OnePlus 7t Pro Nova Launcher Setup:Make Your Phone Look like Oneplus in hindi 2020

Hey guys in this video i will tell how you can create Oxygen OS theme for any Android using Nova Launcher For this you have to download some applications and I have provided link in the description If you are facing any problem while downloading or installing the app you can comment after opening Nova Launcher Now guys you have to do next –>next Now press and hold the screen and choose settings of Nova Launcher Here go to homescreen here you will see Desktop Grid change it to 5 x 5 Next to Icon Layout and change the icon size to 100% and label size to minimum and go back Now guys choose padding do it small x small and done Now move to search bar, we will choose widget here and go to search bar style her we will edit our widget Next go to bar color and make the transparency 20% and click on tick. Now go back and look for page indicator and choose the third one Next go to advance enable show shadow Now open App drawer Go to app grid –>change it to 5 x 5 next go to the icon layout and make sure match desktop size is checked and in label change it to minimum go back and uncheck the frequently used app In top bar choose the search bar After doing this go to the search bar style and here choose the fourth one now go back make sure swipe indicator is check Now we will go to the scroll accent color –>and choose the blue color click on the tick mark to save it and go back Now we go to look and feel and choose our icon pack here go to icon style and icon theme –>select oxygen OS icon pack Check the Normalize icon size, here we are done. And now go back and check the drop targets and change the scroll speed to stock. Now move back and open gesture and input –>choose swipe up –>app drawer Now go to notification badges and choose dynamic badges, for this you have to give it a permission , for this click here and choose nova launcher and allow it. Now you can edit as you wish Now go back and go to folder icon appearance choose round style. Follow me change the transparency to 20% and then go back. Now our setting is done…. and go back to homescreen resize widget and press and hold the screen then go to widget- ->choose oneplus widget–>choose 2nd one drag and drop the widget Sorry guys I forget a setting In Nova Settings–>App Drawer –>change background transparency to 10% and In home screen setting change dock padding to small x large. Now go back , We adjust our screen Now guys remove extra Now guys you can see everything is done here app drawer is looking good. Now I will to tell How you will give notification bar to look like that one Oneplus for this i am using an app powershade give permissions, and our notification bar is setuped allow allow don’t show again Now go to the layout and scroll down and check the brightness slider at the bottom and go back. Now go to homescreen notification bar setuped now guys we will apply the dark mode, for this I am using Night Mode in Nova Laucher. Go to Nova Setting –>Choose Night Mode –>Night Mode for all Now go back to homescreen you can see dark mode is applied you can see dark mode is applied Now to enable dark mode in Notification bar , for this again open your powershade application and go to colours, In colour choose the background color to black and click on apply Click on active colour and choose any color of you choice and also change the slider color of your choice and apply. Now guys I will tell how you can apply live wallpaper tap and hold screen –>choose wallpaper –>look for live wallpaper –>choose any oneplus live wallpaper –>set it as wallpaper. Now if you lock your screen and turn it on you will see the wallpaper movement. Thank you guys for watching the video If you like this video make sure do like and subscribe this channel and stay tune for more.

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