Meuleman Electronics – Introductie 2017

We are currently exhibiting on Electronics & Automation We are here to help companies innovate… …making the world around us smarter, safer and more efficient. We are specialised in the design of wireless products and systems. We specifically work on the development of electronics, embedded software and industrial design. In addition, we also design mobile applications and web applications. This allows you to create a fully connected product. Our customers value that we have the expertise to develop complete electronic and wireless systems. With a team of 7 engineers we are fast and flexible and we can immediately respond to your needs. Over the next few years, more than 20 billion everyday devices will be equipped with sensors. Then these devices are often wirelessly connected to the internet This trend is called the Internet of Things… ..and it is a huge growth market from which you can benefit. Are you looking for an expert in the field of wireless communication We at Meuleman Electronics are happy to help you realize your next innovation.

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