Odoo Point Of Sale: Shops and Restaurants

Managing a retail shop isn’t easy. Handling your sales, stock, accounting, and
shop should be simple and fast. Odoo POS is the perfect solution. Managing is easier with Odoo’s fully integrated
inventory and accounting modules. Odoo POS has all the features you’re looking
for. The easy-to-use interface allows you to serve
multiple customers at the same time thanks to parallel orders. Use the barcode scanner for prices, discounts,
recognizing the customer loyalty card and adding points. Of course, Odoo POS also allows credit card
payments and for invoicing it’s linked to Odoo Accounting. Odoo POS also includes great features specifically
designed for restaurant management. Process orders by choosing the table on your
restaurant’s map, connect multiple printers to send orders to the kitchen or bar, split
the bill for groups, and more. There’s even more to Odoo POS including how
to handle refunds, track warranties, follow customer claims, schedule deliveries, add
sales strategies or promotions, and customize the software. What happens if you sell a product and your
colleague in another shop sells the same one. No need to worry about stock availability
thanks to Odoo’s integration. Your POS is connected to all the other Odoo
apps. As soon as a product is sold your inventory
is updated indicating up to the minute stock levels and your accountant knows exactly what’s
been sold in real-time because sales is integrated into accounting. Easy right? POSbox allows you get started without any
specific setup or technical knowledge. Just connect scanners, printers, scales, and
your cashbox. Available on the cloud and easy to configure
with a user-friendly backend, Odoo POS works both online and offline. All transactions are recorded on your computer
and as soon as you reconnect to the internet all data is automatically synchronized. Easy to use, customizable, integrated, and
synchronized. That’s how flexible Odoo is. Start using POS now and grow your business
with Odoo.

15 comments on “Odoo Point Of Sale: Shops and Restaurants”

  1. Umakant Shridhar Chaudhari says:

    how stable and salable  is your POS solution ?

  2. Vincent Regouby says:

    Hi, regarding POS for a restaurant, we can see a scren with the map of the tables in the restaurant in this video, is this a standard feature?

  3. Budi Hartono says:

    In my coffee shop, we sell combo meals consisting of some menu items that are set at special price. Buying a combo is cheaper than buying its items individually. Is that possible in Odoo POS?

  4. Alejandro Perez says:

    Loved the new restaurant feature added in saas-6! 

  5. Vulkano Jackets says:

    how edit tpv format ticket?
     for example, name shop?

  6. Vincent Regouby says:

    Any info when the table management feature will be released ? 3 month that you issued the video…

  7. Odoo Brussels says:

    Find out more about Odoo POS for shops and restaurants

  8. Wilbert Tanoto says:

    Hi odoo, appreciate your good video. Can we know when the table management be released ? looking forward on it. thanks !

  9. Vincent Regouby says:

    Is it possible to share tables between POS ? for instance order took on one POS, and payment recorded on another POS ?

  10. Yakob Yakov says:

    can i do it without the posbox?

  11. LOKO Studios says:

    how can i Delete duplicate customer names ?

  12. Tadiwanashe Chigwedere says:

    best Point of Sale 2018 Photon Point of sale , www.photoncs.co.zw

  13. aa says:

    Odoo Piece of Something

  14. Surya Semesta says:

    Odoo channel have ads? Why?

  15. Javier Martinez says:

    Increible! If i have an android tablet, Can i connect any thermal printer to print tickets???

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