MX Master 3 – Advanced wireless mouse – Tutorial on app specific settings

Hello! My name is Jean Christophe Hemes. I’m the product manager for MX master 3 and in this video, I am going to show you how to use this mouse in the different apps you use every day. So, let’s start with Excel. So, if I move here. I can use the scroll wheel the MagSpeed scroll wheel to go line by line and I feel every line it’s very precise. or I can just spin it and I’m going through all the lines super quickly it’s a hyper-fast mode and you can scroll 1,000 lines in one second and then to find your content you can also move horizontally using the thumbwheel here which allows you to quickly navigate. So, this MagSpeed wheel is very useful in Excel but it’s also super useful when you are in a coding environment and if you need to go through your code super quickly like this you swipe or you go line by line and then if you have a log file, you probably have longer lines and you need to check the end of a line so you can move horizontally like this. If you are like me you probably have a lot of apps open on your computer and you can press on this thumb button here to see all your apps. So, let’s say you are coding when you press a button you want to check something on Stack Overflow and here you are in the browser and the wheel is also great to browse. You can go very quickly through your documents or very slowly like this. And it’s nice in any place of the web you can just go through images like this. Then you can use this button as well by pressing and holding and it allows you to navigate between desktops. So I press and move and here I’m on a different desktop and this is Adobe Premiere Pro and when I’m here I can use the MagSpeed scroll wheel to go image by image so it’s frame by frame and I feel every line like this or if I prefer I just use the wheel to go through my video very quickly like this and I can use the thumbwheel to go on the timeline here and navigate horizontally in my timeline. If I move now to Photoshop, the thumbwheel will allow you to adjust the brush size so you can quickly create something and if you don’t like something you have done you can always use the back and forward buttons here to undo and redo and then you can very quickly create content like this. So all of this is possible, thanks to the Logitech option software which allows you to configure the buttons of the mouse. So you can go on all of these highlighted buttons and you can change the functions either applying to all applications or to the specific apps you select. Here are the apps for which we created profiles, so you don’t have to customize yourself it’s already done. But you can also take any of these apps and modify the function. So here in PowerPoint, I have zoomed by default but I can also choose text size. So this is really designed to help you be faster and more efficient in all the apps you use and Logitech options also support MX keys, which is our best keyboard for typing and productivity at the desk and on MX keys you can also reprogram the buttons highlighted here so you can select any button you see here and reprogram it. One of them that I like is the screen capture. I can select screen capture a region on the screen and move that to the keyboard and it allows me to with one press like this to select a region of the screen is going to be copied and then I can move to photoshop and can just paste it then I can work on it and if I don’t like that I can use the back and forward buttons that will do, undo and redo in Excel, word, powerpoint, Final Cut Pro and Photoshop. So I hope you’re going to enjoy all the capabilities offered by our Logitech option software allowing you to use MX master 3 and MX keys to their full potential in the different apps you use. logitech®

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  1. MisterNOmercy says:

    Hello! I saw Logitech Support answering someone else's question, maybe they will also answer mine?

    I am now a proud owner of the mx keys and mx master 3. When I switch to another device by pressing the "connector to another device 2" button on my keyboard, how do I make my mouse automatically switch, too? I dislike having to turn my mouse around to fiddle with my button when I expected the mouse and keyboard to integrate so well with eachother.

    if this is not possible, can it please be made an option in the software so I can turn this on if I want to?


  2. MisterNOmercy says:

    I also have a 2nd question!

    On my mx keys, the pause/break, scroll lock and printscrn buttons have (sadly?) been REPLACED with the "connect to another device" buttons, I suppose I should call it Logitech Flow.

    I really really like using pause/break in my workflow but sadly windows does not detect any key input when I press the flow buttons so I can't remap the "flow 3" button to pause/break button.

    I expected to be able to do this because I figured a product made for professionals like this would boast customizability but sadly what I found out so far is that all the customizability is through logitech options which I could configure on any keyboard with a script with autohotkey or something.

    Could you guys please tell me how I can remap the flow buttons to actual keyboard presses or please please please implement it in the software so I can use my workflow the way i want it?

    You guys talk about programming, but ctrl + break is used in Visual Studio to stop a build and I can't use this setup anymore now.

  3. Gary Tessman says:

    While Logitech is busy changing their Logo and doing what they do best to depreciate and sunset like they did with the Logitech Skype TV camera, others are innovating in this area like Facebook Portal TV. Or since deprecation of Logitech Alert Cameras: Google Nest, Amazon Ring Security Camera and others have taken off! Logitech was ahead of it's time but crashed because of poor decisions from a Ex-Appliance CEO that understands nothing about tech except non-profitable and expensive logo changes on an already iconic brand and stale philosophies of "going back to the basics of selling keyboards and mice" along with greedy subscription based models. Save yourself the hassle and buy a corded keyboard and mouse for faster gaming speeds because purchasing Logitech will result in it being unsupported in the near future. I have stopped buying Logitech as everything I currently own is now unsupported. They have historically had an iconic brand with cool, great products… but all that has changed, including their shelf life. Stay far away from this brand!

  4. Ed says:

    In your next design, raise the outer edge of the thumb-rest about 15 degrees up so also the thumb position would be more relaxed and realistic with regards to palm and arm ergonomy, it would then be a near to perfect mouse.

  5. Sigitas Kondratas says:

    There is no options "Select what to capture" and "Select a destinations" in "screen capture" In my newest Windows version of Logitech Options for MX Keys. How can I set these options?

    And not working Photoshop Undo / Redo of MX Master 3 in Photoshop CC v20.0.6.

  6. Kevin Ohlsson says:

    how get linux support for switch desktop??

  7. Joseph says:

    Have you tested this mouse with iPadOS?

  8. Isaac Roebuck says:

    A bit disappointed with the minimal changes from the 2s. Seems like it'd be great for someone in the entertainment industry but in the engineering field we have very different needs. I make heavy use of the gesture feature of my 2s, mapping the full 25 gestures, and could make use of even more. I firmly believe the the MX Master is the best mouse on earth, but it would be that much better if it were designed to be used in extremely feature dense programs like MasterCAM. It would also likely be more profitable for Logitech, since the engineering field is a much bigger and more established market than digital content creation.

  9. Costis Tsigonis says:

    Very nice but we need more programmable buttons. The first MX had more!

  10. Bert says:

    Hi Logitech. Is it possible to disable the automatic switching from normal scrolling to free spinning when flicking the wheel? I want it to "ratchet" all the time. Also when I give it a good spin. And only when I press the button I want it to switch to free spinning. Is that possible? Thx.

  11. Cristian-Teodor TATOIU says:

    Fuck it, I'm sold on it!

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