Nacon Revolution Unlimited PS4 controller unboxing

after what feels like months of teasers
we’ve finally got our hands on the Nacon Revolution Unlimited. let’s get
this plastic off thank you very much
so here we have the box very nice all right first things first let’s get
through this really fiddly bit on the back so here we go let’s just flip that
around this way say tah-dah here’s the inside the box pretty pretty
minimalist too so at the top we’ve got your little pack all got some stickers
on the back revolution a little pro controller stickers so you can let
everybody know wherever you are that you own one of these bad boys and well as
kind of yeah your instructions and stuff like that so yeah all your basic stuff
there but we’re not we don’t care about the paperwork today we’re here for the
controller which comes in this amazing carry case is very rock-solid so you
know if you’re taking this anywhere with you is not going to get damaged and
that’s probably a good thing because it yeah it’s gonna be pretty pricey let’s
be honest so just quickly show you there nothing else in the box that’s pretty
much it I’m gonna pop that back in there and then I will just leave with that
like so very pretty there we go so here’s the case itself
let’s open it up and see what’s in there drum roll please
oh look at that okay so we’ve got a nice cleaning cloth there on top keeping it
all nice and safe revolution Unlimited pro controller I think they’re really
pushing the pro controller part this so yeah here we have the actual controller
this looks perhaps aleut stunning okay so if we take this the actual controller
out you can see very on brand for PlayStation controllers the blue and
black of the PlayStation so you let’s take a look at the controller itself
first before we move on to the accessories and all that kind of fun
stuff so the controller itself it does you know it by all the sensor purposes
it looks and feels like the marks of Xbox one controller some people like
that some people hate it you know hardcore PlayStation game is it will
take some getting used to because obviously the joysticks in the different
place apart from that you know it does the same thing you’ve got some snazzy
buttons on the back which I will get to in a minute so yeah let’s just op with
the general general look and feel a bit it’s got soft touch kind of material
finish I imagine it might become pretty finger printing over time especially if
you’ve got kind of greasy fingers or anything like that these things tend to
be like proper finger print magnets but you know give it a wipe down with your
your lovely little cloth and you should be good to go
apart from that so yeah we’ve got the buttons there and we’ve got four LED
indicators that go across here which indicate kind of the mode of connection
and the profile that you’re using for various games I’ll get into that in a
little bit more detail in a minute at the bottom you’ll notice the headphone
jack there which allows you to use a headset and using microphones talk to
your friends but it’s on the back where things start to get really interesting
as you can see here so on the back we’ve got we can switch between three custom
profile so you’ve got a PC profile your number one and your number two your
profile so you just flip that like so and that will change the configuration
on the controller as well as that you can switch between wired and wireless
modes there just flip at the toggle which is very nice that’s I should
actually mention this runs on Bluetooth but it is also connected via USB C for
your Playstation and your PC which is very nice so you can use this with all
your favorite PC games as well as your PlayStation games alongside the back you
can switch your profile from here this button here underneath is I don’t think
I’ve seen this on any other custom controller so you’ve got controls for
your microphone and your headset self so you got a mic button Nessie can mute
your microphone very easily and you can also increase and decrease the volume
which is very nice alongside that you’ve got these four customizable buttons if
you flip that round like that you can kind of get an idea of how easy is to
kind of access these when playing I feel very nice very cliquey like that
nice click feedback it’s always good joysticks are customizable I kind of get
into that more in a minute and you’ve got a nice very nice little
detail they’re designed by an icon on the top there and obviously you got your
PlayStation and specific controls like the touchpad the options and share
button and yeah so that’s the actual controller itself fairly lightweight
pretty you know really nice got grips on the back for extra you know grip when
you’re sweating and you know playing these intense games well like me but
that’s not all that makes this special or the fact that you get all this extra
bits with it kind of what makes it stand out from the crowd so let’s take a quick
look at I imagine this yes the USB not quite sure what that does but I have to
have a little read of that but that’s let’s not forget us forget about that
here is where the magic happens we have behind another plastic seal a bunch of
it’s some verbs that you can add to the controller to really kind of you know
customize the way it works to get something that works for you essentially
so let’s pop this open I don’t want to there we go
pay for that so as you can see here we’ve got different tips for your analog
sticks as well as that you’ve got different links of the analog sticks
itself so you can have really short ones but you can learn from them let’s get
one of the taller ones out so you can kind of you know have a bit of an
extension between the tip of the joystick and the bottom not sure why
people want to do that MCUs poses just personal preferences with most things
let’s pop that back in there as well as that we’ve got additional weights which
is really interesting so you can put these in the back of the controller
itself and it makes the controller feel a bit more substantial because as it
stands it is very light and some people like a you know something a bit more
weighty when they’re playing games like that and then control wires we’ve got a
USBC braided cable which will work with both
your PlayStation and your PC no charged up by USB see you get around seven hours
on back on battery according to knock on so we’re not sure if that’s
really accurate yet but yeah we’ll find out in the coming days of course the
hardware side of it is only one part of why this excels and why this is so
exciting along with the controller you get
software for PC and Mac that allows you to really control every element of the
controller from the key bindings on the back to how intense the vibration is
it’s kind of even the LED that lights up around the ring there you can customize
that it’s it’s all about finding what works for you and that’s kind of the key
with this not sure about pricing yet but looking at it and looking at the
accessories that you get and kind of the things that you can do it there I
imagine it’s gonna be pretty expensive what it does come to market you know for
hardcore gamers this is really really exciting and I cannot wait to put it to
the test over the coming days some more cool stuff make sure you check out tech
advisor Cody okay and our YouTube channel

