McDonald’s Electronic Cash Register Toy – I’m Lovin’ It

Hey YouTube welcome to another episode of kids view toys today we’re going to take a thorough look at this mcdonald’s lunch menu cash register toy. What you get with
this toy, you get the McDonalds cash register here you can see you the lunch menu has Apple dippers a
cheeseburger fruit parfait milk chicken nuggets has a working calculator on here we turn it on (beep beep) you can see that the calculator works here we have a credit card slot
and if you hit the cash drawer or cash button the drawer opens we can put
your play money and there’s a little key to open in to lock and unlock the drawer so if you hit the cash button when it’s locked
the drawer does not open. If you unlock it hit the cash button the drawer will slide out and on the back side this would be the customer side this is where
you would stand if you were the customer you can see this is just a sticker
and it says your total amount and over here we have buttons that
indicate which food item the person would be
ordering french fries milk
cheese burger
apple dippers hamburger
happy meal fruit and yogurt parfait
chicken mcnuggets and we have some stickers
here’s a sticker featuring a happy meal with a toy the Happy Meal french fries cheeseburger and a soft
drink and we have a sticker that features Ronald McDonald Grimace, Hamburglar and Birdie here’s Ronald McDonald and gang here
there’s another sticker of them. nothing exciting on the bottom but in
addition to that this set also includes some french fries some plastic little french fries
(french fries) and it also has a little hamburger
(hamburger) and a little jug of milk jug and last but not least it does have a
credit card swiper so when you slide the credit card it beeps and makes a noise on the cash
register so when I was a kid what I like the best
going to McDonalds I like to get a Happy Meal (Happy Meal) and I would get that with a
(hamburger) (french fries) and a soft drink usually (milk) well that’s it for this video hope you guys enjoyed it, if he did give a thumbs up. thanks so much thumbs up for McDonald’s

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