Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have caused outrage after promoting Canadian telecommunications

Royal fury: Backlash after Sussexes promote
phone network accused of man’s death.MEGHAN MARKLE and Prince Harry have caused outrage
after promoting Canadian telecommunications company Bell which has been linked to the
death of a man suffering from mental illness.The Sussexes asked social media users to “talk”
about their mental health in a new charity campaign over on their Sussex Royal Instagram
page. The couple shared a story encouraging their
followers to watch @bell_letstalk official video, and in exchange, the organisation said
it would donate 5 cents per view to mental health initiatives in Canada. However, it has now been revealed that the
telecommunications giant has been criticised for its high costs and its role in the death
of a vulnerable prison inmate Cleve Geddes.Mr Geddes was a paranoid schizophrenic who in
2017 hanged himself in a Canadian prison cell and died two days later in hospital.At an
inquest, it was revealed that Mr Geddes had tried to make a call to his family but couldn’t
get through because the service provided by Bell only lets prisoners call landlines, not
mobile phones.He had been arrested a week before his death by police and should have
been taken to a hospital for immediate psychiatric assessment.However, there were not enough
beds to accommodate new patients and therefore Mr Geddes was forced into the prison where
he ultimately took his own life. Bell has also been criticised for making calls
unaffordable for inmates to dial home.The phone calls have to be collected by the person
on the other end, and the Sun reported that it could cost up to $30 for a 20-minute call.The
coroner at the inquest into the 30-year old’s death has said that “it must be easier for
inmates to make outgoing phone calls.” However, the company is still yet to make
any changes to its contract, but have said that they have “submitted a new proposal
in response to the government’s request.”Bell’s charity initiative ‘Let’s Talk’ is described
as the “single largest corporate commitment to mental health in Canada”.On their Instagram,
the Sussexes began their sponsored story series by re-sharing images from other users holding
up signs with positive affirmations on them.The first post read: “Today is #BellLetsTalk
Day, where people around the world are taking action and creating positive conversations
about mental health.”The second said: “Be kind to everyone you meet. It goes a long way.”A third recalled: “Kindness
is when my teammates lift me up in tough times”, “kindness doesn’t cost a thing”, “be
there for each other”, and “we’re all in this together.”Before they finished off
by pleading with viewers to head over to the Bell Lets Talk Page.“Today is #BellLetsTalk
Day, where people around the world are taking action and creating positive conversations
about mental health.” This is the first campaign that the Sussexes
have shared on their page and could be an indicator of what we can expect after the
fall out of Megxit. There have been rumours flying that the pair
will begin to collaborate with different media and commercial companies including Disney
and Netflix.It comes after they unveiled a slick blogger style website where they announced
“independence” from the Monarchy to generate their own income. Sources have claimed that they will make millions
if they choose to cash in on their royal titles, with marketing platform Klear estimating they
could make $110 million from sponsored posts on Instagram alone. “Should they decide to pursue this avenue
there is definitely a lot of potential for them considering their loyal fans and high
engagement rates which is really the bread and butter for brands looking to find strong
ambassadors,” said Eytan Avigdor, CEO of Klear.There is also the possibility that the
Sussexes will do a sit-down interview with their close friends Ellen Degeneres or Oprah
Winfrey. Prince Harry worked with Oprah Winfrey last
year to create a series for Apple TV on mental health.Ellen Degeneres also let slip in a
video shared by the Daily Mail that she would be “excited” to interview Meghan Markle.

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