New ZX Spectrum Next PLUS ! & A tape that doesn’t exist ?!

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  1. Retro Recipes says:

    🗨️ Start a conversation not a fire. This happy corner of the world was born from childhood nostalgia. Comment with kindness. Thank you 🙂
    ❓ Are you getting a Spectrum Next? Or Spectrum Now? 😉 What do you think of the new kid on the old block? Comment below!

  2. David Boyd says:

    Shout out to Puppyfractic who hit all his cues and lines like a pro.

  3. Geir Eivind Mork says:

    Have puppyfractic been cloned or is it just a weird shadow that followed him to the package?

  4. The Annoyed Mr Floyd says:

    I hope you beef up that computer with more RAM and the Raspberry Pi.

  5. Andrew Dunbar says:

    Woohoo one of the best retrocomputing channels doing a Speccy Next video!

    But I would actually disagree about the graphics of the Speccy vs the C64. They had different strengths and weaknesses. C64 game graphics were often way too chunky looking where the Speccy always looked hi-res. The best-looking C64 games definitely looked better than average Speccy games but the best-looking Speccy games also looked a lot better than most average C64 games. You could argue that the best-looking C64 games looked better than the best-looking Speccy games, but even that might not find universal agreement. We all agree that colour clash was horrible but some games did a great job of avoiding or hiding it. What we should also agree on was that there were both C64 games and Speccy games with hideous graphics and there are some games where the Speccy port looks better than the C64 port. I think you cherry-picked an ugly Speccy game to back up your claim that everybody thinks Speccies' graphics are worse than C64 graphics )-: There was no contest with sound though, C64 hands down! (I already moved onto the Amiga by the time Speccys got AY sound chips though.)

  6. Robert Fitch says:

    More spectrum content!!!!!

  7. per vidar lind says:

    Can you make a video on how to use a Casette decker or floppy disk on the new TheC64 maxi, if it is possible?

  8. _ _ says:

    It's beautiful! Everything about it is perfect! The design, that stunning sound and the amazing graphics. Your delight and enthusiasm is a joy to watch!

  9. Marble Giant says:

    Ah, it even comes with a Sinclair delivery delay 😀 Seriously though, would love one of these if they do another run. Will have to make do with the Mister in the meantime. Great video.

  10. RetroGamebloke says:

    Glad to see the machine finally out! Does it support Sam Coupe software? I always wanted one as it was advertised as being near Atari ST power 🙂

  11. MINKIN2 says:

    40:17 That Amiga: Am I a joke to you now?

    Seriously though, that's one sweet speccy

  12. Tanco plays says:

    Fun fact ultimate play the game became rear and is now owned by Microsoft

  13. Paddy Coleman says:

    CP/M compatibility just blows me away.

  14. Ben H. says:

    That Yaz song demo made my day. I have fond memories with that song.

    "Looking from a window above, it's like a story of love. Can you hear me?"

  15. Brandon Taylor says:

    "It's here! It's here! It's finally here!" — Strong Bad

  16. Brandon Taylor says:


  17. JinzoDefiler says:

    I want it. I need it. I GUESS C64 MAXI WILL DO >_>. ⁿᵒ ᶦᵗ ʷᵒⁿᵗ.

  18. Jonathan Gibson says:

    Watching your facial expressions while playing the new Spectrum you looked as if you had gone back to being a young boy again!

  19. M1A 2A says:

    This is the first time I posted a comment on your channel. I get so much enjoyment from all you do. It brings me back to my childhood. I can’t thank you, and everyone you have on your shows enough. THANKS!!!!

  20. John Smith says:

    It's a trap! Er tape…

    Very cool little machine.

  21. Brandon Taylor says:

    I smell a possible new theme song coming soon! 🙂

  22. TeslaStellar says:

    Nice computer and good episode 😃 I never had a spectrum but liked seeing you so happy and excited about it. Reminded me of when I got my first real computer back in the early 90s 😃
    Thanks and have a great weekend.

  23. Brandon Taylor says:

    And we'll just put that little expansion slot cover on Craigslist —
    Glass breaks

  24. Benjamin Hale says:

    I would counter argue that a FPGA is very much a form of emulation, instead of the more common software emulation of the hardware a FPGA instead emulates the hardware with hardware. (repost as the youtube interface allowed me to accidentally delete my comment without any warning, good job google.)

