NEW Santa Monica Apple Store!

– Hey guys, it’s Justine, and today is November 17th, 2018 and it is the grand reopening of the brand new 3rd Street Apple Store, and this whole street has such
a special place in my heart, because this is the first place that I ever came when I was in Los Angeles and it’s what made me fall
in love with this city. It’s what made me move here. And the fact that I’m here
again for the reopening of this store is incredible. I was here at the original grand opening that happened in 2012. Before that, the store was located a little bit further down, on 3rd Street, and that store opened in 2003, which was way before the
iPhone even came out, which is crazy to think, that there was a time before the iPhone. (electronic music)
(pedestrians chatting) I’m sorry, I got lost in
looking at the Apple logo. (electronic music) There you are! The Apple Store is about to open! Come on, let’s go, let’s go! (customers clapping) This is so awesome! (customers cheering) (electronic music) Yay! (customers clapping)
(electronic music) Hello! Yay! – We’ve traded. – We’ve traded places! – This is crazy, you’re clapping me in! – He has fixed so many iPhones for me. (upbeat music) In 2012, when this store first opened, I was here dancing in a panda onesie. I’m not gonna do that this year, but let’s never forget
where we started from. (upbeat guitar music) Let’s take a quick little walkthrough. One of the things that you’ll notice, is they now have a living wall and they have these trees, that are the same trees that
they have at Apple Park Campus. They are called, let me read
it to you, just to make sure I don’t mess the name of these trees up. They are triple-trunk ficus trees. (relaxed electronic music) So what do you think of the store? How long have you worked here? – This store I’ve been at
for about, since August 2016, at Apple since 2014, but this has been, I’ve never seen retail
quite like this, ironically. The video monitor, it’s
amazing, it’s an 8K monitor. – [Justine] Yeah. – 37 feet wide, I think, and then tall, it’s like 15 or 17, something like that.
– So you’re saying it’s like the biggest video
wall in the United States? – In the United States, it’s the same as the biggest in China, I believe.
– Wow. – For one of our stores. – It’s beautiful. (electronic music) – Hey! – How are you, hello.
– Hello! – It’s Alex and Ed. Look, some things are happening. – In just a moment, I’m
gonna turn it over to Tim. (background noise drowns out speaker) (electronic music) – This is Matt. He was first in line here
at the Apple store today. How does it feel to be first in line? – It feels crazy. I’m a fanboy. – Oh my God, this is so great,
it was so nice to meet you. Thank you guys so much for
coming with me on this journey. This store means so much to me, and I’m so glad that you can be here and experience it with me. I’ll see you guys later, bye. (electronic music)

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