My NEW SOLUTION for Wireless Speaker Sound – The SHURE QLXD System

– Hey, what’s going on guys? It is DJ Mojoe. Save the city one party at a time. I wanna welcome you to another video here on my YouTube channel. And in this video I will be
explaining my wireless solution. In my previous YouTube video I share with you the Sennheiser and how I use the Sennheiser to transmit audio wirelessly
without any XLR cables. I found another solution
which is now my favorite. It’s using the Shure QLXD
receiver and a transmitter. So stay tuned to this
video if you’re interested in learning more about this system. Whether you already own some Shure QLXD microphone, receivers and a Bodypack you know, this video may be for you. I currently use my BOSE T8S mixer. If you don’t know what that is, I’ll leave the video in a card up here and a link in the description below. So, you can check that video out. But using my BOSE T8S mixer I have four aux ends and in one of my aux ends is what I send out to
my wireless speakers. So let me show you my
mixer board right now. The T8S from BOSE. So this is my BOSE T8S mixer and there are four aux ends. I’m currently using one aux end, aux end number two right here to transmit the audio
wirelessly to my speakers. So the way I program this is I have eight channels right here. And on my last channel I program it for aux two to send out at level, a 50% level, dry. So, I have my iPod
connected to right here. Connected to channel eight and I can chose which channel to send out to aux end number two. In this case I have it in dry. You have different options right here, whether you want it pre or post. Dry means that regardless of this phaser or this knob right here, the volume level it won’t affect the output. So, in order to control the output volume I use my iPod volume right here, which is set to move 40 or 50% Anyways, so what’s connected right here is a special cable from Shure. It doesn’t come with
the Bodypack from Shure. So you have to buy this
separately on Amazon or maybe Guitar Center but right here is
connected to my Bodypack. It’s the Shure QLXD1. So right now it is set
to group one, channel 21. What I did is, I used a receiver, a meshing receiver such as this. This is my microphone but what I did, I have attached a Shure QLXD receiver on top of one of my battery
powered BOSE speakers. So I set that Shure QLXD receiver, I found the best channel to use it and I synced this Bodypack Lavalier to that receiver. And it’s set to group one, channel 21. So I have one speaker right there, I’m using that as a side fill and I have another side fill speaker on the other side of the room, over there. And then I have a cocktail
hour speaker outside right out there. So, what I’m planning on doing is just use one transmitter, one Shure QLSD1 transmitter and send out this signal
to all of them out there. So, what I’ll have to do is
mesh the other receiver channels to group one, channel 21. So then, it all picks up
signal from this Bodypack. So let me show you how that’s done and what I found is the best solution for this wireless system. For my side fills, I currently use a Gravity Stand and it’s a very simple stand, instead of the tri-pole you
can just use one heavy base and one pole sticking up for this BOSE S1 speaker. I chose the BOSE S1 just
because it is battery powered. And it sounds really great. And on top is one of
my Shure QLXD receivers and since there are no
power outlets nearby, I have a battery pack from
Colorado Sound N’ Light. So this is currently plugged into the back of my QLXD receiver. I turn it on. And I’ll let that turn on. Now, as mentioned earlier in this video, I have my receiver set
to group one, channel 21. So that’s what I’m going to do right here. So I go to menu and then I can, go to menu, group one, enter. Channel, I want that to 21. And it should pick up the same audio. There we go. And see there is a signal right there. It’s picking up signal. Now the next thing that I have to do is just turn on my BOSE speaker. So now right after the receiver is set to channel one, group 21, the same as my Bodypack Transmitter. It’s all powered up, I turn on the speaker and all I have to do is
just increase the volume and you should hear something. And when you see a green light that’s how you know that
the volume is going through. There we go. Now it’s set, I can raise this up. To go, make sure it’s
above people’s heads. Here we go. And that’s it. Now this Gravity Stand has those pegs, just to secure it so it won’t go down. And there we go. I have it all set. There we go. Not bad. So now let’s do it one more time for the cocktail hour speaker outside. So this is my BOSE S1 speaker. So I have the inner way, so I can attach my Shure
QLXD receiver on top. I put a strip of Velcro and I secured it with some zip ties. And what I have on the bottom of this receiver, is the other side of the Velcro. So I just stick it up on top and on top of this is another Velcro piece for my Colorado Sound N’ Light. Which I plug it on top. Now I charge this overnight, so this should be good to go. Since this wall doesn’t
have any power outlets, I’m using this as a battery supply. I plug it to the back of my Shure QLXD. Now everything is all wireless. I plug in this XLR cable
to the back, right here. Just like that. And now I wanna pop this
on top of my speaker stand. See, and then now it will securely attach, it is set to channel 21 and I see that there is
some signal going into it. So all I have to do in the back, is just turn up my speaker, turn on my speaker and then I adjust the volume
to the volume that I want. So when it’s time for the cocktail hour. There it is. So later, when it’s time
for the cocktail hour I’m gonna have one of my assistants to adjust the volume appropriately
for the cocktail hour. So, everything is heard at the same time. The music inside is gonna
be heard outside as well. Same music, same microphone, same speeches, so people whenever they’re in or out of the room, they can hear exactly
what’s going on inside. That’s the great benefit
of going wireless. No more long XLR cables. And I love the Shure just because I haven’t had any drop outs at all. I mean look at those antennas. Those are pretty serious antennas. So it really picks up
the signal really well. And yeah! So watch once again, here’s the volume. So it’s a completely
battery powered solution. I’m using my ultimate stand right here. Using the BOSE, I ran out of my Gravity Stands which I may purchase more in the future. But this is a very simple way of having wireless sound. Even if you’re outside of the room. So, once again the speaker stand, a BOSE S1, a Shure QLXD receiver. And it’s all connected to
the Bodypack Transmitter that I have inside. So yeah! There you have it. This is my wireless solution. I really recommend this for any DJs who are looking to go wireless and with the, using this technology you can have more side fills, you can have more sound reinforcement and with the power of the BOSE T8S mixer you can control what exactly
comes out of these speakers and the volume. So anyways, I hope you found
some value in this video. Sharing with you some of my tips of what I do to provide proper sound reinforcement. I leave the links in the
comments section down below so you can check out the gear. But other than that, leave your thoughts in the comments section below if you’re already doing this or you’re planning on doing it and you have some questions about how I’m doing it and all of that. So anyways, I’m DJ Mojoe. Save the city one party at a time. Thank you guys so much for watching and I’ll see you in my next video.