  25. Brandon Taylor says:

    Wait a minute — am I the only one who notices the paths at the top of the Speccy screens starting with C:/ (sic)? Clearly there's some Microsoft skulduggery going on there…

  26. ScottishSerenity says:

    Now you need to play The Great Escape, Aliens, Star Raiders 2, Harrier Attack and UCM

  27. Huddison says:

    18:06 The Warhawk music is not up to the original C64 standard, but having said that, I'm really interested in getting a Spectrum Next for it's sound capabilities.

  28. ShamanKish says:

    ZX Spectrum Next made by Apple? 😗

  29. respergu says:

    This is great to have these 8 bits computer surprises!!! Awesome review mate👍👍

  30. catay411 says:

    I wish you had loaded Lords of Midnight, just to see it on a monitor again. Thanks for the great content!

  31. Granville W says:

    That tape playing took 35 years of me, awesome.

  32. Franko says:

    Just wow. 44 minutes passed like 5…
    Thank you!

  33. Alan Cheatley says:

    I used to play Atic Atac in our attic, had the games room up there, after this video, I hope to see a Vectrex Next now

  34. Graytail says:

    Well as soon as you opened the case, I had to wonder… are those colour bars thin enough to allow you to mount LEDs on the inside so they light up?

  35. Stephen M says:

    Personal computer builder

  36. Ken Knight says:

    Everything the c64 maxi isn't. I wonder if the ultimate 64 can be used as a spring board to catch up to this?

  37. castman says:

    It's a beautiful and good evolution of computer ZX Spectrum.
    Thank for this presentation and test.

  38. The Retro Geek says:

    You should make music on the spectrum like you did on the Commodore 64

  39. caster troy says:

    as much as I love the specy I would love to play with the girl in this vid. would you be so kind as to post her to me. I will pay the postage lol.

  40. Gamusino69 says:

    Hello, regards … can I ask you a favor? I don't know much English, could I activate the option of subtitles in the video, so I can put automatic subtitles? many thanks.
    P.D. : I forgot my comment from the beginning, I just got to know your channel and I just realized that you put subs in all your videos, sorry.

  41. Luis Vicente Castillo Corbella says:

    estos idiotas que se pasan medio video mostrando sus manos o a sus mascotas, hacen perder el tiempo "MUESTRA YA EL CONTENIDO Y NO HABLES TANTO"

  42. Tom F says:

    Is this the 8-bit Guy's dream machine ?

  43. Michael Gibs says:

    Seems I received mine before you 🙂

  44. X X says:

    has anyone updadted a C64 like this?

  45. Tom F says:

    Yay, wifi… well it's a Minitel 🙂

  46. Shaady Abdel Nasser says:

    Hearing Yazoo – Only You makes me cry, still mis my ex-GF :'( 13:39

  47. Martin Farrell says:

    Will the next ever go on sale?

  48. Michael Losh says:

    The visual quality of the Next mode games seems on par with good Amiga games, or am I being generous?

  49. FOSS365 says:

    I miss the manual screwdrivers and sound effects 🙁 Great content, I look forward to every episode!

  50. Frankie Zen says:

    "The greatest graphics are in your mind"

  51. David Christensen says:

    What a first class job on this machine. Looks like you will have fun for years. Really seams like the first computer every kids should have before they get a smart phone. Thanks for sharing this video

  52. Alan Doyle says:

    Cool upload of the New Kid On The Block… I’m sure that’ll be Hangin Tough! for years to come… 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  53. Danny Sedney says:

    No Spectrum computer is really tested until it plays 'Mescaline Synesthesia' demo in full glory😁

  54. Kernel Sanders says:

    God, this is awesome!

  55. Christopher Hope says:

    Would you consider typing in a program in basic as an idea for a future show?

  56. Dan Wallis says:

    you looked genuinly emotional. Cracking Video

  57. Richard Edwards says:

    Tapes loading – the sound of our childhood. Hope they bring out an Amstrad CPc too.

  58. Richard Edwards says:

    I think you were emotional as Attic Attack completed loading. Don't blame you 🙂

  59. François Laverdure says:

    Perifractic: for those games that run too fast when you switch them to 24mhz, some of them might have a small benchmark when they start that adjusts the game speed. Starting them in full speed mode might change something for them.

