Mercedes-Benz EQC (2019): Enjoy Charging. Enjoy Electric.

To everyone who’s a skeptic about driving electric we say: Charging at home. Got it all on your phone. Wherever you go, never run low! You can charge while having a meeting. Never run low! Charge while relaxing and sleeping. Never run low! Charge while you wait, for decisions to be made, for her finishing that shake. And when you’re ready, it’s already paid. Never run low! And you can’t wait to get back to your car. Never run low! Easy charging wherever you are. Never run low! Charge fast if you love travelling far. Never run low! Don’t let anything stop you, and get back to your car. Never run low! Keep it cool, whatever you do! Never run low! Your car’s ready… are you?

58 comments on “Mercedes-Benz EQC (2019): Enjoy Charging. Enjoy Electric.”

  1. Mercedes-Benz says:

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  2. Akash Sharma says:


  3. n0ic2o -.- says:

    OMH THIS CAR IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL 😍😍 (btw. Are you also on the Car salon in Genf)


    I prefer more gas

  5. MAN 008 says:

    Best car
    Best idea
    Best commercial ever
    Love you Mercedes

  6. Supercars in Greece says:

    Awesome SUV!!!

  7. Atang Danies says:

    The Mercedes eqc is kinda sexy!

  8. R.M.S Lusitania says:

    @Mercedes-Benz How SUV'S you have?

  9. Aditya Kad says:

    Perfectly made Mercedes!❤

  10. Yelelerin Gölgesi says:

    Benim arabamın ne işi var bu video da. Çektiyseniz videonuzu arabamı bana getirin. Söyletmeyin beni.

  11. T. T. says:

    Shameful, low music for Mercedes.

  12. Kayden Xuereb says:

    Good job Mercedes really nice electric car

  13. I.M. Impending says:

    Elon started something with Tesla that has forever changed the world.

    "Daimler stops developing internal combustion engines"

  14. Theod Mi says:

    MERC THE BEST !!!!!!

  15. RainbowFoxSilo says:

    Can i add om606 sounds?
    (TuboDieZl soundzzzz)

  16. Tremaine Brown says:

    Beautiful car. Really love this model.

  17. Mohamed FalleeS says:

    Make Me Dream Mercedes-Benz💪🔥❤❤❤❤❤❤

  18. Haroun Benz says:

    The best 👍👍👍

  19. Sam Bashiri says:

    When will we be able to purchase one? I'm so excited to get one!

  20. Balasubramanian Mani says:

    I hope we can get affordable electric car from Mercedes to India

  21. ALI SHAH says:

    My car is Mercedes Benz b class 2006 model is working
    Btw my brother got a tesla Ymodel


  22. Linas Marcinkevičius says:

    Brilliantly made! 🌟

  23. lena says:

    Nett. Für wann die Hybriden? und nicht die schweren Suv. Nicht alle stehen darauf.

  24. Sergio David Buitron says:

    Enjoy Electric,gran anuncio Mercedes

  25. Jim Bob says:

    Amg should be ashamed, scrapping the v8.

  26. Ary Upadhana says:

    I want one please

  27. Thanapat Chayakul says:

    Love this way of commercial from MB. Let's go.

  28. Abhilash P. V. says:

    Fantastic car…കാർ പൊളി ആണ്‌. ❤️❤️😍😍😍

  29. Juli Bullón García says:


  30. Philippe De Mecheleer says:

    Fan of the car but not of this commercial

  31. Alex Peters says:

    We heart your videos Mercedes! 😉😉😄😄

  32. أحمد الدوسري says:

    تمييز عنصري جيد

  33. Manuel Silva says:

    Quero ver a class a

  34. Alessandro Faxelhas says:

    I dont know why..but the front end instantly aged 10 years

  35. Brianna Grace says:

    I have a classic 1984 280SE that I want to convert into an electric car, is it possible to buy an electric engine from Mercedes Benz?

  36. Baller Simpson says:

    Wtf is this?

  37. abdallah ali iraqi says:


  38. عبيده الخطيب says:

    I am dreaming of having a GLE 2020 and thank you that you are a very wonderful company

  39. Michael Kantanka says:

    Mercedes, say I purchase the EQC in it's standard equipment line. Could I replace the wheels with the blue coloration on it, with the wheels with the white coloration/white lines?

  40. S E T U P ナ S P E C I A L I S T says:

    We Need a futurist car(Fly in the sky) 😂

  41. x-hook Tow Hook says:

    An American definitely thought of this ad instead of a german 😂

  42. Player Funds says:

    You bin done dat but 1uz-fe some one put a 1uz-fe in a benz

  43. jas zg says:

    I can't believe people's still buying mercedes cars.mercedes cars are so unreliable.Just look at every older cars or vans or trucks…They are all covered by rust…I have a cklasse w203 for 13 years by now and I must say it's the worse car in my life.Mercedes is very unreliable car.I needed to replace almost half of the car.All electrical parts,parts, injectors…Even car door locks are made very bad.My mechanic says that w204 is also rubbish and very unreliable..Every Japaneses cars which I have had was very reliable and didnt have any expenses.I was made very big mistake by buying a Mercedes..You germans should learn from Japaneses how to make a quality cars.

  44. Kevin Lee says:

    Sorry – but the ad feels so pandering.

  45. MHD MD says:

    Mercedes benz the best♥

  46. Evolt says:

    0:17 – SUCC

  47. Oriol Pujol Martínez says:

    This add gave me cancer

  48. Oksana Fesenko says:

    Bonarea 🔝

  49. PeeDee K films says:

    This is commercial is as shit as the car

  50. Rick says:

    I cant wait to get into a Mercedes EV. I had a Tesla, crap was bought back because so many issues, and I-Pace, better but slow charging speeds and battery issues, and now Im hoping Mercedes will be the right fit. In a GLC AMG 43 coupe now and wow the mbux system is excellent.

  51. Raja Shetty says:

    I dont see this in the USA at all , many Teslas they are showing up everywhere when is this coming to the USA, are they selling it yet in Europe and how well are they doing. The ad is cheesy I think everone does know you have to charge while eating slurpin or shopping

  52. The Abay Group says:

    what is the price and how many Miles per charge ?

  53. thevoodoodude says:

    BMW makes better videos.

  54. Paul Cooper says:

    I was gonna say something mean but decided not to rain on somebody's parade.
    This vehicle will probably never sell in the US anyways

  55. Pius Muchira says:

  56. Pius Muchira says:

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