NAB 2019: RODE Wireless GO Mic: First Look & Lav Setup

Okay, we’re here with Ryan from RODE Mics. They just released the RODE Mic Go. It’s a really cool portable mic. It’s $200. What’s going on with this mic? It seems like has a lot of great features with any filmmaker. Absolutely, so the Wireless Go is gonna be a $200 solution for the indie filmmaker. Anywhere from down to immature up to professionals will use this microphone. The goal is to keep it very small format. It has a clip right on board on both units. You’re actually trying to just clip it directly to a button-up shirt or something like that really quick Simply without all the intrusive nature of you know, run this wire down your shirt, tack this to your skin, any of that stuff It’s actually just clipping right on to the t-shirt or button up. Button ups are super easy for that. Clip it right on here So you clip it, right? On your persons and then the other one goes actually right into a shoe mount on top of your DSLR or right next to your digital External recorder. On board you have a omnidirectional lavalier microphone so whether you place this upside down sideways or inside out the whole thing is going to be Perfect frequency response across the board and then I always teach to just close proximity So for a film especially an omnidirectional microphone is crucial in that wherever I go or however, I turn my head It doesn’t affect the frequency response of the microphone so I can place this upside down Sideways or whatever and I get the same response on that mic and then if you’re actually using that lavalier microphone Ease of use, strap it on and go as the name would suggest. If you plug in an external lavalier 3.5 TRS Microphone that will replace the omnidirectional lavalier there using the external so you can actually then run the cable and then it becomes the smallest format package We literally I mean I saw there’s this photo of it with the next to a quarter and it’s just a little bit Tiny bit bigger a little bit bigger reporter, but not much I mean I can’t wait to use these on interviews where you don’t want to like to stick a wire down Somebody’s shirt or something gets awkward. Boom. Pop it on there seems like a really cool option for option. Here at NAB This is the purpose for I wish I had this mic right now because we’re using not a very good mic So sorry about that audio, but next time we’ll have one of these. It’s not a RODE. You’re not being recorded by a RODE right now. So audio is not good. It’s not their fault! So you got sync. That’s how you sync the two. You don’t actually see it there What you do is it indicates that you have synced. See how it’s flashing? Yeah. That’s telling me that it’s not synced up That’s because the other one is not on currently, as I power that up. It’s gonna go “Oh, hey there you are” now the microphone is actually running while I’m talking into it and there’s your representation of it on the receiver if I were to sync it this time, so let’s look at the receiver this time more than Necessary the receiver or the brain of the operation, right? So the sync button is going to press and hold Will actually start flashing on this if I press and hold it’s going to lose the connection to the other transmitter and start flashing As it’s searching if I just press the power button on the transmitter There it is again. That’s simple you got two USB inputs as well So both units can actually be powered in real time. USB C right? Yeah So while I’m using this mic, I can have two USB charging dock and just power this right in real time That’s cool but it does have a seven hour interval right? You got it So charge it for two hours you get seven hours of play So for something like this or for most filming you’re gonna have plenty of time. Sweet! So are they available now when if you look up they’re available early May the price is $199. $199? Sign me up for two

8 comments on “NAB 2019: RODE Wireless GO Mic: First Look & Lav Setup”

  1. Mubeen Ahmed says:

    Can the receiver sync with two transmitters?

  2. Christian Cashmir says:

    Wish we had two of these to record this interview!

  3. Lucas Schatzberg says:

    Looks incredibly simple to use. If they have good sound quality I'll be using these all the time

  4. Jeffrey J Byron says:

    Congrats on breaking 1k!

  5. Maverick Mario says:

    FINALLY!!! FRICKIN FINALLY!!! Now I don't need to lug around a V Mount Battery sized thing for wireless sound!

  6. Ash says:

    Such a cute little lavalier microphone😍

  7. Luke Bell says:

    Is it ironic that the audio is very difficult to hear in this video?

  8. Cess Outdoors says:

    Do you replace the battery when it dies in 5 years and how much?

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