  60. PrivateSi says:

    The 'evolution of the spectrum' was not good under Sinclair due to his snobbish disregard for gamers, his main market. You could almost say the evolution of the Spectrum was the QL, except the QL was so much more evolved it was a separate species that could no longer breed with the Speccy, due to the replacement of the Z80 with a Motorola 68008, a much faster and more capable processor… The speccy 128+ looked better and had a better keyboard but barely upgraded the original speccy hardware.

    Sinclair should have released one machine for all main markets (home/games, business, education) at around £249.99 with a faster Z80 and the 68008 as a dual CPU system which were quite common at the time (though not this particular combination).. Maximum graphics memory should have been increased to 64kb allowing 512x256x16 and 256x256x32 colors with no color clash + other more complicated color modes with a 256 color palatte for the entire screen, but only 8 colors per block of x by y pixels…

    The Speccy QL case and keyboard would be like the QL's case but with the 2 microdrives cut off, with this extension being sold separately for £149.99 or a standard single speccy microdrive for £79.99, matching floppy drive for £249.99… SuperBASIC and QDOS with speccy basic interpreter supplied on tape/microdrive cartridge/disk for your old speccy progs, along with business software and a few upgraded speccy classics would have RULED BRITISH COMPUTING.. But we may never have had ARM, or perhaps ARM would now be Sinclair Research LTD and still British…!?! lol.

  61. Rob Blake says:

    You really hit the nail on the head – our imaginations had to compensate for the less than brilliant graphics, which is why our nostalgia is greater for the spectrum. Subscribed!

  62. ZX Renew says:

    YouTube bandwagon jumper. Poor show. Stick to your commode.

  63. Ken Mason says:

    Congrats, Chris! So happy for you! Enjoy! 🙂 – We'll be looking for you to be a big part of our Speccy news now.

  64. Tweak says:

    Wow. Very well designed. Now we just need the same thing done with the Amiga 1200

  65. MrKeys57 says:

    Hi! this would be something Dex and i would like to get a closer look at! – but as usual there are almost no retro (or very few) or even used retro computers available here in sweden, – Levi&Dex 🙁 (are there really BBs networks still around..?)

  66. WillieRants says:

    LOL, I like Ladyfractic digging through the drawer of old cables. She had that "WTFractic" is all of this! Just blame the puppies, it'll all be good. 😀 I think all of us have a similar drawer. Great video Pfractic.

  67. Hellwyck says:

    The correct spelling is L-I-Q-U-O-R-I-C-E

  68. David McGarry says:

    I can still remember unboxing my 48k rubber-keyed Speccy in 1983. That new ZX smell is imprinted on my mind!

    This Spectrum looks gorgeous.

  69. Mark M. says:

    You showed both a Sinclair QL and TS 2068 at @29:20 does it really emulate these as well?

  70. Thomas Zakrajsek says:

    What are the audio artifacts at the beginning of your video? It sounds like you were stretching or squeezing the time on it. You don't have to use technological enhancements around us, we like your pacing just the way it comes out.

  71. Paul Leach says:

    Yet another person who had a friend in the attic with a Spectrum. I guess it was just a thing in the 80's. Chaos and Dizzy took up most of our free time.

  72. Gavin Haslehurst says:

    Really great video! This is such a cool product- brings back fond memories for me as the Speccy was my first computer. I remember playing Atic Atac for hours! I think this might be a fitting 40th birthday present to myself this year 😁

    Coincidentally today I finally got my Raspberry Pi AY/YM chiptune project working, so it's been great to hear those familiar tunes again (not emulated!)

    Thanks for a great video!

  73. MIKIEC71 says:

    Ultimate is now Rare which is owned by Microsoft Studios. They've got Rare Replay on the XBox Game Pass which contains all the old Ultimate games like Atic Atac, and I've been playing Knight Lore and Jetpac with my 7 yr old daughter today! 🙂

  74. Gareth Fairclough says:

    *Comment with kindness*.

    *Kindness, with comment*.

