New Yorkers Test Ride Lime-S Gen 3 Electric Scooter

We decided to organize a pop-up event in New
York for all New Yorkers to be able to come and learn about Lime, learn about our electric
scooters and specifically about our Lime-S 3.0, which is the latest version of our scooter. It’s built for a city like New York. Duel suspension, bigger wheels. You’re really comfortable and safe riding
through New York City streets. Our goal is to show support for bringing a
product like this to New York City. The parts of the city that I believe Lime
would be useful for is definitely Manhattan. I think it’s just as convenient as a bike,
but maybe even a little more. Because it’s fun! I have to wait half an hour for a bus, when
it’s a five minute ride. Like, if I had the Lime scooter, I’d be there,
being able to get up and go when I want to go and not have to wait on anybody else. And I fully support it. What I want the viewers to walk away with
is in New York, on a scooter or on a bike, it’s not a boring ride. You’re always going to encounter something
kinda cool. And then the logo, which I felt was significant. Come together and see what happens.

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