23 comments on “My NEW SOLUTION for Wireless Speaker Sound – The SHURE QLXD System”

  1. DJ Rez One says:

    Wow Genius!!! Great job brother . Never thought of doing it this way cool


    Is that your new controller? Which is? Like the digital mixer. When you gonna get me one? lol

  3. TJ the DJ says:

    Very well said. I too have just started to incorporate a similar solution to those gigs that require a fill speaker without cables. Thanks again.

  4. JAS Productions says:

    Terrific videoI–! f you buy the QLXD with the bodypack combo, the 1/4 to TA4F cable (Shure WA305 ) comes with the system, so no need to purchase separately. If you want to use XLR, that is a separate purchase from Shure.

  5. Bayardo Rugama says:

    Genius video man!!

  6. bensonq says:

    Videos have gotten so legit! Cheers man!

  7. So Entertainment DJs says:

    Man I was actually needing this last week and may use this method for my next wedding! How is the sound quality? Also did you have to adjust the gain in the body pack transmitter?

  8. M M says:

    So official, that price tho lol

  9. Soundtastic Events says:

    Could you use this to do it? P3TRA215TWP by shure cheaper solution

  10. Yescas Alfonso says:

    can you provide a link to purchase a pair of them antennas for receivers??

  11. Mr & Mrs Antorio Wells The Nuptials says:

    How much for the complete wireless system ?

  12. 1best Partyman says:

    i sussed it out your related to the guy off star trek….he was into all that complicated tech warp factor 8 crap

  13. DJ TMajor says:

    You think a different high end wireless system would work? For ex, I have the Audio Technica 3000 series.

  14. Greg Nite says:

    Great video. I’m in the market for a wireless system. Is there a reason you didn’t go with the Alto Stealth?
    Does this Shure system work better?

  15. Erik Gomez says:

    Nice video, I got a question how many receivers can you connect to (1) transmitter?
    And can I came out of a wire speaker output? And have you try or see the sennheiser wireless system from agiprodj.

  16. Wes Wunder says:

    1/10th the size, runs on 2 AA's:

  17. Joe Ramirez says:

    Very cool this what I use….

  18. David Hughes says:

    Good stuff

  19. David Hughes says:

    What gravity stand system are you using?

  20. David Hughes says:

    How is this setup better than the Sennheiser one you were big on a while ago? this seems much more involved and expensive!

  21. TURK DJ Vjencanja Rasvjeta Razglas Karaoke says:

    Great video, I also do weddings in Croatia. How are you satisfied with bose speaker. Is it good for ceremony and on a scale 1-10 how do you like it. thnx

  22. TheDj8X says:

    Great video and solution. I started doing this about 2yrs ago with the shure blx. Velcro is a life saver.

  23. Alberto Cavazos says:

    As always, great tips and your commitment with the excelence. Thanks a lot DJ MoJoe.

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