Nancy’s Story – Electronics Design & NPD Project Manager

it’s been really interesting to see Watson-Marlow grow over the last 28 years I came in as a drawing office assistant in my gap
year and after a couple of years I got interested in electronics and that’s
when I did my first degree I carried on studying for quite a long time and then
got into materials and manufacturing and did a master’s in that and then ended up
doing a doctorate and material science so all associated with Watson-Marlow
work which is really exciting I think Watson-Marlow offers that opportunity to be
much closer to the coalface than a lot of other businesses you can see a product
from end to end from research to the customer and that opportunity is really
exciting for an engineer to be able to see it from end to end there’s lots more I don’t know than I do
I think if you constantly keep that in your mind you’re always gonna be waiting to
improve and learn as a result it’s a really innovative company and
they get the best out of people you take my example it and learn it all the way
through three different degrees anyone anyone can do that there isn’t only one path to
learn and if you can get into a company like Watson-Marlow that can
encourage constant learning improvement I think that’s a great environment to be
a can do attitude can take you many places

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