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We’re here today to discuss the differences
between original equipment manufactured bulbs by Osram and Phillips, in comparison to the
compatible or replacement bulbs that a lot of our customers call us about that they find
online. On average you can purchase a low-end bulb
that’ll give you a thousand to three thousand hours of life which are the compatible or
replacement bulbs, most customers find online. The prices of those bulbs usually range anywhere
from as low as forty dollars uptill about a hundred and ten dollars. These are usually
aftermarket bulbs. They are belt with lesser quality components and ingredients as you
can see here in comparison with an original bulb. You can see these are two used bulbs
and you can see the clear comparison and differences in both: the wiring harness, the way it’s
attached and the materials used in the overall bulb. Also you can see the difference after
usage how they wear and tear. Your Original bulb is always going to save
you money because you may pay more money for the bulb at first, but it’s gonna last anywhere
from four to five times longer. High-end bulbs or original equipment bulbs, such as the Osram
and Philips bulbs options last anywhere from six to ten thousand hours that also means
that even if you are paying two times more for the bulbs, they’re gonna last for five
times longer. In the long run you are saving money.
Here at AAAA TV Electronics Vacuum and Appliances, we stock over five hundred different compatible
bulbs or replacement bulbs for your original equipment made by Osram and Philips.
These options are going to give you the full six to ten thousand hours. We also offer with
our bulbs the longest warranty in the industry. Online you only get anywhere from thirty to
a hundred and eighty day warranties usually. We offer up to two year warranty, that’s
two whole years that we offer on our bulbs. We also have one year options for the customers
who are looking to save up some little bit of money.
Come on down, we have all the bulbs in stock for Sony, Samsung, Mitsubishi, Panasonic,
Toshiba, and JVC. And we’re here Monday through Saturday nine
to six.

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