19 comments on “Nacon Revolution Unlimited PS4 controller unboxing”

  1. Connor O’Hagan says:

    finger print magnets are bad because i have hyperhydrosis why can’t shit just not be a magnet to finger prints

  2. plan stolar says:

    This controler is not for Fifa players.
    So exspensive and not for use.

  3. vXuhn says:

    Where do we buy it

  4. Music Fanatic says:

    Are you able to use this controller wirelessly on your ps4…or is the Bluetooth feature only for pc

  5. Keisha Madrigal says:

    I just got mine from amazon!

  6. Ryan Balzan says:

    Not stick extentions.. they make the area around the sticks less.. so u dont have to move as far

  7. Savage_Rez says:

    C40TR better.

  8. Randy Quaid says:

    Forcing 2 ads lol automatically hits dislike

  9. FrazzleBacon33 says:

    Hey dude, cool content, did you play with the controller though? You sound like you're struggling to the press the reprogrammable buttons, as was i.

    I owned a previous model, the buttons on the back were in the perfect place and though they have improved the controller itself the positioning of the rear buttons on this are extremely difficult to differentiate. they're awkward and uncomfortable, i think that should be noted to a previous Nacon owner.

    The control itself does feel like it's improved a lot, more grippy, easier to snap with the customisable analogs too, . On the previous controllers the extra buttons were placed perfectly, easy to navigate. I find it difficult to comprehend why they would replace a key and easy to use feature with a headset volume and place the paddles/button elsewhere, it could just be me with my hand size but i suspect a lot of others will feel the same. A disappointing huge backwards step to me.

  10. Joeschmofromcocomo says:

    I just bought one. I saw there was a problem with the c40 Astro software, so I went with the nacon

  11. KingExodious The savage says:

    It seems the people doing unboxing videos just make them sound nice because they spent so much money and make themself believe it's the best

  12. Sekiro Storm says:

    Why is it a Xbox pad

  13. TheMustafaGoldenBoy says:

    Works for a ps4 pro?

  14. good luck says:

    Do not touch this company with a barge pole. I have 2 Nacom controllers 1 lasted 9 month and the cable went, with the purchase you are entitled to as it was a common fault so when I contacted them for a replacement I ordered another controller and this cable packed in after a week, as I said they were great controllers. Well I went to the web site as I needed another cable so 2 cables needed all in and this is where the problems begin as there are loads of people like me with expensive broken controllers ( they are expensive very expensive) They never answer emails of facebook post they are not on twitter you just don't get anywhere. This is a Sony official controller so I phoned Sony nothing they would do. If you go to their website half is written in french its just a joke, as I said it is a great controller but its like having a great car with no engine so its pointless. If you are a gambler then gamble and buy one and hope nothing goes wrong, but if it does go wrong you will feel like a fool after I have already said I have 2 broken controllers and I can't even get an answer from the company and the cables are not standard cables so its not if you can buy them off the shelf. Put a search in and you will find thousands of complaints I wish I had and someone warned me.

  15. ĆĦƗŁŁ says:

    Yo this controller has a problem for me the mic quality goes way down I returned it got new one same prob even tested on different mic

  16. ĆĦƗŁŁ says:

    Yo this controller has a problem for me the mic quality goes way down I returned it got new one same prob even tested on different mic

  17. Doug Eattock says:

    Please put the left stick back where it was lol

  18. zky wolf says:

    This guy obviously doesn't play much… Wouldn't trust a review coming from him

  19. Greg James says:

    Why the fuck are the joysticks in the wrong position!? Was gonna buy them but now I will not! Lol fail

  20. lastxp xro says:

    Mechanical buttons would make it worth the price

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