  75. Leon McInnes says:

    Holy crap. That is amazing, they've done such a superb and extensive job. I've owned both a Spectrum 48K and Amstrad CPC464 with dedicated colour monitor and spent many an hour programming and playing my favourite games Uridium (the theme tune was fantastic) and Magicland Dizzy (I'm now humming the music in my head). Who else in the UK was reminded of the old 1980s BBC1 ident with the spinning globe? Another fantastic episode, thoroughly enjoyed.

  76. Tarim06 says:

    Wonder how that keyboard would look back-lit with the spectrum colours from the side of the case? Nice to see the ole speccy getting a bit of love.

  77. Timothy Smith says:

    Only at 9mins 35secs but I think the Video debug is for the Raspberry Pi HDMI port just like the other 2 are for the USBs

  78. keith mcgerr says:

    Great vid, wow hot diggity dog, what ever next!
    I am 99% sure you have watched it, but if not you must watch Micro men a bbc film/drama about Clive & Chris Curry!

  79. Wonder Boy says:

    WarHawk music a bit of a watered down Blaster Master rip off, the creative parts.

  80. Paul Miller says:

    Where can I get a Commodore Sixty-Paw?

  81. Michael S. Harvey says:

    Nice, but I bet it still won't make Transylvanian Tower on the Spectrum playable. A game limited by the slow Spectrum graphics commands. Although I believe the Commodore 64 version was more playable.

    Elite should be good at a faster clock speed.

  82. knop3se says:

    Commodaw Sixtyfaw!

  83. Joe Betro says:

    So much love poured into this video. Thanks for brightening up
    the world with your videos. 👾

  84. csbruce says:

    9:34 You showed an insert of the Raspberry Pi Zero for the two USB ports and then said that you don't know what the Digital Video Debug port that is in the position of the Raspberry Pi Zero's mini-HDMI port, is for. Um, I have a guess…

    10:10 Did J.J. Abrams shoot this "beauty shot" sequence?

  85. Ari Finkelman says:

    PS2 keyboard ports? You shouldnt need to go retro, to go retro-er.

  86. Graeme Norgate says:

    Looks like the Play ZX app isn’t on ios anymore ☹️

  87. Robert Bullock says:

    You own an i3? I’m sorry! Ours was a bit of a lemon. Leaf and Bolt now.

  88. Florian Kah says:

    I never had contact with a Sinclair ZX Spectrum. Back then I started with an ALDI C16, later C128 and Amiga 500. Since I'm from Germany (see: "ALDI C16"), I had not much contact with Sinclair but recently learned about the "Micro Men" and the company. My next best thing was an Amstrad CPC (here branded as "Schneider CPC") which was used in school. 35:00 Why didn't you use the smartphone as audio input for the Spectrum in the first place? Technically, you could've skipped the physical tape altogether. Wrong?

  89. Florin says:

    I didn't knew that C64 had colors!

  90. Spinnetti says:

    You have a very soothing voice lol. I dreamed of a speccy, but alas never offered in the US, and couldn't have afforded one anyway!

  91. Terence Edwards says:

    size does matter………….well then why r u laughing at the size of his…weener

  92. Terence Edwards says:

    its very entertaining when the speccy begins to splutter as it executes programs, i want a synth that splutters like a speccy

  93. Elite Dangerous Club says:

    29:43 I did not know that the new Spectrum comes with a wonky key…

  94. Pauly H says:

    What a great update to a classic computer , I had the original spectrum , with the printer on that silver paper rolls , micro drive and the joystick adaptor and extra ram back in the 80s . Very nostalgic mate , bought back good memories I used to like playing loads of games but scuba diver , minder and jet set willy stick in my mind (that sounds wrong these days 😂) 👍🍺

  95. Nikolay Klimchuk says:

    Wi-Fi on ZX. Mind blown!

  96. FullMetalFab says:

    Of course a day after I get my own ZX spectrum 48k the Next shows up in my feed LOL

  97. SinistaN says:

    Wow that's an impressive little piece of hardware, never had one just a 64 but could see messing around with one and having fun with it. Great video and energy enthusiasm is always fun to watch 👌

  98. Nathanos says:

    How is the commander x16 project going?

  99. Ingmar M says:

    Maybe for Xmas we can buy you an ESD safe workmat to replace the bright yellow ESD mat-of-death so the precious devices last longer 🙂

  100. John Knight says:

    Isn't that already a headphone jack on the left of his phone?

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