made my own ring and we’ve been having fun planing our small ceremony!

  72. Laura Starbrooks says:

    8:02 Tilly🥰

  73. Freak Show says:

    You share a birthday with me and my twin brother! Omg! Cool!

  74. carocar03 says:

    I’m from Rome and I find the view from the top of the Vittoriano, at sunset, one of the most romantic ever! So glad it was the location for such a wonderful moment. I’m straight but I don’t think it makes a difference, you really have found each other! Best wishes ✨

  75. Lesbian Youtuber says:

    I look at you two and I just see what I want my future to be 💜💜💜

  76. Sarah Southwell says:

    My husband and I had been going out with each other for two weeks when he proposed to me , we had been friends for four years and both dating other people but secretly harboring feelings for each other , we were both at last single so we dated , anyhoo I cooked a meal for him and he told me i was perfect all round and the fact i could cook so well was a bonus and that id make a wonderful wife , i sad id like that and he said well then it shall be and we laughed and kissed and told everyone we were engaged , that was 10 years ago and still happily in love and married for 9 years.

  77. Lila Smith says:

    So I'm super late when it comes to this video. I never said yes either. Well so it was the day after my birthday and me and my boyfriend had been working at a scoutcamp for the past month. But on the weekends we could go wherever we wanted because there weren't any scouts around. We went to a state park near by and sat watching over a lake. I hugged him and mentioned his heart was beating faster then normal. He looked at me and asked. "Do you want to get married?" I smiled and said "sure." He then pulled out the ring he made me out of wood because I'm allergic to metal and we talked for hours. It was great. But I never actually said yes. We are going to get married net February. Very excited about it.

  78. Amy Ott says:

    I have an opal in my wedding ring to! Beautiful!

  79. Ahti Jansson says:

    here in northren ireland same sex marriage has just passed (for now urgh) but although im on the fence about getting married i didnt want to get married unless every wonderful couple could

  80. Frugal Family, Dumpster Decor, And More says:


  81. Bluebird Girl says:

    I hope to find my person and be as happy together with them as you two are together!

  82. Maxine Padua says:

    oh im reading everyone's proposal story… im in tears and love love love

  83. PysselPixie says:

    My fiance and I went to gran canaria for a holiday this summer and one of the days we were there he suggested that we go to the beach restaurants to have dinner. Actually saying that he thought it would be romantic to have dinner with the ocean as our backdrop. Had a lovely dinner and after that he suggested a walk on the beach in the sunset. We walked for a while and I was starting to get tired so I suggested that we started heading back to the hotel. He the tricked me by saying that he saw some dolphins out in the sea, I looked but nothing there, turned around to him and he's on one knee with an old Nintendo 8bit controller that he made into the ring box (we both love old video games) and he asked me "Will you join me on an adventure to a galaxy far far away and make me the happiest man in the universe?" I bawled my eyes out! And of course said yes 😍
    funny thing is that I had told him a couple of weeks earlier after we had seen a movie where the guy proposed on the beach that that would be my perfect proposal. He had already planned this for a good 5 months when I told him that 😅

  84. Lemon Rat says:

    Ugh, what a beautiful video, makes me shead a joyful tear✨😭

  85. Abigail Elliot says:

    This is such a beautiful story. I dont think I could know it's the right thing after 4 months of knowing someone, but clearly you did! I hope one day I find someone who matches me as wonderfully as you two match each other.

  86. Doodars says:

    When they were talking about the apple shop, I thought they meant a shop that sold actual apples 😂😂

  87. Maddie Walsh says:

    I’m getting major When Harry Met Sally vibes from this video

  88. Clint Spell says:

    The relationship between my wife and I started when we happened to meet each other at a 5k race (we actually worked together, but in different departments so we rarely actually interacted). After that, running was and is a fairly big part of our lives together. So, when I realized that I wanted to marry her, I told my mom, who then surprised me by sending me her and my dad's wedding rings (we're not rich by any means, so it was a huge weight lifted). So, I planned for us to go running together in a park that we loved. I packed the engagement ring in the pouch on my water bottle carrier, and after we had ran about a mile or so we took a break and I took the opportunity to ask her. She started crying as soon as I brought out the silk towel that I had wrapped the ring in. Later, she told me that she wanted to just blurt out, "YES!!!" but had to really really control herself to wait and let me ask. 🙂

  89. Adamaris says:

    Honestly I can't wait until I can come back here with mine. My bf and I have been dating for three and a half months now, and it looks like it's going in that direction. He's such a sweetheart, my best friend who I could trust with anything and everything I could have ever dreamed of. Basically I'm so in love 😍😍 but yeah… Proposal has not happened yet. Hopefully it'll happen sometime this year, and then I can come back and tell everyone about how much of a sappy dork he is 😍😍

  90. Inactive Manuscript says:

    I proposed to my boyfriend and although everything went wrong and I asked him 2 weeks earlier, he still said yes lol!

  91. PMO says:

    You two are adorable!

  92. Adrienne Jernigan says:

    Here's you an idea for a video….each of you do a vlog on how the other coming into your lives has impacted you for the better. For instance, in what ways has Claudia or Jessica shown you better things about yourself or perhaps aspects they appreciate about you that perhaps you didn't notice before in yourself? What little idiosyncratic things do they say or do that makes you cherish them? Who was Jessie before Claud and vice versa etc etc.

  93. Eleanore E says:

    My OTP FOR ABSOLUTE LIFE!!! you are just the most lovely couple. ❤️❤️❤️

  94. Nika Kozar says:

    Every time I feel down I watch this video and it reminds me that love is possible. I hope something wonderful like this happens to me someday too. You two are the loveliest people. 💜

  95. Friendly neighborhood Athiest says:


  96. Lisette Melián says:

    In spain it's been legal since 2005, what I'm missing is someone to marry…

  97. sparkdala says:

    proposing after 4 months of dating is the most lesbian thing ive ever heard lmaooo i love it

  98. Jennifer D. says:

    We were in Oregon for a conference my wife was going too and we drove out to the coast and had brunch. And after a walk on the beach she proposed…and scared the hell out of me…and 36 hours later I said yes in a pub in Portland.

    Thing is the last engagement I had went really bad and I was scared. But here we are about to celebrate our 3rd anniversary in May and I could not feel more lucky.

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